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  1. i whole-heartedly agree with this, however, the ship has long since sailed on DD and hacked gear. to trendy's credit, i dont think they estimated what would eventually happen with the DDDK, and as a side effect of an ever growing computer literate society.
  2. how do i upload an image? do i have to have it hosted somewhere first?
  3. id rather see an overlap in abilities, or similar abilities with just slight modifications on them. like 2 people have a harpoon, but one of them does lower base damage but also has an explosion splash on hit. with the abilities score, it was intentional to keep them separate, because they dont want omnipotent players. that kinda got disregarded when stats started to inflate to the levels they got to.
  4. You've actually failed to understand my post. 1) The lead builder will not have more DU. They will have less, but other players will have an equal share of DU. One player = 100 DU Two players = 80 DU per player. But, they can't tap into each other's DU. They use their own DU independantly of each other. Etc. 2) Also, under this system, summoners -would- have a separate DU pool, because all players get a separate DU pool regardless of class. The summoners will continue to have their minions to themselves. In fact, each summoner will have his or her own separate DU pool. So now more
  5. You know what I really can't understand? People assuming DD2 coop is just going to pick up where DD1 left off with respect to stats, enemies, balance, or anything like that. DD1 is broken and has been for a dammed long time. Summoner isn't silly OP just because of his seperate unit pool. The fact his minions are hard counters to all 4 new enemies (no radius limit and minimal slow from webbing, interrupt djinn and sharken, aren't chargeable by sharken, and ignore chopper flares) goes beyond the realm of ridiculous and just makes it stupid (they're also the root cause of so called afk builds,
  6. Surely this would make it silly easy though. Sure enemies scale up with more players, because you have more players in DD1. But having those extra players allows you to cover so much more ground and make more efficient use of the DU you have due to variation in stats and heros that can be used at once. Makes sense to me how it works in DD1, the only thing that I feel is wrong about how it works in DD1 is that fact that using a summoner makes everything so much easier giving you double the DU effectively for free. I like it how it is it has more emphasis on playing together rather than havi
  7. id personally only like to see spiders return. i could see the return of goblin copters, but were talking HUGE reworkings of them for me to not get angry they make a comeback. i absolutely do not want to see a return of street sharks though. that show was discontinued for a reason, and they need to sink back into the depths they surfaced from.
  8. So I've been playing DD for awhile now, mostly solo stuff. I've got a 74+ of each builder (app, countess, huntress, monk, ev, and summoner) and a dps huntress, mostly 1kish stats each in myths. I've been doing some farming of Insane HC tavern defense cause the drops at the end can be decent. Also first waves of misty and aquanos NM HC for myths. I also can do medium akatiti, but hard has been eluding me so far. I've beaten all the original campaign on NMHC as well. Any suggestions on what the next few things I should be focusing on for progression are? provided you have EV, summoner,
  9. long story short: stay away from shops; stick to drops.
  10. yeah, i just wouldnt trust this calculator or anything that comes from shops at this point in the game's life. its not like crzyrndm and classic and dingle et al. are the only ones that have taken the time to delve into the DDDK to figure out spawn limits and what is acceptable and whatever. its available to everyone, modders and modders alike.
  11. i dont know who the author of that spreadsheet is, but chances are it was just conceived poorly. just because an item rolls with so many stats above a certain number does not mean that an item is supposed to be a certain quality. it is very easy to see that items that people are like "aww, that should be XXXX" are clearly not, even though they most definitely dropped in game with the quality tier they did. and its always why you see ultimates that drop with worse stats than mythicals extremely often. also, from what i remember, the quality tag is applied before the stats are generated on
  12. not to discount anything crzy is saying, because he knows what he is talking about, but it is very common that there will be mass despawning of items in maps. as far as i know, no one knows what happens, but it happens, and you will unequivocally be left with pure crap laying on the ground after it does. as far as everything else, yes, run around and pick up as much mythical+ quality loot as you can if you are looking for upgrades. you can find some actually very good loot if you take the time to do this, and your mana income will grow exponentially.
