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  1. I think adding a feature where any items left in the scavenger after the period where they disappear should be auto sold rather than lost completely. The gold can be sent to the mailbox for players to collect. Just seems like a beneficial idea rather than losing items completely with nothing in return. For example if you’re rushing to complete a map because you have to go, you don’t have time to clean your bags to make room for scavenger items. So these are lost and if it’s a lot the gold adds up. Just an idea
  2. Max C4 gear before going into C5. Stack hero health on each piece of gear should put you around 90khp. Use poison dart towers for main damage and toss a couple cannonball towers by each blockade to stun the assassins. Equip your cannonball towers with heavy cannonball for the stun, stun fire, and defense rate. Also equip it with an orb with the Highest speed possible since you i not looking for dogs output but utility stuns. That's how I did it now I'm into mid chaos 5 and can mostly afk the maps after some practice. Just take some practice you can't just jump in randomly toss some towers and
  3. Looking for anyone who is willing to let me tag along in a fee C7 games to get caught up, took a big break! Ps ID is blessedbudz
  4. As the title states what is the Highest DPS pet in th enew 7.16c patch since the robot nerf and uni nerf. DISCUSS.
  5. Nm pets are way too OP! Please nerf them. My laser robot is level 88/198 and hits for 47k normally, shots pierce walls and has +2 shots to make 3. If I am level him he's gonna be pushing 90-100k per hit in NM! Add blood rage and it's to much dmg...... 15x wa way to much. 7.5x or even 10x would be much better. It's just too easy now
  6. Wondering what the best squire weapon type is for dps. Endgame wise that is 200+ ups which tops out higher dps than others. I just need a good squire weapon and I see none that really stand out among the rest.
  7. I just would like to know how the incredible nerf to tower dmg is supposed to be a balance change? couldnt you just buff the squire towers a bit more to make them more viable? NM HC SV Misty wave 20+ was already tough enough. now we have to suffer with even weaker towers? and less hero dmg?....
  8. ok. sounds to me like you need to lay the smack down on Tnet. and tell them to fill you in. haha
  9. they would not intentionally mess up the game and lose alotof their player base... there is still so much money they can soak up out of people it would be dumb to mess it up now.
  10. so. i have an idea. since tnet clearly isnt paying attention, everyone make 1 thread titled [TrendyNet] ARE YOU ALIVE???
  11. All TrendyNet has to do is communicate..... simply tell us whats going on. Even a single post from them saying sorry guys/girls we know you are frustarted we are trying to make it better.... simple. but instead NOTHING. SILENCE. there goes 15% of your player base out the window. Congratz Tnet
  12. Ok. so... let me start by first off saying, DD is a great game... ive spent countless hours playing and will probably spend countless more assuming all of this patching junk gets straightened out. But where are you TrendyNet?..... Are you all shamed your community is turning against you because of 1 bad DLC / patch?. the reason we are all so upset is not necessarily because there were some bugs and such but because of the lack of communication. I mean really? Stealth nerfs?... cmon. its simple. if you plan on changing stuff like that in a patch atleast give us the common courtesy of telling us
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