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  1. just a quick sideremark, couldnt it just be a reduction put into place that is just for the pets ? a kind of "armor" that only the pets are hitting ? if so, then that would explain it :)
  2. The sticky might be a lie. Trendy might have changed its mind (again) about the release date. What i quoted might be a lie! Thank you for the extra serving of helpfull :P I think that most people here would agree that if its was "legal" for the devs to give us a precise date, then we would get that data as fast as humanly possible when they get the go ahead.
  3. yeah but why does it hav to come after release? most games on multiplatform all come out on the same day It could be that, that company thinks that DD is more likely to be sold on the pc than on the console if they are released the same day. Hence why they want it released on the console first :)
  4. Speak of pc release date, did they ever say specifically why its being released later? Yes, because they have made a contract on releasing it first on the consoles, and there is a schedule conflict with one of the console companies, so its delayed.
  5. Wasn't this game originally intended as a console and PC release? I was under the impression that this game was finished, only delayed due to a technicality with Microsoft and Sony and were to be released in January in accordance with their demands. Now suddenly they move back release date again, for no disclosed reasons. Fine, I know, game development is harsh with new bugs and balance issues always around the corner, things that need to be polished, etc., etc., and I can respect that, as long as they focus and pour all their soul into getting it done as soon as possible. Instead, they ke
  6. I'm still sad that the 3DS isn't capable of the Unreal Engine, which means no Dungeon Defenders on that platform unless they changed it to a cell shaded look (which I think would look awesome because I love the art style for the stills). Regardless, even though I'm buying the 3DS with 3 launch titles (>$400) I'm still preordering Dungeon Defenders on Steam. I may not play it as much on my iPhone as the first couple of weeks after launch but it's still a fantastic game. Underestimate DD at your own risk! :D
  7. As much as it pains me to say it, look at marches line up for video games. Its ridiculous. At lest for PSP and 360. - patapon 3 - FF Dissidia 012 - 3rd Birthday (parasite eve 3) - Tactics Ogre (already out but still) - God eater burst And for 360 - Bulletstorm - fight night champion - Torchlight - Dragon age 2 - Earth Defense Force ..... All over the span of late feb to end of march. And that's just on the 2 systems I hold closest to my heart, lol. But in all seriousness, that's an intense line up, and I know the psp is not gonna see dundef, but those are some seriously antic
  8. The fact that game files are local means it will always be the possible to hack the game. However, on balance, the "cost" of quick saving and vulnerability to cheating is worth the benefit of quick saves increasing the playability of the game. Personally i wouldnt mind that the developer tries to prevent cheating, so its still -1 from me. Remember, if you do "vote" for this, you cant at a later point come running and complain about the cheaters in the game.
  9. and ill happily give it a -1 for quicksaves As has been said, it opens up the possibility of cheating. Yes, its true thats quite a bit of work, but thats only untill someone decides to write an app for that :/
  10. to all of you that are shouting for trendy to just release it, think about what happens if trendy has plans for releasing a game on the 360 platform later ? Hence why their publisher probably doesnt want to rock the boat too much :) That aside, i cant wait for it to be released :)
  11. Tsuda: Youre a meanie :P Btw, what platform is that from ?
  12. how about you use the time while waiting to teach yourself how to use the search function ? You might want to take a look at the "a mysterious figure..." thread, some good info in there.
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