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  1. yeah, the bosses should be able to be killed by any class (except summoner, cause lolrite?). and honestly, i ALMOST just thought about trying it on NM, but then i read draemn's post about how NM only allows 1 pairing. seriously? no thanks. go go trendy logic: require stupid high stats; force players to interact with a system that completely nullifies them.
  2. isnt it great that as conscious beings we can make rational decisions to avoid dealing with things that we dont want to? what are you upset at more? that he did what literally everyone that plays online character-level based games does and found someone to help him reach high levels so he can skip the boring parts? or that he didnt understand how armor sets and set bonuses work? or that he didnt know what to look for on pieces of armor and you got upset because he apparently tried to challenge what you were telling him when you were too lazy or unwilling to explain to him why what you we
  3. yeah, the antihero wave was the only one that gave me trouble*, mainly because the antiheroes just suck in general and its usually damn near impossible to ever tell where they are at. and yes, the mega cupids staying in low earth orbit is kind of annoying. makes me glad i have a jester with a good classics because there would be no way to kill them otherwise. *trouble in the sense that i had to rely on my defenses to kill them because they are impossible to locate, and as a result they got a pairing in on me.
  4. my bad, i got confused there and read NE but interpreted NW. disregard that. as to this though: .... but I'm still curious as to how the healing works. if i remember correctly, when mage minions heal they heal for 10% of the total health of whatever is affected by their heal, which means the higher the minion health, the more they heal for, but it will never be more than 10%. but they dont start healing until something within their heal range is at less than 80% health i think. if they get hit while trying to cast a heal, they will get interrupted, and it takes a pretty long time fo
  5. yeah, that NE snowman spot is a b. i had that same problem too, where the mages would be killed in no time. turns out, a lot of times if you build not quite right there, the snowman will basically crush whatever minion(s) you have up there. try moving them a little further out if you can, that should help.
  6. i remember when i used to kill myself running NM survival maps just so i wouldnt have to deal with spiders.
  7. once i understand what i am doing, i am ridiculously good at math, and almost anything that utilizes a mathematical equation. the problem is, i friggin hate math, so i stay away from it. im also good at drawing, models, video editing, and scrabble.
  8. i voted completely agree. a lot of times i will host public games doing throne room or summit NMHCMM and once i have my fun building and upgrading things, ill let whoever joins do whatever. if they lose the game, its not my fault, and if they want to pick up every single item that drops, i am perfectly ok with that also. when i do this i always set a minimum level limit of 73 though, that way im not just PLing people. it doesnt hurt me at all, or really anyone else for that matter, so i see no reason why someone should be berated for doing this.
  9. the only thing that is wrong with it is no extra projectiles, which is a huge thing in the DPS game. the stats are nice on it though.
  10. it looks like such a beautiful map. too bad it will be wasted on a challenge :/
  11. mine are usually pretty raunchy in title, and are plays on movie titles. one of my recent ones was "feces of death."
  12. 9000 cents is 90 bucks Your way off. More like 45k cents how do you have over 2000 posts and miss one of the most common memes? also, he said over 9000, so hes technically not wrong. and yeah, PS4 is speculated to hit mid to late november, which is 10 months of warning. how much more do you need?
  13. so hot, they taste like purple. has anyone else eaten these? theyre delicious, but you will need lots of bean dip.
  14. So, I have a lot of homework today, so I can't be taking the time to build and play games... but I know that it sucks when there are no games to join because they're all full or crappy insane games that won't get you anywhere. I assume there are a lot of people who can't host because of different issues such as their computer's performance, etc. So I set up a lobby to host and say I'll be afk but they can play. I have a bunch of people filter in and out and leave because they "can't build." I get some decent builders in the game (> 1.5k stats) and say the deal and say I'll host whatev
  15. when i read this title, i was like "Dead Space 3 launched today..." when i read the first post, i was like "Dead Space 3 launched today..."
  16. http://www.twitch.tv/draemn/c/1900478 Skip to 2:10 Seriously... is this even remotely close to fair? How am I supposed to know this is coming? Edit: there is a lot of swearing. Sorry I put the wrong time up!!! :( Fixed now this is pretty much why i dont play crystalline dimension. what the hell is the point of going for 3K hero health and 90% resistances if the game either does negligible damage or insta-kills you? ****in battletoads, man.
  17. akatiti or winter wonderland. both of them take less than 40 minutes and if you use afk characters you will get about similar gains in useable items.
  18. you can definitely get better ones from nightmare, but for the most part, its better to just do it on insane, mainly because they can still be very good, but also because it is easier.
  19. akatiti insane campaign or winter wonderland insane campaign. ive gotten genies with upwards of 13k base damage from these.
  20. nightmare just didnt really work out so well in the grand scheme of things. not because what it was aiming for was a bad idea, but more because it was just executed poorly. there were too many changes to all the various parameters that it just ended up being a jumbled mess. akatiti and winter wonderland are probably the best maps right now because the insane versions play so well, barring the fact that they are designed around the fact that players have 1200+ stats. if the base monster difficulty was scaled down and djinn and goblin copters were added in, these 2 maps would be picture pe
  21. isnt gamblors the same model? or do you specifically want a carboard paper tube?
  22. Or just pre-nightmare game balancing. Before NM when good stats were around 300 and great ones were around 350, that three star upgrade meant at least a 10% boost in effective stats. exactly. there are so many things still in use that were designed before characters were ever dreamed to have more than 500 in a given stat, and they just simply dont work like they should anymore. and honestly, that scaling feels like it should be increased based on difficulty, even for difficulties as low as hard. a 50% ramp for hard (would make the top end of 54), a 125% ramp for insane (top end of 81)
  23. a troll is in the air... i like how this is your STEAM ID: AtrueDisplayOfSkill and then the first thing you do is come in here and brag about how you straight up jacked an item, tried to sell it back to the person you stole it from, and then complain how he was rude to you.
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