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  1. Had the same thing happen to me too, it seems that the up up and away buff (or debuff) is affecting every player, dead or alive. It seems that if u hit a ceiling somewhere, your camera gets messed up. I found that switching to someone who is alive (if there is anyone) fixes it. I didn't seem to hit a ceiling, my camera just pointed up to the sky and started spinning, when I finally moved it after it stopped spinning it went all derpy like the Cameraman fell over.
  2. Drops will not be changed. Oh, I wish I could hug you right now. I absolutely love this new map, and the drops that come with it. Though I do wish the Increased Jump Height would last a few seconds longer, as it stands now if you jump immediately after getting it you can get 2 high jumps in before it ends.
  3. I had played The King's Game on NMHC, and I died, my friend got the Up, Up and Away! from the special tiles, and suddenly my camera was looking at the sky and spinning. When it stopped this is what happened when I turned my camera around. It's nothing absolutely major, but I could only fix it by exiting freelook and going back into freelook.
  4. [QUOTE=DoctorWillSeeYouNow;603664]the Buffed Player = debuffed players dps? This. I've gotten the "Buff Players" twice in a row, but each time it's actually DE-buffing instead of buffing me. Confirmed that's not working right with it debuffing players, we'll take a look into it.[/QUOTE] Already being looked into.
  5. The Buff Players result in the Wheel 'O Fortuna is actually de-buffing players instead of buffing them.
  6. the Buffed Player = debuffed players dps? This. I've gotten the "Buff Players" twice in a row, but each time it's actually DE-buffing instead of buffing me. Any Mining Lasers have their AoE reduced along with the normal debuff.
  7. I currently live with my mother's fiance, who is disabled and unable to work. We do manage to get by with my mother's paycheck alone, but it doesn't leave us with too much extra cash to be able to do anything extra. Once I got all uber excited for Dungeon Defenders, he checked it out and saw that it looked pretty neat. We're both fans of Tower Defense games, I got it as a gift from a friend over a Christmas Sale on Steam, and then got a lot of the DLC on my birthday. But unfortunately his mother - whom we live with because she's disabled as well - is about to go through knee surgery, she's f
  8. I think as a courtesy rule, you shouldn't join a game with a jester and will ask first when switching to jester with your intentions. Otherwise, I kick jesters on sight in a random game without any regrets. Really? Jesus, people are kick happy.
  9. Oh for christ's sake. Why is DD getting updates every 3-4 hours? I'm kinda tired of my internet slowing down suddenly thanks to Steam being a resource hog, and it's getting really, really goddamned annoying to see that within the span of a day I've gotten 6-8 updates from DD.
  10. Thank you guys for hosting, that was a most amusing match and these Arm Guards of Love are FABulous~!
  11. So basically the skinny of it is that a few players are having trouble with djinn at one wall they could easily watch with piercing pets/towers. A wall that I and others I play with dont seem to having trouble with. I'm not sure what the difference is, other than we tend to slaughter djinn, especially if they havent been moving for more than 5-10 seconds (I.e obviously in the middle of a desummon) and tend to clear up clutter spots with piercing pets. Quite simply: If you're going to quit playing the game (or in this case, stage) over something trivial that Trendy has PUT WAYS INTO THE GAME
  12. Can you change it so that you don't lose lives if you die in build phase? I've fallen off accidentally only to be annoyed that I've lost a life when it's sometimes not really clear that "Oh hey, there's no ground there. Weeeee! -Ded-"
  13. Whenever that happens your only choices are to either wait until the map clears and you go to the next stage of the Crystalline Dimension, or type "killme" in the chat, it's like typing "kill" in the developer's console in a few other games.
  14. This happened to me, but when I lost connection due to Steam Maintenance, and then got back to my Tavern when Steam was back up, all my gems were still there.
  15. I thought the patch notes said that they made it so you can keep attacking the ship during this? Sky City Battlecruiser boss no longer can get into a state where he won't ever take damage I just tried and it still stops taking damage. Took me forever to kill him even on Easy (So I could learn the map) because he'd take 1 hit from me and suddenly not take any damage and went into electro shock warning mode.
  16. Great, I can't do the boss rush in the Crystalline Dimension part. I had just the dragon left to free father Squire and DD Crashed. That's twice I've been screwed out of finishing the CD, I'm not doing it again.
  17. Oh; is that what happened to me. lol Steam is down for maintenance. -Sigh-
  18. And I'm really getting tired of DD depending solely on Steam for connection. Steam shat itself out while I was on the first wave of defending the Mage, and I REALLY don't feel like doing all that BS again. EDIT: Oh joy. Maintenance.
  19. It might be when the tower in question health is below a certain threshold. Say the tower has lost more than 40% of its HP. Usually this. Mages won't use their healing ability until a minion/defense has reached a certain percentage of its hitpoints, even for Heroes too.
  20. I can't connect either. Verifying the game cache reacquired 3 files, but still didn't let me connect to TrendyNet.
  21. I've had Mages heal towers, they wouldn't heal Auras or Traps, but they would heal towers and other minions.
  22. YES INDEED! :D The upcoming DunDef update which brings Steam Workshop also enables Mod creators to cook for Mac (in fact, automatically does it), so that all the Mod Maps can be run on Mac too! (you still can only DEVELOP Mod content on PC though, because the corresponding Unreal Editor tools are entirely PC-centric) -Jer Huzzah!
  23. Ranged minions should have the same LOS mechanics as towers, Trendy... Are you guys planning on fixing this? That would mean increasing minion size to match with the towers. As you can see from the images Vanilla posted, the Magic Missile Tower has superior height when compared to the minion, thus the MMT has line of sight over the table, while the shorter Archer does not due to the table in between the minion and its target. While I agree that the minions still need a few AI tweaks and LoS changes, this just means more strategic placement is needed, as is with towers.
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