  13. the only way to get rid of them is to hit the hud toggle, which the default key for is H. it literally gets rid of everything that is not an object in the game world though, so if you are doing this in hopes to make it easier to see what kind of loot has dropped it wont work. which is problematic because its damn near impossible to see anything in sky city for all the damn scorecards.
  14. Wolvsies would you like some sausage? Wolvsies would you like some SAU-SA-GES?!
  15. Sorry if i wasn't clear enough, but I meant that it'd be like a one-time purchase, not a subscription fee. That aside though, it's always nice to hear the other side of the argument and other's opinions. gotcha. thats essentially what it boils down to though, honestly. the initial game will be free to download, which for a company that wants massive exposure/saturation, that is the best way to do it. after that it is just paying to unlock heroes and maps, which is functionally the same as your standard subscription model MMO charging for expansions. everything else just comes with the
  16. funnily enough, everything that people are complaining about FTP will bring to DD2 is already rampant and accounted for in DD1. trolls ruining builds? check hackers? check idiots? check people with poor attitudes? check pay to win? check (i dont care what you say, summoner and ev were requirements to play the game, and having them made the game so easy its not even funny) making the game subscription based (as was what i inferred from the OP) really just means you have less people willing to play your game, which is worse for you in the long run. it also means that as the game ge
  17. I've not tried it on nightmare yet, but that's more because of the fact that sense sky city, nightmare maps have pretty much been designed to make everyone rage quit on the first wave. that said, its impossible for me, even on insane, to get past the dork heroes without at least one set pairing, which I am 90% sure is bugged to begin with, because I watch that map like a hawk trying to kill all the male heroes asap, and always get pairing notifications when there are no male/females near each other.
  18. so no lie, i watched the gameplay video first, then came here to check out the updates to this thread. danielsound wins with the original rickroll. anyway, ghost's second rickroll is hands down the absolute best harlem shake video. but i was like "fuggit" and left the song playing in the background while i perused this thread more. happened across daniel posting the gameplay video, and watched the gameplay video with rick astley playing in the background. i dont know if it was the timing, or just what he was saying and the amount of time that i spent playing DD1, but the 2 went togeth
  19. yeah, you have to use the 'remember me' option underneath the password entry field to stay logged in. i havent had any issues with it. i agree for the most part, though. im running a 22 inch (or maybe 24, i cant remember) monitor, and im currently not having any issues with the header image. unfortunately you do have to remember that most webpages are not and will not ever be optimized for people using TVs as monitors. however, by default, ctrl+scroll wheel is just straight up zoom in firefox. you have to manually set the option for text only zoom, so give that a try. anyway, yeah, i
  20. the way it currently is is better. people that want to solo can under the current system, and that is a huge thing to have in any sort of game, in particular a game like this. also, changing it would actually encourage further separation in player base because it immediately makes a divide between those that have good stats and those that dont. this existed for far too long in dungeon defenders, and it does not need to be perpetuated. further, people that had good friends or had builds that were strong enough with just a few defenses usually are more than happy to let other people fill up
  21. oh yeah. there are some old maps i really love to play, so i think including the majority of them with the second game would be aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing. off the top of my head i would love to have alchemical laboratory, throne room, ramparts, summit, mistymire, moraggo, aquanos, all the monsterfest maps, glitterhelm, karathiki (ive always loved this map for some reason), and winter wonderland.
  22. Ya, it'll be interesting to see how they balance 24 heros such that none of them are overpowered/essential and none are basically wasted. On the bright side if they do a good job of it it'll make a wonderful game. what it sounds like to me is there will be the little central town hub or whatever it is and it will act as a meeting ground, and from there you can pick probably up to 4 people (maybe 6) to join into a group and from there you will set out on your own instanced map. it works better that way because it makes a lobby where people can sit around and join up for fun.
  23. i found out about the game god knows how long ago on some android developers website. the game was still a couple months from release for android at that point, and i was watching like a hawk for when it came out, and then played the game like a maniac for probably 5 months. i got to a point where it was just too much to handle on my phone, so i waited for it to be released for PS3. purchased that immediately, and had a blast. but it was when i went to the website and started reading the various updates that the PC version had received that i decided to abandon the PS3 iteration and becom
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