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  1. I wouldn't be able to play that based on the graphics alone. Terrible. Hence the reason I Never bought any DS consoles and still won't. Type R-blood
  2. Pricing is rumored to be from $300 to $550 based on the screen and internals. I'm fairly confident it will do better than the VITA, but that's not really saying much. Mine is collecting dust now. It's not really aimed at the casual gamer. Type R-blood
  3. i think all old reward weapons and generic should be upgraded in quality. That way everyone isnt using the same 5 or so weapons. as well as pets I agree. I'm tired of playing multi player with 3 monks joining and them having either an eternal spear, sets or the wrench. We need more variety. Plus it will give all the players who've been around since the beginning, a reason go go back to the first shard levels. Type R-blood
  4. Yes quality and scaling. Updated with that info. :crystal:
  5. I'm doing this poll in hopes that everyone feels the same way as I do. I wanna get enough traction on this so hopefully trendy gets wind of it and tries to implement this on their future patch. Would you want to see a buff to the first 3 shards reward drops? (quality and scaling) I know it would make me extremely happy to make those weapons relevant again.
  6. I traded someone for a Lemorian a while back, ended up being hacked. I ran morrago for 2 days and the highest I got was a supreme. Once I get to my pc I will start the poll and hopefully Trendy see's it and makes a patch for it. Type R-blood
  7. I have been wanting this since shards 4 came out. Maybe I should start a thread with a poll. Type R-blood
  8. Dang, well thanks for the quick reply. It just sucks that older weapons become obsolete because of the newer content Type R-blood
  9. Haven't really played this game for the past 2 months. And don't really visit the forums much anymore so sorry if it's a dumb question. Have they finally increased the probability of getting ultimate rewards from the shard maps. I would love a ultimate junbao or lemorian. Type R-blood
  10. Yes we got them from the turkey hunt. We beat the spook 2 as well but we only got Myth. I think one of my friends might have gotten a trans but not sure. Sent from my SGH-T999 using Tapatalk 2
  11. My friends and I don't play as often as we used to and we haven't visited the forums in a long time now so this came as a surprise to us. Has the accessories gotten a drop rate increase? A month or 2 ago the highest accessories we were ever able to get were mythical, but lately we've have gotten some supreme and trans as rewards. Are we just getting lucky?
  12. SID: Actionx1 http://steamcommunity.com/id/actionx1/ Saturday type R-blood
  13. Do we have to build the level or are the host going to build? -type R blood-
  14. Our characters can have gear on right? -type R blood-
  15. How far are you in the campaign -type R blood-
  16. Nice! This album used to be my jam back in the day. I love Anthony Green-era Saosin. Bonus: Acoustic version. Wow Hitmon, I had no idea you are into Anthony Green. He's probably one of the best singers out there in my opinion. Also his latest project, Circa Survive is his best work yet. -type R blood-
  17. Holy crap that's a lot. I though my 500+ hours was a lot. Only about 20 is afk -type R blood-
  18. That's a relief to know everyone will get invited as long as you sign up. The reason I asked was because I read and thread and saw that some posted that their is only 14 arm guards of earth or something like that, around. So I thought that oy certain people get invited to the events. -type R blood-
  19. I've never attended any event (PC or PS3) but I'm looking forward to 1. Does everyone who signs up get invited? 2. How often do the PC events happen? 3. Is there any events in the future besides the one happening this Friday. -type R blood-
  20. I love Pokemon too but I just got bored of it. That was my point lol not the age haha. I played Pokemon Red so much then yellow lol And they haven't changed their formula. Even they have issues. I mean having only 4 attacks since the beginning. You'd think they would have changed it up some how. -type R blood-
  21. Zeus got it right, I am bored of the game and it's time to move on. The game is one of the best games I've ever played. I think the developers did an amazing job and although some things were broken, it wasn't enough to make me quit back then. I think trendy did a lot for its community and game. They had a lot of DLC which was fun. They had the events which are still going on now. I will continue to support them on future games. As for this one, I will come back to do events, once they add community maps and also if they decided to make the holiday events again. Zeus has a lot of very go
  22. Yeah open is pretty bad now. Everyone in there has super loot thanks to the mod maps. Inexperienced player have super high stats and don't know how to build any map. I had lost my drive to play DD so I decided to chance the achievements. But now that I have them all, I really don't know what to do. Time to move on to BL2 I suppose. Something doesn't want me to leave this game though lol but I guess it's time. Maybe I'll have a raffle or something to give away all the stuff I have. -type R blood-
  23. At first i was gonna make this thread to show off all my accomplishments in DD, but then i realize i had a problem. This has been my main game of PC and PS3 for the past year or so. I have played other game in between but always end up going back to this game. So my question is, what do i do next in DD, or is it time to move on? PC- PS3- i wanna thank everyone who helped me out getting these achievements and trophies over the past year. there was a lot of friends and strangers that helped out. Dont wanna put the names down because i think we cant do that in the forums, but thank
  24. Touche. This was the one case I wish I researched the platforms and such before spending money on a lesser product due to limitations of multiple companies across the board. Idk if I agree with you on that sir. I own DD for PC, PS3, Android n IPad. Id say that DD on any platform isn't a waste of money. $15 bucks on the consoles must have gotten you well over 100 hours worth of fun. Plus a few more bucks for DLC, and a few more hours of play time. Granted on PC DD was able to fully blossom, you can't use that as a reason why DD sucks for console. Just like I can't say "ps3 got moragg
  25. I think the non-mythical/trans are a bit darker in color than the myth and trans. As for the damage, that is really weird. I have a few that I used to use a lot and I never had broken damage. My trans with 300ups does about 45k a hit if I remember correctly. My my with 240ups does about 30k. Forgot to mention both were on my App -type R blood-
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