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  1. ive been watching my shipping status like a 7 year old waiting for santa. im probably just going to play the PS plus offerings for the time being. killzone i might play depending on what i hear about the campaign aspect of it. im not into MMOFPS too much, so BF/CoD/KZ dont really interest me all that much. the division and dying light are what i am currently looking forward to.
  2. 1- The Engineer 2- Attack turret mechanic and turret support 3- Defense 1 - Sentry Gun: Medium range machine gun turret. High rate of fire, low damage. The rate of fire is really what sells this turret. Can attack flying enemies. Physical damage. Defense 2 - Missile Battery: Long range missile launcher. Very high damage, slow fire rate. This is all about killing power. Has a laser targeting system for improve accuracy. Can attack flying enemies. Physical damage with fire splash damage on impact. Defense 3 - Claymore: Area affect land mine. High damage, moderate reset. Works well at clearing large amounts of weaker enemies, though its damage against beefier ones is nothing to scoff at. Only effective on ground units. Physical damage. Defense 4 - Nerve Gas Launcher: Canister launcher, short range. Deploys a nerve agent to paralyze enemy advances. Enemies caught within are slowed to a crawl and physically weakened by the debilitating vapors. Poison damage. Ability 1 - Circuitry Overclocking: A duration based buff that allows the Engineer to boost rate of fire and damage of one turret. Ramping cost. Ability 2 - Greased Lightning: Duration based buff that allows the Engineer to modify a tower so that all projectiles fired from selected turret to pierce through multiple enemies. If used with towers that already do this, The damage and piercing distance are amplified. Ability 3 - Quick Fix: An instant repair ability. Cost for this ability is a multiplied value of the normal repair cost. When resources are abundant, this is a preferred ability. 4- Uses gun weapons. The class passively has 3 attack modes that modify the performance of the equipped weapon: Normal, Overcharge, and Recoil Assistance. Overcharge increases the damage of the weapon's base attack by 30%, but increases the re-fire rate by 50%. Recoil Assistance does the opposite, decreasing the re-fire rate by 30% and damage by 50%. 5- The Engineer has always had a knack for mechanical systems, and spent most of their time disassembling and reconfiguring various toys and bits of machinery. These hobbies game them the uncanny ability to increase the efficiency of various machines and objects throughout their home. The plight of the four young heroes was majority unnoticed by the world outside the castle, but when the Old Ones came knocking, citizens near and far felt the danger. The Engineer knew they had a gift of mechanical aptitude, and set out to aid the young heroes however they could.
  3. their networks are getting hammered, its to be expected.
  4. yeah, there was a lot of stupidity that happened with the PS3 and X360 release. a damn shame how people act sometimes. thankfully it seems business fronts have taken the responsibility to hire security and add a little more structure to their releases. everywhere i went tonight trying to pick a console up seemed very civilized and respectful of one another. that said, everywhere i went the consoles were sold out, so i was not able to pick one up. however, kotaku linked to the amazon page selling the launch edition console (it has since sold out) and i placed an order for one and chose next day delivery. should be waiting for me saturday when i get off work. now to start paying off my credit card so i can pick up the xbone probably in the april/may window.
  5. im going to answer these questions with the perspective of a nightmare mode player. with the introduction of mythical gear, insane mode became a trivial matter so giving answers based on that i think is erroneous. 1) the biggest strength of ranged combat was the biggest strength that ranged combat always has, and that is that it is faster, generally more effective, and always safer than melee combat. beyond that, ranged combat in DD1 was favored because of multiple projectiles, shots per second, and the ability to penetrate layers of mobs (splash damage in the case of staffs). melee damage (from what i have heard, never cared for it myself, because...) was a non-factor in the majority of the game because it was frequently the only mobs you would be attacking head on were ones that could kill you in a few hits, or you would get swarmed by the various special mobs like goblin copters and spiders. it was a liability to use melee damage, given that most players played on hardcore, because you were far to susceptible to inevitable death. ranged combat avoided this issue and let even extremely causal players perform exceptionally well. 2) the biggest weakness of ranged combat was not directly related to ranged combat itself, but rather systems beyond the player's control like enemy flight height and clipping. with the introduction of classes that had higher damage and health multipliers, there became very little reason to ever use a melee weapon over a ranged weapon. 3) i dont really think improvements are necessary. ranged combat is one of those things about the game that players looked at and said "this works like i imagine it is supposed to." it could easily be argued that that means it is too good, though. all the same, i, and probably most others, feel ranged combat is on the money. 4) lasers were never really a projectile considered. and when i say lasers i mean something comparable to the series EV ability. maybe a smaller radius, and longer length, but a persistent beam is the key thing here. the types of projectiles i think were relatively well covered in the first game, so i would say things like utility being added to weapons would be something to focus on more. things like snares, debuffs, damage over times, stuns, like that.
