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  1. DPS jester with a good staff (read: classics) is an extremely strong all round character. WoF is incredibly powerful in later stages of the game (map wide 40-50 kills, 4-7 of which are normally ogres; Healing every friendly object for 50+% HP...), with a genie + staff you can get a full pack of mana in 1 swing, incredibly fast both running and casting, and stupidly high damage (with aforementioned stave) EV easily wins for constant damage. 182k pawn, 4k hero, 3.3k proton blast == 72M all on its own. With monk + cat it gets over 500M. Thats with a 75% trans set too :D At the cost of a
  2. Jester is amazing for DPS and upgrading as she has very high cast. Monk>Jester>Hunt But if you're doing the first few waves of something, or generally anything that isn't a boss fight, use Jester with genie If you're towers are good enough, I'd say DPS Summoner with monkey and genie is the best way to start a round. Monkey shoots hard at long distance, genie gives you a silly amount of mana for it. While you upgrade, you just keep gaining mana for what feels like no reason. XD In terms of DPS, Jester with a classic's staff has the highest sustained DPS in the entire game imo.
  3. From mythical to trans, it went up by 75 from trans to supreme it went up by 40 from supreme to ultimate it went up by 35 from ult to ult93, it went up by 40 from ult93 to ult+ it went up by 55 By thinking of these numbers as a curve, the curve would continue to 90 points increase from ult+, giving it a max of 588^. If you average the numbers, you get 49. So the average increase is 49. You could guess that it would only be 547^. Those are my best two guesses.
  4. I thought the buff beam should be used to increase the resists of any tower on it, ie: all squire towers, all app towers, all auras, (traps are irrelevant in this matter), and all minions. It basically just increases the lifespan of those towers. I could be wrong, but that's what I've assumed for quite a while now.
  5. In addition to Towlie's statement, bumps are only allowed every 3 hours. 3? I thought it was 4.
  6. Keep in mind that is a rule to only bump every 4 hours as maximum. Bumping more frequently might get you yelled at. As for posting pictures, just copy and paste the link (direct link) from your phone. Then log on with your computer and edit your post to use the "" tags around the URL. On the computer, to find the URL, right click the image and click "Copy Image URL" or something of the sort. Each browser says it just a little differently. If you're unaware of how to upload images to the internet, you have to find a website wiling to do free image hosting. My favorite is imageshack (googl
  7. [P&T] THz http://steamcommunity.com/id/terahertz I don't mind who I'm with, I no has any fwends. :( sat A.
  8. Happy Birthday! :) Mine's next monday. I'll be 21.
  9. Well to be honest, It was bright warm summer day when I was hoppin around aquanos and on wave 21 a friend of mine opened a chest and out-poped a shiny ult gloves 371^. Twas my first ult armor piece, and damn it was tasty. I'm so glad he didn't ninja it. When he found it he called me over. We looked at it, laughed and laughed, sitting by the campfire as we cooked the ult, and then I eated it. It landed in my inbox.
  10. Clarify speed! Speed. http://weknowmemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/if-you-know-what-i-mean-420x250.png
  11. Even the term "Dirty Woman" just makes sense that it is of low value. I mean, clearly.
  12. Also, if I was going to upgrade my woman, I'd probably put the points into.... (O_o) speed. :D
  13. Looks like someone is mad over a botched deal. But cubes are worth more clean because they are collectors items. Its almost like being with a girl,do you want the girl that has been with 166 guys(amount of upgrades on a cube) and has more experience. OR would you want to get with the girl that hasn't been with any other guys with no experience that you can make your own stats/exp with? Think about it that way and you will see why people value a clean one more. Thats how I see it. This is the original post that inspired this thread. Then some_guy disagreed and we began trolling him. It wa
  14. It doesn't exactly fit your description to the letter, but you might enjoy Rainbow of Death, which features nothing but ogres (in 3 different shapes/sizes/threat levels), 500 DU, guaranteed to bring any gaming machine to its knees :p In response, I'll just quote something I said in the original post that you seem to have forgotten to read. "After doing Rainbow of Death on NM HC, I was disappointed that the last boss only had 80m~ HP."
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