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  1. 1. I'm no dev so I won't pretend to be an expert but why does controller support take so long? I get that you are making a UI to go along with it but you have them in DD1 and DDE and they work great. 2. I'd like to see announcer packs as a paid add-on. What are your thoughts on this? There's likely not a lot of dialogue but you could get voices for "Royal Eggs are Under Attack" and 'A legendary item has appeared".
  2. I don't really notice it ever. Its far more obvious to me IRL when I go shopping at say, Target and they seem to insist that the cashiers wear shirts that are two sizes too small. In game, jeez I don't think you can ever even see your character head on except in the forge, so maybe that's why I don't notice it.
  3. I'm good with paying for slots for more characters.
  4. Dang... happy to see the Kraken... sad that my kids have Dungeon Defenders taken away for a month because of bad behavior, lol. My kids love the Kraken so much. When my son was in Kindergarten they did an exercise where they had to go to the front of the class and act out an animal. So my son went up and was thrashing around and making noises and waving around and no one could figure out what he was. So he said he was "acting like a Kraken". The teacher told us after school that day that it was inappropriate for him to go up and start "acting like a crackHEAD". I had to explain to her....LO
  5. Too all people who think we can't spare the tree fiddy! We can. The problem here is that we spend tree fiddy last week on a new hero. Before that we spend tree fiddy on another DLC. And another tree ****ing fiddy before that. And before that... My point is.. I need about tree fiddy! I would like to hear your take on paying for food, which is a necessity, and you need it about every day. Do you protest outside grocery stores and gas stations?
  6. here we go again...more *****ing about paying six damn quarters for optional content
  7. Ah ok thanks. I just wanted peace of mind that I wasn't wasting tons of mana for nothing. Is there a guide somewhere to ability caps? For example I know speed caps at 100, but is there anything else? I want to keep dumping points into my aura lifespan but not sure if that's just a waste. Appreciate the help.
  8. Does the scaling rate change every patch? There is a lot of info out there on item scaling but none of it seems to apply anymore, because my upgrades are nothing like the 15%-20% of previous value I see reported. Everything I weapon have goes up 2.03% from the previous upgrade. So my huntress is getting about 44 increased damage per 6 million mana I invest, same thing with the frost blades I have. Is this working as intended or am I missing something? I see videos and players with 10s of thousands of damage and health but I get nowhere near that. No, I don't think they are hacks but wh
  9. I know I paid $89.99 for Phantasy Star 3. It was a Toys R Us which is crap anyway but it when I was on vacation and typically there wasn't a TRU for at least 100 miles of me. I know when the N64 came out some of those battery save game cartridges were absurdly expensive. I appreciate everyone that weighed in, I have a better understanding of where people are coming from who don't like it. I prefer the "nickle and dimed" method (easier to justify to myself) but I can see how some may not. And I think the point about new players seeing all DLC up front being overwhelming is great, I hadn't
  10. Here and on other forums I always see the same thing "I'm not paying $3 for a character, I'm not paying $2 for some maps" yadda yadda. I'm by no means trying to sound insulting but is it really that big of a deal for something... optional? A gallon of gas costs you more than most DLC here and will last you far, far less. My kids play Pokemon and a pack of 10 cards costs $4.... I don't understand why so many are up in arms about a few dollars of DLC. I don't know of other games that consistently give you DLC for free, so why should this be any different? And just why the hate over such tiny
  11. Am I the only one who thinks that makes no sense? Isn't the purpose of a prison, to imprison?
  12. This patch actually saved me a good chunk of change. My kids and I play DD on the 360 about every other day and when we found out that there was no more DLC aside from the shards going to the consoles we decided to make the jump to the PC and hook our PC up to the TV. Well I was about to drop About $60 for two more wired 360 controllers but since Barb is pretty bad with the dual attack and all the nerfs, I can just stick to the 360 version occasionally.
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