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  1. I do not appreciate being called a liar. Your antagonistic tone is not at all appropriate. I was, and am, merely reporting my experience. To be honest, I have never SEEN the rockets come thru the flect, I assume it's what is happening because I am NOT afk, but running around, repairing and stuff, everything is fully upgraded by this point. The particular archer/minion wall I mentioned never has a minion get low health enough for me to even need to be there, but I am. When my back is turned, I suddenly see a minion go downf along with the buff beam. the ogres walk thru the gap and game over
  2. the donkeys hit a good deal harder than the shroomite pets, and using them as DPS pets isnt strictly a bad idea, there are just other pets that do it better. if i had to guess what the wiki meant though, i would say it probably means it always interrupts the djinns. i cant confirm or deny this though.
  3. it it was mixed mode, it was probably a golden wyvern. they are hands down the worst type of mob to deal with. if you arent using slow auras, it was probably a kobold. if the crystal death cam didnt show a mob standing by the crystal, it was a kobold or an archer.
  4. they dont have a nightmare version of zamira. only one each for easy, medium, hard, and insane. why people trade them i couldnt tell you.
  5. its most common with huntress weapons, all the stats will be the same number, but it started happening more frequently with apprentice weapons also when moraggo was released. the negative stats are just victims of the ">150, * -0.35" roll, colloquially called the "go negative function."
  6. i think everything has a weakness to poo poo, and if you got hit with it, you would be pretty stunned.
  7. im actually contemplating throwing it on my dps summoner to help keep her alive longer during my risky business looting escapades.
  8. ill have to test that out. the damage it was doing was physical, but everything slow related in this game is poison-based, so, i guess we will see. i really just want to keep it to see how much damage it can actually do.
  9. i mean, honestly man, getting to level 100 is so low on my list of priorities with this game that it might as well be considered a given (read: it will eventually be true regardless, so making it a concern is moot). my concern with outright leveling stops completely at level 78, because the chances of actually finding supreme or ultimate gear that is worth a damn it practically non-existent. whenever i run maps for EXP, i do it more with the intention of leveling my pets, because unlike with heroes, it actually matters for them. based on that, yes, bonuses for builders would be very nice.
  10. i know these things suck like, 100% of the time, but, has anyone gotten a "decent" one of these before? i got this one the other day, and it was one of the best i have seen so i decided to keep it just to check it out... http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/576727537234245452/456A7F3D6E88C0848CBB4EE08E33EE855EBA18BF/ i got it from nightmare mixed mode (non-hardcore). it does 10,500 damage in the tavern and 18,000 damage in nightmare as is.
  11. the moral of the story is rocks are stupid because talay mining complex is too difficult for the reward anyway.
  12. funny story about reflect walls and rockets: rockets aim at the feet of whatever they are shooting at, so if reflect walls are too close to defenses, your defenses will get hit because the rockets WILL be aimed below the reflect wall. also, kings game and crystalline dimension are retarded because goblin copters, unlike on most other maps, have to reduce their height to reach their targets. this results in them firing from the full range of their missiles because they spawn so much higher on these maps than others, so they fire at a really steep angle to hit defenses, which means they will
  13. i dont know, it would just be nice if there was ONE thing in this game that you could count on to be like, a base level of good, so im with lostsoul on this. especially considering that giraffes ALWAYS have all 4 tower stats. it just feels like rather than basing items on how good they are in this game, they are based more on how much they dont suck, and i say that that is a huge problem that has existed for far too long, and needs to be rectified.
  14. rocks and diamonds may as damn well be "on a treadmill" pets. they are functionally no different. but, yeah, giraffes and kobolds dont give any bonus, turtles and skeletons give 20% increase, diamonds give a 25%(?) increase, and rocks give a 20% decrease to movement speed.
  15. getting some xbox controllers will let you change it. there is a cap for both mana and gear drops based on number of players present, and bringing in afk characters using xbox controllers is the easiest way to increase the amount of both that can be on the ground at one time. however, it also increases the mob count, so... the bigger issue that you are talking about is a long standing bug (and partly bad design in general with the mana bit) where large amounts of weapons and armor on the ground have a tendency to despawn when ogres are killed. and since there are so damn many ogres spa
  16. they spawn without all 4 tower stats for the same reason that they have 3 separate checks to make items roll stats negative: to artificially increase game life by intentionally making 90% of all items suck.
  17. when 14 djinn spawn all at once and all buff spiders and DEWs so you get swarmed by enemies attacking your defenses for 30k damage a swing.
  18. mixed mode affects stat rolls in a different way than hardcore mode. its best to think of mixed mode as affecting armor the way Ultimate +/++ is different than just Ultimate armor, in that mixed mode gives weapons and armor a higher quality multiplier, as opposed to hardcore just flatout having a 1.5 multiplier to stats.
  19. a long time ago in a game far far away, they talked about how a player set item filter where you could set minimum stats and such on item spawns that would point out items only within that criteria was in the works. but i mean, armor isnt supposed to spawn with negative physical resists, so, you know.
  20. youll have a really hard time dealing with sharken and goblin copters, but i dont think i would say it is impossible.
  21. hardcore mode adds a flat 50% bonus to item stat rolls, mix mode increases quality modifiers by 5% wave 20 insane hardcore aquanos is roughly equaly to wave 15 deeper wells nightmare hardcore. but its important to note that insane has more controlled stat rolls than any nightmare version of maps, so its not unreasonable to see mythicals drop on wave 20+ of aquanos that will have like, 12+ to all resists, 60+ to all stats, and in the neighborhood of 70 levels. this is pretty consistent among mythicals that drop in DLC maps in late waves, and the chances of finding equipment that drops from
  22. is the challenge to get the lowest score?
  23. im currently using a monkey + djinnlet. the monkey hits for about 60k in NM and the djinnlet about 37k, so it works out pretty well.
  24. golden wyverns/fish wyverns. crystals right in front of spawn points. mix mode scorecards filling every viewable inch of the game screen. wizard/skeleton orgies getting caught in infinite summon/heal/resurrect loops. kobolds lighting up while still having immunity. goblin copters being 10 miles away from you and crashing on your head smashing it out your ******* when they die. intentional 1-shotting by bosses. spiders. invisible geometry/holes to get stuck on.
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