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  1. The most cute thing ever on this game its a Huntress Guardian
  2. Yup, that's why I changed the challenge so I can use DLC, just not DLC heroes. I don't think anyone needs to prove that it's possible to beat the base game (including the challenges included with the base game) without DLC, it's proving that it's possible to beat the DLC maps (and NM) without DLC heroes. I plan on farming godlies until I can handle Tavern Defense Insane HC/PS and from there, levels will come easily. It's the equipment that will be the hard part. I dont want to be the hearthless ***** of the thread, but youll probably are going to do NM Magus Quarters and not much else wi
  3. Oh yeah, that's true. I'll have to think of something I guess. Leveling to 100 is gonna be rough. I might just take this challenge to 78 or 93. Or I can change the title to just Original Hero run and do the DLC (I still wouldn't use costumes though). I'll see how things go and how fast/slow leveling is. Are you looking for a reason to kill yourself? Grinding XP until 93 its probably the most boring and painful "challenge" that you can have in this game. Without DLC, public games and public shops, powerleveling yourself its not going to be so easy as you may think, you are going to stru
  4. I'm aware of all the new enemy types, but I'm confident that the original heroes have everything needed to get to level 78 at least. And most mobs can be slowed enough by ensnare/gas traps for harps/fireballs/DS towers/etc to finish off, and those that can't be stopped by auras (like 10m hp ogres), my Squire walls should be able to hold them back long enough for me to DPS them down with my Huntress. Goblin Copters are a bit tricky, but with ensnare and enough offense, they go down rather easily most of the time. And like I said, I'm not doing DLC missions (unless they're forever free) so mo
  5. About the "You dont need the DLC characters for end-game" Right now, its not even a "recomentation", the DLC characters are a MUST HAVE for end-game, they are not optional. Without EV and Summoner, you are done for good.
  6. Yup, it's called focusing only on tower aoe on my App without putting any points into tower attack. (wanted to be able to take out archers that try to snipe the walls while still keeping mm towers a safe distance away from ogres) I just might have to rely on my Squire's harps even though I only added tower health on him so far. You are just overthinking the entire strategy. Put more points on HP/DMG/ATK and be extremely pragmatic. I never touched Easy difficulty.
  7. Seriously, you don't need to spam EVERY THREAD with your freaking krytykal strykers, NOBODY CARES! U mad bro? And yes, HC in the high-end maps pushes the item RNG too close of the constant stats rollover.
  8. - Farmed 4 girrafes today, all of them absolutly useless, average 4/5 negatives. - 3 destructoids 1 mediocre, 1 useless and the last one is another of the 53mana club. - 4 genies, 3 junk, 1 a semi-decent companion for a sub-par booster monk. - 1 darkbot, 6 negatives End game loot mechanics, i love you.
  9. The game design modifications involving the economy should be done considering the reality of the game. And getting way past 600million its not very difficult in a survival, so, removing the soft mana cap, and specially, allowing the token generation in the forge between waves its IMHO a very reasonable tool for consistent farming experience. Regards.
  10. How to make this: Option A: Workshop maps (the good ones) beign featured on ranked, previously supervised by trendy to avoid the "cheat maps" Option B: Everyone will move to open and just kick all the cheaters. Actually the game its exactly the same and you can skip the mana grind. Option C: Dungeon Defenders 2 I think that Trendy its done making new maps for this one, thats why they released the whole DDK. Its like "now its up to you".
  11. I am a old player, and yes, right now its ridiculously more difficult, specially without EV and summoner. Before the ev, we only had spiders, and the Squire was 35% more powerful (nerfed just when EV came out, surprise?). 2 harpoons with guardian were pretty much godmode. I lost the count of so many summit survivals i did. Now its like 271276x more difficult with flying meat shields with just ridiculous damage. The djinns never have been a real issue. And sharkens are doable with proper build. Right now, without summoner and EV you are pretty much done in the game. If you are g
  12. Nice idea, tired of "build then kicked" *******s. But, no one is going to care about something posted out of general/patch forum
  13. I was in the same situation. It's seems NM was made harder and harder after each shard patch. Now any maps have these shard's mobs, making them really hard for breaking into nightmare. Old players may have done them without copter, without djinn and without sharken, and it's makes a enormous difference. i think it miss a new difficulty level for these high-end-players, or may be survival should take this role (new mobs appear after some wave). For breaking into nightmare, i followed this order : - some 1st wave of endles spike (some armor stuff) - some challenge raining goblin (great a
  14. The mana hacking in this game has been and still is everywhere. Its extremely obvius. Just go to the trade forum, and see new accounts bidding bazillions of mana for an item. Also, cleaning an AFK shop with "magical" mana regeneration. you want to see hackers? Host a PVP on ranked, youll **** bricks.
  15. In Diablo 2, the gold was completely useless, except for buying a truckload of potions to farm bosses. Its always been a item-item trade. I have a very good tower pristine chest that id love to trade for a similar chain one. Should i sell it for mana that ill drain tomorrow upgrading some pet? Or trading it for a similar item that means a upgrade for me? The choice is very clear.
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