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  1. Fifth edition: * Added one-button "Sync All Items to DefenderStore.com", and no longer pops up Steam Overlay after you login to the site! * Added "Q" key to toggle "Front View" mode where you can view the front of your character and rotate around them for tasty pics * Added "H" key to Toggle HUD visibility * Added Item-Box/Hero-Shop "Folder" support (+ Subfolders too) * Added Item Drag-&-Drop support (Drag off Hero Inventory to drop, Drop onto buttons to activate that button's action on the item, etc) * Made Hardcore mode available in all Difficulty settings * Resolved UMF Ogre pa
  2. it is allready a "toggle" its a choice. if you dont want to play nightmare, dont play. thats how simple the choice is. And remember we will have the hardcore option on all difficulties with the next patch.
  3. Hello! Delete all my characters in the game! All disappeared.I how to understand it, I have them 2 weeks earned.Bylo 3 characters to 74 is not all levl.No + can not create a ,,Host Game" Hello Im sorry, but can you try to explain it one more time?
  4. well thanks for the pointer, as i'm under the impression that you cannot earn more than 200 million mana (from completing waves) unless you open a shop, and that you cannot earn any more mana until you've spent enough so that you're under the 200 million threshold... please advise if i'm way off on this one. thanks! Sorry for the slow reply In farming mana, you can only "store" 200million, but you can do a trade with someone for 200mill per trade and get that added to your "account", so if you did that 9 times after you had farmed 200mill, you would have 2billion. You can also go the afk
  5. Debate about how to balance out the squire defences
  6. Although that's a pretty big if, since I don't really rely on that 'if' anymore, compared to the last few updates. Well, anyway, since they haven't added something to the upcoming patch notes for a while, there must be more than that in the new update. Also, it might just be that they introduce the second part of the DLC when the new update comes out (looking at the last Digest. They posted a picture of the Barbarian there in a new map). For WHEN the update is coming out, nobody knows. The Barbarian is confirmed to be coming in January, so if this update is out at the same date, it's proba
  7. Just to clear up the muddy waters a bit TE will look into it, and do refrain from accusations.
  8. Naed.draagur Your posts are very confusing. Here you say that DD is not like korean "grim-few-months-to-get-top-content" MMORPG, but there you say that Nightmare is for people who played a lot and grinded really good items. Would you mind actually making the quote ?
  9. That's weapon type, not the weapon itself. You (originally) implied that Borderlands weapons were like DD's pets: that is, they leveled themselves up, when in fact, it's untrue. Borderlands rewarded you for using a weapon by giving experience to that skill. What this meant was, if you used a lot of shotguns, you were better with shotguns. Sure, it eventually "forced" you into a single weapon family but you were still constantly finding new guns. Dungeon Defenders doesn't have weapons like this. You can only have one at a time, you can't swap out quickly, easily, or mid-fight. A wea
  10. I can only assume you have no experience with the Diablo series. There was no grind. The progression from beginning of normal all the way to the end of Hell mode of Diablo 2 could be done without repeating any content and honestly, it doesn't take much more time than going from 1-74 (part of what tips me off that you never played it). Although you may chosen that route, the Hellfire is not the only viable weapon in Borderlands. It is good but it is a lazy choice. You can do just as well with a good revolver if you have an ounce of skill. There is plenty of variety to make up for the H
  11. First off, I have no idea what the build is. Or at least, not the best one when I have only 470 tower damage in my mage. That issue aside, my mage has maxed speed (it's listed as being almost 200). As for physical, I'm not sure what you mean. I haven't tried Glitter recently, but from my prior experience I believe that my issue would be getting the monk auras in place, as that character has low speed, and only recently hit 70. Nor is his gear very good (being my 5th created character, he has gear, but not GREAT gear). with what you listed, Glitter on insane should be very doable for
  12. I think you either didn't play Borderlands or you played it wrong. If you used 1 weapon for 95% of your time with the game then you didn't play past the first town. I recall easily using a few dozen weapons throughout the game and would keep a half dozen that I would swap between regularly by the end of the game. Also, this grind you speak of sounds made up as I do not recall anything of the sort. Borderlands has the "feature" that the more you use a weapon the better its underlying stats get, the "weapon" type stats, hence, the moment you get a "seriously" good weapon, you stick with tha
  13. You seem to be confused, a proper item based progression does not in anyway require there to be a grind. The Diablo series shows this quite nicely, you can progress beginning to end without ever needing to grind for gear. It is however a requirement in DD which is poor design. It is good up to and including insane but it falls apart in NM. The only thing your quote verifies is that DD is in fact an RPG-tower defense which I don't think is up for debate. Confused in the way that the time it takes to go from start to finish in diablo 1 or 2 vastly exceedes the time it takes to go from 1-7
  14. Full context makes two mentions of the phrase "grind game" I apologize, I skipped one. One feature that could be construed as referencing a grind. The game is marketed as an action RPG and tower defense game, that's the top portion. The blurb. The "describe this game in 20 words or less" description. Neither of which even remotely imply grinding. Also, "expansive loot system" doesn't even imply grinding either! It's possible to have an expansive loot system without grinding (or did you miss Borderlands?) Hmm, as i said, if you dont want to read the full context i cant force you, i s
  15. So you're admitting that Dungeon Defenders is a Korean MMO. Good to know, good to know. No, i didnt, but if you dont want to read the full context, i cant force you. From my perspective they marketed it as an RPG-Tower defense. It has only recently changed directions. Why would they go out of their way to market it as a piece of garbage? No company highlights that their game makes up for a lack of content with endless grinding. From the steam store page: Loot and Level-Up - Grab the mounds of money and items that your defeated foes drop and trade them or store them for later use
  16. So, in otherwords, the most efficient way to grind the Korean MMO. Wrong forum ?
  17. That's an absurd way of thinking. "Pre-buy all DLC and unlock the new Nightmare mode early!" No where does it mention that it's meant for the elite hardcore when they're trying to sell it to me. Don't sell me something that I can't complete. The Nightmare difficulty is obviously jacked up on the scale. It goes from Insane, super easy at this point, to Nightmare, ridiculously hard. How would you like to buy a book, but last 5 pages are for the insanely literate? How about a movie where last 20 minutes can only be watched in HD, but you've standard? Does any of that make sense to you? NO! So don
  18. Steam Name: MashewShmalls Steam Profile Page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mashewshmalls/ Reason: Over a billion mana in his bank. Screenshots: The limit is 2 billion so there isnt anything out of the ordinary in that screenshot
  19. Spiders. Hardcore players find them "an intriguing challenge" The rest of us find them a reason to throw our computers out the window. Your name isnt Lord Carver is it ? no? then please stick to your own debate :)
  20. Can you make a video for proof of this? How about you make a post with your "proof" of the nerfs on fun due to hardcore players ?
  21. Im also quite curious about reading some examples about the hardcore players being the "cause" of nerfs
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