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  1. Why change the rules set up at all Just wondering? If its not broken dont fix it. I pick option two if thats the choice though.
  2. Good times at the event tonight, thanks for the event and weapon. It was built for a lady, but it's strong enough for a man!
  3. Hardware seems to be the only one that gets it, I mean no offense to anyone with that comment but people need to wake up. I would like to recommend that you all watch the Zeitgiest Movement Films: Part I: The Greatest Story Ever Told, Part II: All the World's a Stage and, Part III: Don't Mind the Men Behind the Curtain. These films are an eye opening experience.
  4. To bad there is always a couple people out there that have to try their best to ruin a good thing. I've supported the DD events that Dredd and Warped run scince I got the game, I havent gotten a reward every time, but I HAVE had fun everytime. Thats the bottom line, FUN, whats the point in worrying about who gets what and why, if you want a weapon/pet bad enough you try the next event or even trade for it. Their events, their weapons to distribute the way they choose to promote a FUN game community. I have met alot of awesome people through this community and I owe the majority of that to thes
  5. Yeah i had a lot of fun making these characters, I'd say they are probably worthy of a spot in the next Defenders Digest for screen shots of the week.
  6. :demon:Check this out fellow defenders, when i realized how in depth the character customization was on SC5 I couldnt resist. ....and even though they wont be coming to consoles here they are....
  7. The tags are a great idea I like that alot, everyone really does make good points. I agree now that spliting the community could, dare I say, would have adverse affects. Thanks for your feedback I do enjoy a good hearty discussion.
  8. I see your point there, but then the moderators would just have to worry about their respective communities and the gamers that they are familiar with, and people trading and grouping wouldnt have to read half a page of posts just to find out the item or event they are intrested in is cross platform. This was just something that came up in conversation today while i was playing with friends and I thought it would be interesting to hear other peoples input on the matter.
  9. I really think a sepperation of the Xbox 360 and PS3 grouping and discussion forums is a must, not telling anyone what to do by any means just thinking it would not only be easier on the community members but the moderators as well. What do you think?
  10. Fun event like the pet thanks trendy. Thanks also to the players who have made this one of my favorite XBLA games its awesome and this is a great community.
  11. send message on xbox to the trendy tag asking for invite
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