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  1. E V E N T V V E E N N T T (Gifs broken... WTF Forums... -_-' )
  2. Black Mamba

    What to Farm?

    What are people chasing and what is in demand? Generally Ult++ Weps, Pets and Armor. Mostly Armor. Apart from that... people always want event items.
  3. Apart from the small ones, the rest are usually a coal or 15B. I've sold a few of Large or Humongous (can't recall which) eggs sometime last year for a coal each. Although mostly collectors will give coals for those, as there are no real uses for them. (Maybe if someone from CDT is reading this... and if eggs are making a re-appearance back, we could use the other egg sizes to incubate and produce some sort of pet(or pets)... I dunno!) Anyways, Small eggs, last time I saw were going for a cube each. But there is a strong chance that the bunny costume will make its way in one of the upcoming updates as there has been loads of discussion about it and people really want it back. Back as in re-farm-able in some meaningful way.
  4. Oh, that is a vanilla pet. I'm mostly looking for DLC/Bonus pets right now! :)
  5. Can you send a screenshot of it to me via PM? I'm out for couple of days for the weekend. I've not been on PS3, it must be someone else with a similar name, I guess! :-)
  6. Sure, works fine for me! Add me here -- https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013736909
  7. How is it's DPS like on a Summoner with 2K Hero-DMG?
  8. Kinda late, but is this still available?
  9. Hello, been a while since I've played DD, primarily due to work-travel and other commitments. Finally got some time after like... 3-4 months, I guess? Anyways, looking to buy: Owl, Dice, Spider Queen, Crystal Core, Crystal Dragon and whatever new pets that have been introduced in this update. For the pets I'm looking for at the bare-minimum 400 upgrades(more the better) with good DPS stats(HP, DMG, AB2, (non-negative)AB1). Paying in Diamonds... Also have a couple of event items, but not too keen on trading for Event Items! Post a message here with what you're selling and a screenshot of the item. Or send me a PM, either works. On a side note, hit me up if you have some good weapons introduced in 8.4 update to sell, primarily DPS. <3 Mambo.
  10. Underpants squire is the best thing in Eternia.
  11. Welcome back Uncrowned! :)
  12. The one you're talking about is the "SF-Emu" actually, which stopped working on Windows 10. And yes, its my guide! :-)
  13. Read the full guide on an in-depth understanding of Emulators. But do note as OP as mentioned, one EMU doesn't seem to work on latest Windows 10 machines, i.e. SF-Emu, so skip that if you want. Rest, download links etc. are in the guide.
  14. Here you go -- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1304225069 Read the full guide on an in-depth understanding of Emulators. But do note as OP as mentioned, one EMU doesn't seem to work on latest Windows 10 machines, i.e. SF-Emu, so skip that if you want. Rest, download links etc. are in the guide. Or you can visit here -- https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/142547/?scrollTo=1261603&page=1
  15. I agree with all 1, 2, 3 and 4. In addition -- I'd modify 1 as -- EHE reward drop pool is the same as SN/WW, so it drops: -- Pets (rare marked ones?) -- Armor (maybe only pristine?) For the random drop pool, and: -- SN/WW weapons based on active class -- Coal -- Accs As guaranteed drop.
  16. +1 For EHE Boss Difficulty being increased a little bit, but do note that it shouldn't be overpowering hard coz that Santa needs some defending, and there's not much DU left, plus hardly anyone goes builder on that wave. And well, been on the forefront of ´╗┐´╗┐having EHE drops being brought in line with WW/SN, so yeah let's have them in Update 4 if possible, or at least Update 5 please!
  17. Should've had some sniping rules at least. Not everyone is at their PC 24x7. I could've easily outbid that 55cv bid, considering I've been on this auction from start. Legit pissed off. :-/
  18. That and mostly because I don't use Ult++ Armor on any of my characters as a rule. So I can't buy this. :-/ ... plus I was(still am) looking for an Ult+ DPS Pristine Glove which has all 4 DPS stats! GL with the auction! :D
  19. You may want to refer to this image inserting and posting guide(kind of) here: https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/142624/?scrollTo=1262203&page=1 The images still don't show up in your main post, you're using the incorrect URLs for them. Also visit this guide(kind of) on how to edit posts which are not the main post: https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/148159/?scrollTo=1298737&page=1 Also visit this guide on how to get rid of unnecessary old quotes when making new comments in a thread: https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/147057/
  20. Precisely why a 50% damage reduction would make sense in that Map and will actually force people to *again* go back to old-school builds and DPS those pesky Cupids. (Talking about Cupids... their hovering height should be reduced a tad bit so that... with some effort... melee chars can land a few hits on them! :D )
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