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  1. because all other maps destroy me. the only hard part is the wyverns.
  2. Well, with 148 tower health, at 3star, the bonucer for me has 16645 hp, and the slice n dice has 17280, so they're kinda neck and neck, but the bouncer has just slightly less. All the same, doesn't change the fact that the slice n dice is weaksauce.
  3. I've seen this happen a few times, too. Particularly in nightmare mode. If an ogre is the last enemy you kill (which it often is), all the loot in the level will disappear, and it will also just randomly happen in the middle of a wave sometimes. Its annoying, especially when I'm trying to farm royal gardens for mythical gear and I have a hard enough time keeping defences up and not dieing to begin with.
  4. I agree that squire towers need a reduction in DU across the board, with the exception of the bouncer blockade. that could just use a bump in HP. the main thing though is that harpoon bolts need to have their projectile speed drastically increased. having the harpoon turret cost 6 DU with is incredibly narrow damage path and high inaccuracy of the bolts is just painful. it should be 5, just like fireball towers. they are both of equal usefulness, and are relatively comparable in damage, so making it 5 would just be nice. the spike blockade should just be dropped to one DU. the damage
  5. my staff has like, 760 damage, and 77 charge speed. in insane and lower, i autofire hitting for 2700+somefiredamage, and it shoots 4 bolts, its a little over 10k damage a shot if all 4 hit. the test dummies, using autofire, show my dps around 41k. if i use just crazy single clicks, it jumps to about 45k, and if i give it about half a second between shots, its like, 44k, but its easier to just use autofire. why? because im lazy and i have towers to kill for me. ive tested it time and time again. for me, autofire is the way to go. am i saying for everyone? no. which is why i used the
  6. doing charged shots has only ever hurt my DPS. it find it more productive to just pump the hell out of base damage and use autofire. the only time i like the charge speed bonus is when i am doing raining goblins and i camp the crystal and use the aoe knockback. its ftw.
  7. entirely true. but thats because people dont understand the concept of what people in such positions actually do. the purpose of them is to have a trusted group of individuals the developers can discuss possible changes/issues with, but people tend to take it as the people filling these roles are great authorities on game mechanics, which is entirely not true. knowledgeable, sure, but far from anything established. a big part is the developers realize they see the game differently than everyone else, and the team leads give them a more player-centric perspective when it comes to thinking
  8. the above post is totally incorrect. ive been a midgard team lead for DAOC for almost 7 years now, and never once has any class team lead ever gotten more love than another. the changes come from the developers, we discuss them for a few weeks/months before they are released to the public, and then we hope that crazy bugs dont show up. at best, changes DONT go in because enough people chime in why they are bad. having said that, i think this would be a fantastic idea, because no offense, but what a developer thinks is a good idea based on server metrics isnt always a good idea based on ac
  9. survival takes an unnecessary amount of time, and really needs to be tweaked to make it less oppressive. anyone who has done an old school ML raid in dark age of camelot knows exactly what i am talking about. 2, maybe 3 hours? sure. but when it starts to take 40 minutes a wave...
  10. If you don't know the formula, which I'm assuming you don't (I don't either), then you have no idea what exponential damage ramp reduction means. Therefore you have no idea that what happens doesn't align with what is happening. Clearly lightning towers have a large exponenetial damage ramp. They seem to have suffered the most. This ramp is related to the values as stats increase. That means 0 stat towers should be the same, and as stats increase it should become more noticeable. It doesn't have anything to do with tower upgrades (not entirely true, tower upgrades still do functionally add a t
  11. stealth nerfs exist for a reason. its usually because people find out ways to legally exploit the game, resulting in unintended consequences the developers have to rectify. sometimes its because they know that there will be a reaction, and they know no matter how much sense a change makes in the grand scheme of the game, there will always be the vocal minority that will ostracize them for it. and sometimes its just something that was forgotten.
  12. exponential means as it goes further, it gets higher by a modifier, not, its "reduced by 20% off the bat, and then works its way to about a 18% reduction." if it was just the high end that should have been affected, as the notes suggest, so that, when it is fully upgraded, it has 15% less damage than did previously, that would be fine. but its just an across the board reduction, which is drastically different than what is suggested in the notes. im not saying the note is lieing, im just saying, its not really truthful, because a lot more than just damage was nerfed on the towers. and be
  13. ogres in nightmare mode should not at all have a chance of dropping torn or sturdy gear. same goes for all other mob types. i should not be getting the same loot i get at level 3 at level 74, regardless of game mode when i am clamped to hard, insane, or nightmare difficulty mobs. if i get level 3 easy loot drops in nightmare, i should also be fighting level 3 easy mobs in nightmare, or vice versa.
  14. Is anyone else noticing that upon completing the final wave of a mission, all errant loot and mana is completely disappearing from the map? i have noticed this pretty much every time i have played a mission on nightmare mode. i havent checked it with anything lower yet, but it has happened to me at least 9 times so far.
  15. negative drix, that was what they were showing in the tavern. i dont play on nightmare because it still owns my face. however, i played some ramparts survival (still going), and im doing pretty much as well as i had been before, so i think the changes are pretty moot to me at this point. as was mentioned, if more calculations are handled client side now, it is highly possible and probable that the nerfs were introduced as a means to offset any issues that may have been caused by a new lack of latency. i havent noticed that anything is more difficult now. if anything, its just as easy,
  16. you can say its false all you want to. earlier today, my FB tower damage was 9101 upgraded to 3 stars, after patch, it was 9171 upgraded at 3star. the only stats that have changed since then was my attack speed stat. i dont use deadly striker towers much, but last time i summoned them, last night, their damage at 3 star was 25k, after this patch its 32k at 3 stars.
  17. well, for comparison, my squires defenses all got a pretty nice boost (hes not 74 yet and has at most +200 to any given tower stat). but harpoon turret got a pretty nice attack speed boost (was .55, now. 48, .45 at 5star), and the damage is up about 20%. bowling ball turret damage is up to 3200 from 2700, and scales up to 5500, but no attack speed change. slice n dice turret base damage is 1000 (up from 700), scales to 1700 (up from 1400). and my bouncer blockade damage has pretty much been doubled across the board.
  18. could be an intended change, it could be a bug, or it could be a stealth nerf. if there is no response, its a stealth nerf. which is fine, honestly. but there are other areas of the game that need tweaks before they start making those things now more difficult by reducing tower effectiveness.
  19. on my MM towers, damage is down 20%, speed lost .02 seconds. lightning towers, my damage is down 30%, lost 30% on chain range, and 10 seconds on attack duration. on my fireball towers damage is up 70 points, and lost .02 seconds on speed. but on my deadly strike towers, my damage is up 25%. my tower stats are 372 health, 550 attack, 148 radius, 576 speed.
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