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  1. it has my interest peaked. i just hope that the game will play a little smarter than throwing a million and 2 enemies that dont matter at you coupled with 30 the are designed to utterly destroy you (read: please no djinn and goblin copters... :( ). i was a little surprised when i logged on to the forums today and saw the redirect link. i really like how the new graphics look in the pictures that appear to be the cooperative mode, but i am worried how well my system will handle them. the free to play aspect makes me happy also, because where most people see it as unnecessary microtransacti
  2. the intrinsic nature of made up values. an item is worth as much as someone is going to give you for it, and what they are willing to give its greatly influence by how difficult it was for them to come by.
  3. actually, they have 3 fingers. and a thumb. /dismissnerdmode
  4. she said, "you can do whatever you want, youre like, 21."
  5. ha. nice. also, funny you gave him metal hands, as ive always thought the intro to the old one was very rock star-ish.
  6. the biggest thing to remember is they aim for the feet of whatever they are actually aiming at, and more often than not the will hit the ground (especially if a reflect beam is up), and the AE damage will still end up hurting whatever they are aiming at. you actually have to have them a fair distance in front of your minion walls/towers to prevent this. and then there are some places where, because they fly so high, its impossible to make a reflect wall that will actually stop the rockets because of how they are firing down.
  7. when you launch the game, go into configuration. set graphics to medium or low and it will get rid of the black outlines. i run low, because medium still uses a lot of the glowing effects which makes it difficult to see anything at all if you are using traps or auras. after that, you can option the ingame options menu and use the saturation and gamma sliders to change it a little more.
  8. Phatasy Star 2 Infinite Undiscovery Demon's Souls Grand Theft Auto 4 Dead Space thats not an order, that is just my favorites. there are many more i like just as much as those, but i picked those based on aspects of the individual games that had similar mechanics and plot points. infinite undiscovery and star ocean 4 are damn near the exact same game, but the setting of infinite undiscovery is more attractive to me. also, while i will hands down agree that dark souls is better than demon's souls, demon's souls wins because there are aspects of that game that are much harder a
  9. there are some exceptions, but for the most part, yes.
  10. the price points are just the rumors floating around the internet at the moment, but the seem logical. the system wont be 300 dollars like the PS1 and 2 were when they released, and i doubt they will make it 600 dollars again seeing as how slow people were to start buying the PS3 in the beginning. anyway, as to the console/PC thing, yeah, most PCs are more powerful point for point in the specs department, but what makes gaming consoles so much better at playing games than PCs generally are is the fact that consoles have chips that are designated discrete functions, where as in PCs, a lot o
  11. how far are you able to get in glitterhelm insane with your stats? if you can make it to wave 20, what i would suggest doing is keep running it, but do it on hardcore, and pick up some of the mythical gear that will drop from that. a decent set could put you in the 450-550 range for stats, and you wont have to deal with all the stupid things like djinn and goblin copters and sharken that break entry level nightmare maps. with that level stats you can start doing alchemical laboratory on nightmare survival and you can get into the 1500-2000 range with diligence. which will put you were yo
  12. i support console exclusivity only insofar as when a game is exclusive, it is generally a bit better quality graphics wise (porting is a nightmare). other than that, yeah, put it on all systems. as far as PCs not being able to run console games, its more a matter of games on consoles are built to run differently than games built for computers, because the hardware interacts differently. thats why to run emulators that run smoothly you have to have ridiculously higher system performance than what the actual emulated console required. steam can bash windows 8 all they want, just like every
  13. Whoo hoo!! Time to buy some pornime!!
  14. it was a pretty useless reveal. it was basically just a "THIS SUMMER... BROUGHT TO YOU BY SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT... MORE INFAMOUS... MORE KILLZONE... MORE PLAYSTATION!!!" and then they showed a picture of the controller and demonstrated how you can do live streaming, which honestly is something i think is kinda cool. i was hoping to get a picture of what the console itself was going to look like. the PS3 was honestly a pretty horrible design (except for the most recent model put out. its pretty nice), so i was hoping for something aesthetically pleasing this time around. but no,
  15. haha. that thing got destroyed. personally, i think they are all dumb on a base level, but they are interesting to watch in some cases just to see what all is actually going on in the background. also, seriously articuno? in hawaii the school uniforms are kakhi shorts and hawaiian shirts and hawaiian sundresses? i knew i should have tried to transfer to the regal theatre that was opening in honolulu when i still worked for them.
  16. its just the internet being the internet again, and more importantly, 14-year-olds being 14-year-olds.
  17. i was preparing to read "no hot pockets," i was surprised. well played, sir.
  18. god i hated that game so much. i quit playing it on disc 3 because i couldnt take it anymore. i went on a quest to find all the side quests and secrets that i could up to that point (i have a tendency to ignore the main story of a game and see what the world has to offer). there were so many things that i disliked about the game pretty much from the beginning, but i tried to stick it out. i made it to some dungeon after the part where you have to hunt down rinoa in the airship, if anyone knows what im talking about you know what im talking about. anyway, i got to this dungeon and litera
  19. Shao Khan in the newest Mortal Kombat. im horrible at fighting games so "hardest" and "most annoying" will always be related to that genre in one manner or another. in role playing and action/adventure games, barring cheap mechanics (read: anything that results in insta-death), no boss has ever been a problem for me once i learned to understand what needed to be done.
  20. yeah, the summit is what, 80 seconds? its pretty tough, but ive honestly always had more problems with the endless spires timer. but i think all build timers should be increased anyway, because they are too prohibitive to a lot of players for a lot of different reasons. i understand that some maps are supposed to be difficult and all, but i just dont think that build timers should ever be less than 3 minutes, especially given how large some maps are, or how difficult it is to navigate their terrain. anyway, im pretty sure hudduh is talking about temple of love. the starting mana per che
  21. best i have found is one from the tavern. im not particularly impressd with it damage wise, but it is my weapon of choice on my DPS EV. its a mythical one with like 250 levels, i think its damage capped at like, 4800 or 4900. which equates currently to about 5.5k per projectile in NM.
  22. You do realize 150 hours is close to a week in game, right? That's A LOT more than I get from most my purchases even if I play them quite a lot. After 150 hours you should been able to realize things as green thumb does not mean improvement. Seriously... that takes like 20 minutes to find out when you see an item with 2 hero damage and a green thumb when you're going for towers. Having played 150 hours without knowing any of the basics in the game is plain horrible. Although I do agree with you on the helping part you can't go around saying "he only has 150 hours" time played != knowledg
  23. insane to NM is a crazy weird jump in difficulty fyi. of course it is...
  24. i just completed this on insane, and it has given me some confidence i might be able to do it on NM, but there are some concerns i have that prevent me from wanting to try it. namely the inflated HP of the boss mobs. someone said they have 200 million HP on NM? im lucky if im doing 40k per projectile with my classics on my jester, and with as high as the cupids fly, im looking at 80k per attack at best, which is a whoooooooooooooole lotta shooting ima have to do for each one. (doing some dirty math its like, 10 and a half minutes of continual damage each. f that.) i like the map, its f
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