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  1. you still havnt learned anything then :) 95% certain, the bug will not be fixed. TE has an aversion to fixing things that are "behind" them. If you read the forum, you will see a lot of examples for that.
  2. If you are interested, we found a way to do it easily now. The following is the perfect setup, you can do it with less: 1 x Hybrid Huntress high RES + Towerrange and bit towerspeed/damage. Casting rate. 1 x Monk with high res and hero boost if possible 1 x High dps high res char(barbarian works good) 2 - 5 x High res Jester Everyone should equip a laser robot since it shoots a spread and through walls, thus killing turkys fast. The huntress places and replaces proxy traps over the whole map until wave 10 where she switches to monk, if she doesnt have a monk go jester and a jeste
  3. And now im slightly curious about the abosolute lack of ANY improvement on this front. I know that if i start up DD, it will not show 7.40 as the version. Yet if i look in the steam news for it, that is what it will tell me. So, thank you Jer for showing how much that post of yours means :/ note to moderators: Okay, this is post-necro to the utmost degree, but I figured that a necro of a post would be better than a new thread on the same subject.
  4. I imagine its for his past contributions :)
  5. I can contact Steam when we have a new patch. Maybe that will do the trick. :^) We can always hope Hitmonchan, we can always hope :)
  6. Someone mentioned this on the Steam General Discussion. The best I can do is to post the Patch Notes to the official Steam group as they go live. Our posts appear in the News section of the Dungeon Defenders Game Hub. That would ofc be appreciated, but its not quite what im asking for/about :) There must be some way that the other game companies are getting their patch notes put in the correct section, i think we can safely rule out magic, but who knows ..
  7. Well, from the lack of updates aside from the 7.40 one in the news feed for DD, it would seem that nothing was done again.
  8. Certainly gonna ask them about that!! -Jer Thank you Jer :)
  9. That's actually not correct. We roll out our own patches now with a new system made by Steam (remember Steam/=/Valve). The news and patch notes are something I believe we still have to submit to them to post. General Steam news shows patches from all games, so I don't think it would be in their best interest to have it spammed with updates from just one game. Ill see what we can do though. And that is what I get for doing a quick reply :P Thank you for the heads up.
  10. Looking through the news, everything I'm seeing is articles from Kotaku, PC Gamer, and the updates for patch notes that say "Product Update - Valve". Not sure if Trendy actually does these or if they submit them to have it done but from what it looks like, they're posted news from Valve. That being said, I wouldn't have a clue why the last update was back in April, especially with the current shards 4 DLC available only recently. All product updates are "done by valve" its them (Valve) that do the roll-out of the patches.
  11. Uh... stop looking at steam and look here? .. I'm assuming it wasn't hard to get to and this is directly from them Well, Steam has the news feature for us (the user) to see if there has been any updates to the games that we have in our library. Personally I would like to use it as intended. i think steam cant be bothered with DD lol DD has to much patches From what I know, its developer controlled if there is any info posted or not.
  12. Hello people of DD A little question that has been riding my mind like a "bug" for a while. If I look in the news section of steam for Dungeon Defenders the last patch note I see is 7.30, the one before that is 7.25, then 7.20 (aha! you might think, its only with .5/.05 differences they are shown! .. not quite:/ (and this doesnt take into account the "detail" that we are currently at 7.39b)) then it goes to 7.16, 7.13, 7.12, 7.11, 7.08, 7.06, 7.05, 7.04, then 3 fixes without any info. anyone got something to say about this ? Devs?
  13. Agreed, really guys...test something? Ever think about there being more to beta testing than just submitting bugs ? You know, it does take a dev to fix a bug when its submitted too ....
  14. I'm guessing it comes down to server space, since your saves are stored in the cloud. I'm sure that somebody will say that the amount of extra data is insignificant, but you have to take into account the scaling potential after the game's initial release. It adds up in the end. The saves dont take up very much space at all. Have a look in your properties for DD in steam , one of the tabs can tell you how much space you are using atm :)
  15. Anyone else smell a tester? That smiley at the end is infuriating, reeks of, "well I do", or "I am one, so your argument is invalid.". It is obvious from the state of the game and each patch that these testers don't test jack. Also the fact that many of the changes in the 7.16c patch were taken straight from the the "wishlist" thread knox made. I can guarantee that im not a tester for Trendy. So it would seem your "obvious" is lacking a bit in the "truth" department. So please, do try again :)
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