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  1. You realize alot of people, including myself, prefer to play solo or occasionally with friends right? Forcing co-op and thus forcing you to group with random people and hope for competent players is just silly. Main reason i completely stop playing most MMOs is because they pretty much force you to group with random PUGs and people to progress. People, which most of the time, are either rude, disrespectful or just plain retarded. Since this is not a MMO, even if the loot aspect is beginning to head in that direction, it is just silly to add in content that requires a competent group of pe
  2. You'll be disappointed, they made it too difficult. Only illegitimate chars (hacked) or groups full of decent players will get anywhere. Solo was destroyed, which means I'm done playing DD... guess that's a good thing tho, my wife will be glad to hear it. Really tho, lol it's sad you think mix labs and umf were any sort of a challenge. Even tho I can solo nightmare alch it's apparent the game is not worth the frustration. It'll be years till trendy gets their act together and by then there will be a better nockoff of this game. You hit the nail on the head with one part of your comment.
  3. It IS NOT 45% DMG CUT. I was hitting dummy 21k and now only 3100, that is 95% cut ..... And on top of that, healing is impossible, 1400 mana wont even get 20% of the pool; and the freaking spiders are everywhere hitting you from every direction. It is UNDOABLE =.= Just a little math fix, its 85% less damage :)
  4. just try again really The Steam service was very spotty in operation yesterday :)
  5. This is just my personaly opinion, but noone is forcing anyone to play the new MF, so if people die on it, so what ? Its about time that we get a map that is actually a challenge What is the fun in a game where it doesnt matter what you do ? As allways, this is my opinion, not Trendy Entertainment's.
  6. Sorry mate I doubt that the unreal engine even supports resolutions on the pc below that point. What you can do is take a look around the forum for the instructions on how to modify the ini files and strip out all graphical effects.
  7. And lets get it all out, if you make an item with a "worth" of 200million and drop it in the build phase of a map and start the round, congrats, you have just given all 4 players 50million each. So yes, this is a problem that needs to be fixed.
  8. RE: Issue 1, Its not a bug, its intended. It was introduced with the .11 patch. * PvE: Active (non-retired) Heroes boost boost the Damage output of towers they specifically summoned by 33% (indicated via a Hero Face Icon on the tower's floating HUD) http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?14848-Current-%287.11b%29-and-Upcoming-%287.12%29-Patch-Notes RE: Issue 2. Steam servers = Trendynet servers. Trendy doesnt have its own servers. But yes, its still annoying as can be.
  9. Since those that have reported each other are very fond of using the edit button. Let me just remind you that its appreciated when you behave. H.a.n.d Naed.draagur
  10. Bump. I know its frustrating, but please, do have a bit of patience, it is the weekend :) Im moving your thread to the "report an issue" subforum
  11. When posting a mod or totalconversion, please include the following for ease of use. This is just a sample template with a small explanation for ease of use. Map/Mod/TC - name: <- A good story starts with a good name, same for maps/mods/tc's :) Author: <- You do want credit for it no? Gametype: <- PvP/CTF/PvE/etc etc Playercount: <- 1-4 or maybe over 9000? Objective: <- Capture the pink trolls! While avoiding the player with the "hammer of ban" hunting for you. Dungeondefendersnexus.com link: <- only if posted there, but its highly recommend that you do. Screenshots
  12. Bump because it would be nice to actually have an answer from a Dev.
  13. This has come up AGAIN in the irc chat. It really "strikes" at the core of one of the bigger problems.
  14. Collection of well thought out reasons for the "state" of the game. Thank you for bringing thoughfullness to the equation.
  15. so how would it work on ranked? I have installed it properly and tested it and it does worked. However, when playing in ranked, it don't seem to work. Total conversion = open only
  16. (Taken from the Dungeon Defenders Wiki) Future DLC will be free so as not to split the community. Here is a link to the page stating so. http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/DLC And the wiki is run by fans, fans can have wrong info ...
  17. Can one of the devs take a look at the steam "log" to see if its been activated or if he has only joined non-self hosted games with spooktacular ?
  18. And i think you guys can call this a day for now. Your qouta of "whatever it is you do" is used up. /closed
  19. Moved to the right section Since the OP states this is a beta WIP, it will be moved to WIP
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