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  1. I think the fact that squires have the best HP AND best towers in that mode is really a huge part of the balancing problem too. Like apps pre-nerf were physically weaker than they are now, but their towers were great, so they were a glass cannon... if their walls or towers went down, apps were taking a huge risk going out and fixing/replacing them.
  2. Dumbest reason for me was because of my character's name. Host says "Khal Drogo...I don't like your name" *KICK* WTF! Who doesn't like Game of Thrones? :kobold: *high fives you for having that name*
  3. Someone, somewhere has to have been kicked for using a skin from the President's Day DLC. It wasn't me, but it has to have happened at some point. But back to the point... if you join a game that has title-set criteria and you don't meet them, then yes, that is an instant kick, and I think most of us would agree that is reasonable. The kicking from the original post though... the one where a group was going for Warping Core together and the host kicked the other people... that's just a **** move. No question about that.
  4. I'd be careful with getting it too high though, because if you aren't careful, you end up getting a series of super shots which basically cuts your dps in half (since the animation takes so long).
  5. I've noticed that a couple of people have already set up individual threads for specific costumes for the Series EV, and I thought that perhaps it would be easier if we were all using the same thread and we could discuss a lot more options this way. So far we've had R Dorothy Wayneright and Megaman's Roll. My own suggestion would be Aigis from the Persona 3 universe.
  6. From another thread: The main value to PS as far as rewards go is an arguably easier way to obtain mythical pets if you're having trouble doring NM survival. They won't be as good as pets obtained on survival, but they'll still be better than pets obtained on insane.
  7. Considering she does ranged damage, she IS the anti-air tower in her own build.
  8. I see my list of ranked games every night... there is rarely a lack of Insane level games.
  9. Having just played with her character for a few minutes on Deeper Well Medium, I like this class a LOT more than I like the Barbarian.
  10. When I first started playing around with the EV with my logitech controller, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to switch weapons during combat. I feel silly that it took that long, but I know some other people may have trouble too. It is a left stick button click that changes weapons. Hope this helps anyone else who may be wondering how to do this.
  11. The irony is, by the argument you are making, the only reason you'd need the loot from the Lost Shards DLC maps is because of Nightmare Mode, and the only reason you need Nightmare mode is so you get the most out of the new maps. It is funny how self-contained that ends up being, isn't it? Because you really don't need the new loot for Insane (therefore, without the Lost Shards expansion, DD naturally caps itself nicely). I also remember how many times there has been sales for this content too. I can think of at least 4 times when there were massive sales on almost everything related to
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