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  1. This has been said like a thousand times probably -- I don't think there is any other game which has a better community than DunDef, 9 years and going strong, take a bow everyone! https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013736909 - or if you dont like numbers - https://steamcommunity.com/id/BlackMambo5
  2. No one loves cardboard tubes more than me! https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013736909 Do I get an honorable mention for these? :-) (I'm only missing: Amazing, Sturdy and Cursed)
  3. E V E N T V V E E N N T T (Gifs broken... WTF Forums... -_-' )
  4. What are people chasing and what is in demand? Generally Ult++ Weps, Pets and Armor. Mostly Armor. Apart from that... people always want event items.
  5. Apart from the small ones, the rest are usually a coal or 15B. I've sold a few of Large or Humongous (can't recall which) eggs sometime last year for a coal each. Although mostly collectors will give coals for those, as there are no real uses for them. (Maybe if someone from CDT is reading this... and if eggs are making a re-appearance back, we could use the other egg sizes to incubate and produce some sort of pet(or pets)... I dunno!) Anyways, Small eggs, last time I saw were going for a cube each. But there is a strong chance that the bunny costume will make its way in one of the upcoming
  6. Oh, that is a vanilla pet. I'm mostly looking for DLC/Bonus pets right now! :)
  7. Can you send a screenshot of it to me via PM? I'm out for couple of days for the weekend. I've not been on PS3, it must be someone else with a similar name, I guess! :-)
  8. Sure, works fine for me! Add me here -- https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013736909
  9. How is it's DPS like on a Summoner with 2K Hero-DMG?
  10. Kinda late, but is this still available?
  11. Hello, been a while since I've played DD, primarily due to work-travel and other commitments. Finally got some time after like... 3-4 months, I guess? Anyways, looking to buy: Owl, Dice, Spider Queen, Crystal Core, Crystal Dragon and whatever new pets that have been introduced in this update. For the pets I'm looking for at the bare-minimum 400 upgrades(more the better) with good DPS stats(HP, DMG, AB2, (non-negative)AB1). Paying in Diamonds... Also have a couple of event items, but not too keen on trading for Event Items! Post a message here with what you're selling and a screenshot of the
  12. Underpants squire is the best thing in Eternia.
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