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  1. Exactly. Once the cap is lifted, what's to stop people from selling items for 500 billion mana? If people won't be willing to buy it for 500 billion mana, then people won't sell it for 500 billion mana. If someone is willing to spend 500 billion mana for an item, then why shouldn't someone be able to sell it for that much? This is simple economics - if no one will buy it for a certain price, then you won't be able to sell it for that price. If vendors want to sell their goods at all, they will have to keep the prices reasonable. Remember that there are still new players coming in t
  2. Since the survivalist achievement was released, I've completed the first 8 survivals in the campaign up to wave 25. Still have yet to see a halloween drop of any quality.
  3. I think str drain is/would be too strong for 4 du.
  4. This thread was the first confirmation I saw, at least. Thank you OP.
  5. the builder was active while we noticed this. Also the aura damage was on 16k without active builder but with buffbeam. thats why im wondering, the damage is now incredible low compared to the last time we build it... but because it is not my monk who set this aura, i cant deliver more stats. I have 2k tower damage on my aura initiate and I've always had around 9k damage per tick with buff beam (since patch; builder swapped out). Even with active builder, that would only be around 12k. What tower damage did you have that allowed for 16k ticks without active builder? Seems a little u
  6. They've been addressing straggling spawns - the cause of most of the unnecessary time in a wave - quite a bit recently. Just be patient. The normal spawn rate can't really be increased too much because that would tax a lot of computers too hard, not to mention omg-stuck-mobs-galore; therefore forcing spawns and 'fast-forwarding' spawns aren't really viable options. If you don't want to spend 3-4 hours per run, try starting on a higher wave?
  7. Based on what people are saying, I'm kind of glad that I've been working on Survivalist (and for that matter studying for midterms) rather than trying to beat NM Kraken.
  8. Even though the purple eternia shard introduced myths and the blue eternia shard introduced trans? :P Originally patch notes said myth was purple, trans was turquoise. When people noticed that it was backwards, Trendy just changed the patch notes rather than fix the game. Saves time I suppose but it is a bit inconsistent.
  9. Meh I noticed this a while ago. Didn't think it was anything beyond a nice addition to the map for atmosphere.
  10. I've seen another game filter the word clam before. Not sure why that was either. 'clam' can be used to refer to a lady's privates. Though in my opinion that really doesn't justify censorship either.
  11. ********* "m a s o c h i s t" is also censored for some reason. Last time I checked, it wasn't a bad word.
  12. Mob counts seem lower than normal on the first wave if you start in a high wave. First thing I noticed when the change was implemented. This may be what you experienced. After first wave, numbers return to normal.
  13. 7.31 significantly improved spawn rates of mini ogres in servant's quarters. I can say that much at least. That being said... 440 mini ogres per wave as a duo O.o Was quite intense near the end to complete that one.
  14. Just noticed this while doing servants quarters survival. If the ogre doesn't take damage from any other sources than electric aura, they never do their enrage animation. You can however trigger the animation manually by hitting them once with hero damage when they're <50% hp.
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