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  1. I bought the apprentice wizard costume, which states "Includes 1 Mythic Accessory". I did not receive a mystic accessory. I do, however, see that I can buy an additional accessory for the costume for more gems. If this is what was meant by "includes 1 mythic accessory" then this is very misleading. If I was supposed to get a mythic accessory when I purchased the costume, then there is a bug.
  2. If I hit escape, I can use my mouse to navigate the menus. In game, I can use right and left click to shoot, but I can't aim by moving the mouse around.
  3. also, when is the last day to complete this? are they designed to be end-of-the-month expiration, or is it a 30 day period starting whenever the quest was introduced?
  4. uptight forum-goers today. i got the joke OP, no worries.
  5. I want to use premium skins and have awesome looking pets but, as a newb, I'm nervous about the whole pet system. I hear talks about people getting way too many eggs and that there are items to reroll pet stats, then food to make them stronger and experience to increase stats. Is this all accurate? Are late-game eggs going to hatch stronger pets than early-game? Will the first egg that I ever get be capable of hatching my strongest pet? Are the different pet types just for looks or do they serve different purposes? Is the premium-pet skin just supposed to be a gamble system where I buy thous
  6. The night 7.20 launched, I went from lvl74 - 76. After 7.21, my experience says 37M/51M; after an insane hardcore glitter I'm at 37M/51M. The XP bar is completely empty.
  7. no lie, last night i was thinking "wow, they finally care about this game being fun and not just a huge grind". I even wanted to post on the forum how happy I was that they didn't do a crazy XP grind to get 78, but my browser froze on me.
  8. Fortunately for you, such an excuse is available. Clearly if it were up to you you'd still be unable to make one better. Got any suggestions on this forum about a new "better" (according to you) DLC? You know all the upcoming holidays. You can suggest ideas. Have you? You're unsatisfied with how they do it but don't make any attempt to express what you expect other than "This sucks." Trendy is also not obligated to make DLC that appeals to YOU, or anyone else for that matter. While it might be in their best interest to, it's free DLC. It could be the worst POS map in the world and they're st
  9. Can you make a better DLC? Probably not. The DDDK is available. Go make something out of it and present it to Trendy and if it's good enough (lol.) then it may get included in the game. fortunately for me, people are not counting on me to make good DLC. trendy however, is in a different situation as they have a ton of people waiting for the content they purchased and instead of getting the 2nd quest, we are getting hit with these horrible DLCs. It truly is insulting.
  10. You're forgetting two things. 1) This game requires 2 Players or More 2) If you're doing the game Privately, chances are you're just going to have one guy stand still, while the other kills him, thus defeating the point of the map entirely. 3) Not everyone has friends that also play, especially with so many people leaving due to lack of interest, and shoddy patches and content that has become a trend of late. What do you say to that? seriously. i asked how to get the apprentice costume and the best suggestion (and others agree) was to make a private game with 2 local characters and ju
  11. stop wasting resources on crap *** DLC like this, please. I don't want free DLC that sucks. Here's a little advice: your hacker problem has discouraged most people from playing online. Its broken up all the groups of friends that used to play together and now what you need to do is make fun solo content. Sky of love is annoying as hell to try and solo even on easy. A pvp map? This was a good idea to someone? Look, pool the resources you have to finish the lost shards DLCs and get that completed so we can do all the content we paid for and quit the game already. it's gone to hell a
  12. 2 things that don't really fit in with this game: barbarians and pvp. i don't get all the effort to have pvp. you have a pretty nice tower defense game going on, and your pvp is disaster. It doesn't work with these classes and you should just cut it out. Spend your resources building on the tower defense thing and leave pvp to the real pvp games.
  13. i gotta say...i really hate every small DLC that they have been releasing. sky of headache and headache president headache headache or w/e its called. I wish they would just spend their time finishing up the content everyone prepurchased so I can learn the story about how my dudes built towers to defend crystals in an epic "find the crystals" crystals quest battle quest for lost quests. but i guess im asking too much
  14. Do I really have to win a pvp match with apprentice to unlock his G.W. costume? I won a match with my ranger and got a ^1 donkey pet and costume for apprentice is not unlocked.
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