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  1. ive been watching my shipping status like a 7 year old waiting for santa. im probably just going to play the PS plus offerings for the time being. killzone i might play depending on what i hear about the campaign aspect of it. im not into MMOFPS too much, so BF/CoD/KZ dont really interest me all that much. the division and dying light are what i am currently looking forward to.
  2. 1- The Engineer 2- Attack turret mechanic and turret support 3- Defense 1 - Sentry Gun: Medium range machine gun turret. High rate of fire, low damage. The rate of fire is really what sells this turret. Can attack flying enemies. Physical damage. Defense 2 - Missile Battery: Long range missile launcher. Very high damage, slow fire rate. This is all about killing power. Has a laser targeting system for improve accuracy. Can attack flying enemies. Physical damage with fire splash damage on impact. Defense 3 - Claymore: Area affect land mine. High damage, moderate
  3. their networks are getting hammered, its to be expected.
  4. yeah, there was a lot of stupidity that happened with the PS3 and X360 release. a damn shame how people act sometimes. thankfully it seems business fronts have taken the responsibility to hire security and add a little more structure to their releases. everywhere i went tonight trying to pick a console up seemed very civilized and respectful of one another. that said, everywhere i went the consoles were sold out, so i was not able to pick one up. however, kotaku linked to the amazon page selling the launch edition console (it has since sold out) and i placed an order for one and chose ne
  5. im going to answer these questions with the perspective of a nightmare mode player. with the introduction of mythical gear, insane mode became a trivial matter so giving answers based on that i think is erroneous. 1) the biggest strength of ranged combat was the biggest strength that ranged combat always has, and that is that it is faster, generally more effective, and always safer than melee combat. beyond that, ranged combat in DD1 was favored because of multiple projectiles, shots per second, and the ability to penetrate layers of mobs (splash damage in the case of staffs). melee dama
  6. my gut reaction to this is "if you want to play a MOBA, go play a MOBA." but, i realize that setting and art style and quirky little things about games that are incredibly similar that make them hook one person or another is what gets people attached to anything that they put considerable portions of their day into. that said, as a fan and supporter of what dungeon defenders was as a game, when i heard that the MOBA was being released before the sequel proper and that advancement in the sequel proper would be tied to advancement in the MOBA, i felt devalued as a fan and like yet another game
  7. this makes me happy. this is what i envision when i think of dungeon defenders 2. though it looks like they needed more buff beams...
  8. putting a computer together is easy, it just requires handling knowledge. stressing boards and connecting things incorrectly can lead to bad times. there are pros and cons to what shin said, but its mostly right. but mainly, when it comes to buying prebuilt over custom built, you always have to consider a monitor. prebuilt often times will not include one, even though when you look online they will always show a monitor in the picture. it just doesnt look good to most consumers to only see a tower when looking for a computer. i dont know how its possible, but a lot of people still think
  9. its sensationalist reactions im seeing, but there are a lot of people that have similar responses. as you said, the fanboys are the main ones displaying such a reaction. they want the xbone to be the top dog, and they are convinced that because microsoft has changed their policies, they are now the "winners" (you know, the console war and all that (dont start that up again)). i disagree, and i feel it is 100% a consumer win. whatever the reason behind it is irrelevant, honestly, as the outcome that needed to happen, did. as far as pre-orders go, you cant really judge off of that, becaus
  10. better heads (and probably concerned chairmen) have prevailed. system lockout and online registration are cut from the xbone now. for video gamers, today is a win and a show of the power of our support. or in this case, the lack thereof. i cant help but think that, as much as we would like to believe that the reaction to the policies is what changed it, there was probably a huge deal of pressure from shareholders and financial analysts that ultimately drove this decision. cynicism aside, consumer reaction undoubtedly played a large part. people are touting a victory for microsoft. n
  11. id love it were it available for PS4. Xbone too.
  12. thanks Laura :) the price honestly feels kinda like retribution to me. i got the PS3 like, a year and a half after launch (thanks stimulus checks!!), and that 600 dollars was a tough one to swallow, but i havent been disappointed with it. that said, there is a lot of, i dont know, maybe ... i dont know, i cant think of how to put it into words. basically though, the 400/500 dollar debate over the two kinda feels like misinformation to me. with the xbone, the 500 dollars includes the system, the controller, the kinect camera, and 1 month of xbox live. for the ps4, 400 dollars gets you t
  13. My name is Elijah. Im 30 years old and I work as a projectionist at a movie theatre. I started playing Dungeon defenders when it was originally released for android (which i think was back in spring of 2011). I became an active member of the forums early january 2012 when I lost my old job. I have opinions of people in all areas of this forum because I am not a robot, but I also have the wisdom to not let them supersede my rationality.
