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  1. i just downloaded wizardry online. you can always check that one out when you want something serious to get invested in ;p
  2. i think a big thing that makes people AFK in this game is it is really hard to both find something to talk about, and in early waves, find time to find something to talk about. i like to play this game as a multiplayer thing, but even when you are playing with 3 other people, it never feels like anything beyond soloish gameplay. the only group activity is dumping mana for a builder to use. specific to hacked gear, its disheartening, to say the least. it is just so commonplace that it feels like it is what you are supposed to do. worse though, only people that have hacked gear are the on
  3. that is nice to know. but honestly, it still just feels like more examples of archaic coding from the game's debut on mobile that was never bothered to be updated for the current iteration.
  4. 2.4x multiplier is mathematically the same as 240% boost. and actually, using a huntress guardian + an apprentice guardian on a summoner can be very effective for boosting a specific area. while the bonus of using an apprentice guardian isnt as numerically beneficial as using a huntress guardian, as a combination it is very much numerically better.
  5. no. it will only upgrade it as if it had no bonus applied to it, but when you have it equipped and have the set bonus and apply upgrades, you will see the modified value. if you take it off you will notice everything drops by 30% or more, resistances included.
  6. Just tested him and noticed, that my FB tower's damage under beam was raised from 32,2k to 32,9k by app guard. So, can he spawn with higher boost, than 20? And if he'll spawn with more boost will he boost better? Or there is no any usefulness from him if I use TBBs? pretty much what gilgehmesh said. their actual boost will cap at 40. they can spawn with boost higher than this, but it will be just as effective if it is 40 or 400. range scales quite a bit higher, but you generally dont need to worry about putting anything into this, just make sure you cap out how many defenses it ca
  7. yeah, that first one is pretty awesome. like something out of a sci-fi movie.
  8. beams dont actually do anything for minion attack rate. i dont know if thats an oversight or intentional though. the attack speed boost is the only thing that matters for minion attack rate though, as far as looking at the delve in game. its not displayed for anything but archers and mages i think, but it is what is actually the multiplier against the base interval for minion attack cycles. when you have minions on a buff beam, their attack rate is what is multiplied by the beam's bonus, but since the attack rate is just a useless arbitrary number, it doesnt do much good. only putting p
  9. as reward pets it is totally possible, especially from akatiti and winter wonderland. as to whether or not it is worth anything, that depends. if it has good builder stats, yeah, it could be.
  10. FYI: For minion attack rate you can get by with a mere 48, as that'll cap archer/mage attack speed (~175 will cap orc/ogre attack speed). You won't see any further increase until 1500 or so (any higher value that is discernible I am unaware of). (0 attack rate = 0.5 arrow/sec, 48 attack rate = 1 arrow/second, 1500 attack rate = 1.5 arrow/sec) dont listen to this, because it is completely wrong. the information that is pertinent to minion attack rate in their delve is the attack speed boost, which is a multiplier applied to the base attack speed/reset interval. with 0 tower rate, y
  11. and it true DD form, its meh at best :/ IM SORRY DRAEMN!!! :/
  12. to me it feel like sparus is the most common. out of probably 30 runs i have gotten 2 clavas, maybe 12 gladiuses and the rest were sparuses. and winter wonderland loves to give out candlesticks. i get them probably 70% of the time when im on my jester.
  13. Oh I like this :) Two really big moments of my gaming history: I totally freaked out and couldn't believe she was really dead. I mean, that never happened before, a main character died. Gone. Forever. This game is still one of the best games EVAR! happened in plenty of games before it happened in FFVII, 2 examples being Phantasy Star II and IV. a lot of people claim this as a huge point in the game for them, but it wasnt a big deal to me. when she ran off by herself i just kinda knew it was coming. im still trying to figure out why cait sith, who was a big puppet, and you knew he
  14. the amount listed in the item info isnt its shots per second anyway, so you can never trust that. just like with pets, its a multiplier to the actual fire rate for a given weapon.
  15. your avatar picture + these photos = unintentional hilarity.
  16. i think only pets can spawn at that value, yeah?
  17. 1. items can roll all stats at a given number, but it usually only happens on pets. it happens on a lot of weapons, also, but they are generally only reward weapons, and are much more rare than with pets. 2. the highest possible roll is i believe 871. there are quality multipliers applied to each type of gear that determines certain value ranges. 3. not really. some people have put together lists that are specific for certain classes, but almost every class has a different algorithm that determines those stats.
  18. nope. nothing can stun or slow down ogres. shock beams will stun sharken, djinn, wyverns, and spiders though, but using them for this express purpose is a horrible waste of DU. if you have spare DU and want to use the EV, use proton beams. they are a nasty form of focused DPS that only become more valuable the more ogres are standing on top of them. with 2000 in stats they can do 600K+ damage per second each(over 1 million if there is a spider minion near) to each ogre standing on them.
  19. speaking on this subject, are the insane rewards for this any good? or are they pretty balls like aquanos insane rewards?
  20. for all the issues with the game, i still love it for the fact that i can play it without feeling like i have to compete with anyone but myself, and because i can just log in and within 3 minutes i am doing something that is meaningful at some level. its also fun to tweak things and see what actually does and does not work.
  21. New question. Does resistances depend only on squire guard and TBB? Well, the question is: how much different defences (and minions) resistances have? Noticed, that when ogre shooting at my EV wall, the damage is 9k, but the wall loses only 5k HP. thats because the damage numbers shown do not have resistances factored in. all towers and walls do have a base level of resistance, and it differs between the different ones. the squire quardian and tower buff beams both have multipliers they apply to those numbers. nothing else effects them, but it would be nice if player armor resistance
  22. Nintendo: The Disney of Video Games!
  23. Supporting an 1 year old game is bad? o.O I don't think people will invest money in any new game if they know that the supports ends after 1 year. You will get more users if you keep the support. More users means also more potentially buyers for a next game. :) However, DD still needs some fixes. I prefer quality over quantity. DD doesnt provide a consistent revenue, so dedicated continued support is hard to justify to producers. there are a lot of things that need to be fixed with this game, indeed, but at this point you have to realize that in the world of online gaming, DD is mo
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