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  1. As the title says, let's see your ironically named weapon drops. Here's one I picked up on sky city: (could someone please explain how a snowball can flame?)
  2. Just invite him to your game and it should clear that up. I've had that happen before with my friends too.
  3. Update: just played Karathiki and the game disappeared after 2 waves. So for me, it's not just Sky City.
  4. So as of 7.38c I've been getting game crashes. That's not entirely new, as every once in a while it happens. These crashes are very strange in that the game process completely ends and returns to my desktop. No "dundef.exe has crashed" message with a black screen or any of that. It simply just closes. I have no clue what's causing it and it's driving me nuts. It's happened 3 times this morning on Sky city. I'll get to the boss wave and suddenly the game closes during mid-combat. There's no rhyme or reason (it seems) to the crash either. It's not on a certain part of the map or during a partic
  5. IMO: Monk is best ranged DPS Countess is best melee I think many will agree on the monk, but you will get all sorts of differing opinions on the melee. Many will say squire or barb over countess. Many people will bring up super legendary skin for squire as making him vastly superior to countess. It will be interesting to see the opinions.
  6. The title is just a joke. Check out this SS though. After I attacked the boss the first time I suddenly became invisible. I thought it was funny. Sure makes my sword look pretty especially contrasted against that red shard. :-)
  7. I agree with the difficulty in progressing. However, i have spent days upon days grinding it out and testing builds myself. How can I not expect others to do the same? I'm not saying I don't host and carry people (I do), I'm just saying that getting kicked from someones game because you won't build from them just proves the spoiled "give me everything without the work" mentality that many young people seem to have these days.
  8. Yup. Mostly private matches for me too. Seems like every game nowadays is "help me need builder" or something similar. If I ever play pub it's so I don't have to think and just want to hack-n-slash. It makes pub play really undesirable when everyone just wants you to carry them. What's worse are the ones who expect you to and get mad when you won't.
  9. My apologies. I did not realize people were exploiting it when I posted that. I redacted it but it seems the devs were quick to fix it. I had none cd naturally up until that point including hardcore mode. It's not impossible. It just takes a lot of work and patience. High stats don't hurt either. For every time I've died on wave 18 & > I cried a little.
  10. If only I had known this a week ago. It would have saved me countless attempts at that confounded map and also roaming afk shops trying to buy one.
  11. All Heroes become cows so that Laura finally gets one and can change he name to "laurahasacow!"
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