  14. yeah, im not inherently against the xbox, im just a sony lover. the bulk of my entertainment center is sony, but that is because i have had nothing but express delight with their products, from tvs, to speakers, to consoles. my allegiance lies with them, and has for the past 15 years. regarding microsoft, i currently to not have a single reason to make me say i dont want an xbone. i dont even have a reason to make me say i dont want an xbone before i get a PS4. its just a matter of i want a PS4 because i am a sony supporter. more than likely there will be a time withing 2 years that i
  15. i didnt misinterpret, nor did i insert anything, but both of those things are irrelevant and its just you trying to debase me by making statements to illicit a reaction. however, the console war does matter to gamers, because if one console or another fails for whatever reason, and particularly in the case of the xbone vs the ps4, it has very real consequences for current and future gamers, in that features included/attached to one console or another that one person or another may see as a reason to not buy something will become the standard for all future versions. thus, why microsoft shou
  16. im sure the people that work for sony and microsoft are very emotionally invested in their "pieces of plastic," and would love to see their respective plastic do better than the others, because it has very real consequences to them. it is a "war" because it is 2 entities competing for victory. why the are competing and what the victory is is irrelevant, because those are tangibles that change in every comparable situation. further, the console war is clearly not a consumer driven thing, because if it was, the relatively equal number of people buying the competing hardware would not exist.
  17. the "console war" is a very real thing. fans over emphasize it, but it exists beyond their bandwagoning. the console war is what pushed sega to developer only, it is what killed neogeo, it killed atari, its killing nintendo, it killed nokia... ultimately, the console war determines what developers are going to develop for. if they make games for systems that do not sell, then they make games that do not sell, so it is very, VERY important that the hardware manufacturers make carefully well calculated moves. xbox has made decisions that currently will severely impact their hardware sales
  18. playstation plus is 50 dollars a year. i cant remember how much it is for live, but i know they are pretty close. newly unearthed evidence reveals why the console is 100 dollars cheaper, and that is because it doesnt ship with the camera. the camera is sold separately for 60 dollars, so the comparative price is 460 to 500. im sure the xbox comes with some amount of xbox live membership as well (i think new 360s come with 3 months?), so you have an additional 15-20 dollars of value with the purchase. the ps4 may or may not come with a ps plus membership, but even without, if you get the p
  19. with the above stated, i fully love hardware choices, and i thoroughly enjoyed owning both an xbox 360 and a ps3. the only reason i no longer have a 360 is because i gave it to my brother after moving out of his house. i kept my ps3, because i bought that one all myself. however, microsoft needs to do some serious re-stragtegizing. currently against them: - restrictions on used games (i actually support this. i do not believe the used game market is healthy for developers and publishers) - an online requirement for system validation (a minor concern for me, but i understand ful
  20. its e3, im sure they have a lot going on with just that right now, and everything else being added on top is just making it that much worse. while silence is not what we want to see, there is a lot of merit in respect in recognizing when to take a step back and deliberating rather than just making a statement to placate.
  21. way to go, you guys have officially turned a thread that was about a very real and concerning issue and into an "im better at MOBAs than you." no one cares; youre all wrong.
  22. its all still talk right now. people seem to be confusing frustration here also. i dont think anyone is frustrated with the developers and want to extend ill will to them. however, as has been said, we as consumers have very limited measures we can take to force changes in a company, and unfortunately, the best way to show intolerance towards a company is to boycott the services of that company. this undoubtedly results in unintended side effects. however, to make meaning for changes, this is the course of action that has to be taken, because loss of revenue is the only thing that ultim
  23. I do not recall ever recieving such a response from any member of Trendy. Keep my name out of this please, I have no beef with Trendy. i never implied that you did. the response i am refering to was in one of the later DDDigests in one of the ask us anything sections. i cant remember who posed the question, but they made specific note of the suggestion you made in one of the general discussion section posts where the higher you go in waves on survival, the less effect the "go negative" function had a chance of triggering to make survival pay off. stieglitz's answer was essentially "we
  24. yeah, i dont care if i get kicked out of the beta, its pretty lame right now anyway. though make no mistake, i will take it as retaliation for my comments in the thread if i do get my access revoked. that said, the article is highly disturbing, highly alarming, and down right boycott inducing. make no mistake though, all of that is directly solely at stieglitz and anyone anyone who is complacent of his alleged actions (read: anyone who levies the same authoritarian management practices or enforces them). sadly, it was pretty apparent his method of development based on the types of respon
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