  6. my gut reaction to this is "if you want to play a MOBA, go play a MOBA." but, i realize that setting and art style and quirky little things about games that are incredibly similar that make them hook one person or another is what gets people attached to anything that they put considerable portions of their day into. that said, as a fan and supporter of what dungeon defenders was as a game, when i heard that the MOBA was being released before the sequel proper and that advancement in the sequel proper would be tied to advancement in the MOBA, i felt devalued as a fan and like yet another game franchise/genre that i enjoy playing was being phased out in favor of the next cash grab gaming fad. the number of console releases year by year that ARENT sports or FPS games grow ever more marginalized, and as a person who only enjoys one of those genres -- seldomly at that, because unlike most "gamers" now, i played a healthy amount of PC games prior to the year 2000 -- that effectively means my hobby is being phased out. every week now its some new free-to-play, microtransaction based MOBA that is being released, all because of how popular LoL and DOTA/2 are, and it is killing the desire for lots of people to want to 1) support developers who are chasing the money tree; and 2) invest money in games that are released in a broken/unfinished state because "oh, its free and we can always just patch it after launch." now don't get me wrong, im not saying "dont you dare make a MOBA, Trendy..." because i mean, hey, lateral growth and multiple revenue streams is very important and beneficial to a company. but i am saying, if you are going to make a MOBA based on DD/2 make it a stand-alone entity and completely separate from what dungeon defenders 2 proper will be. treat it like final fantasy tactics was handled in a pedigree of (mostly) fantastic RPGs: in the same vein, but decidedly removed from its radically different namesake.
  7. this makes me happy. this is what i envision when i think of dungeon defenders 2. though it looks like they needed more buff beams...
  8. putting a computer together is easy, it just requires handling knowledge. stressing boards and connecting things incorrectly can lead to bad times. there are pros and cons to what shin said, but its mostly right. but mainly, when it comes to buying prebuilt over custom built, you always have to consider a monitor. prebuilt often times will not include one, even though when you look online they will always show a monitor in the picture. it just doesnt look good to most consumers to only see a tower when looking for a computer. i dont know how its possible, but a lot of people still think that a computer and a monitor are synonymous... anyway, that bit aside, there are 6 key things to remember when you start looking at building/buying a computer: motherboard, CPU, graphics card, ram, hard drive, and monitor, and yes, that is pretty much the order of importance. average price for each is 120, 120, 90, 50, 75, 150, so consider that about 600 is the minimum to get you started. from there, its knowing what to buy. again, as shin said, dont buy the newest stuff on the market, it is an extravagant waste of money. why? if it came out yesterday and the game you want to buy comes out tomorrow, chances are the game was not developed on the new stuff so you are just buying wasted potential. as a general rule, when you buy part for a computer, 1.5 to 2.5 years ago technology is generally the ideal timeframe to look at. it is a lot cheaper, and more importantly it gives a much higher return per dollar invested. and for that reason, i strongly discourage buying prebuilt. companies like dell and hp have their wondrous licensing deals where they push subsidized product like cellular phone services do. you will also need a DVD drive, but those things are seriously about to the point where companies pay you to take them...
  9. its sensationalist reactions im seeing, but there are a lot of people that have similar responses. as you said, the fanboys are the main ones displaying such a reaction. they want the xbone to be the top dog, and they are convinced that because microsoft has changed their policies, they are now the "winners" (you know, the console war and all that (dont start that up again)). i disagree, and i feel it is 100% a consumer win. whatever the reason behind it is irrelevant, honestly, as the outcome that needed to happen, did. as far as pre-orders go, you cant really judge off of that, because console pre-orders generally are, and always have been, placed by people that are going to buy what they are going to buy regardless of news surrounding them. they are made by compulsory people who generally dont spend a lot of time analyzing. all the same, good news for everyone.
  10. truth. but here is hoping.
  11. better heads (and probably concerned chairmen) have prevailed. system lockout and online registration are cut from the xbone now. for video gamers, today is a win and a show of the power of our support. or in this case, the lack thereof. i cant help but think that, as much as we would like to believe that the reaction to the policies is what changed it, there was probably a huge deal of pressure from shareholders and financial analysts that ultimately drove this decision. cynicism aside, consumer reaction undoubtedly played a large part. people are touting a victory for microsoft. no, my friends. this is a victory for us. purchasing power over marketing manipulation.
  12. id love it were it available for PS4. Xbone too.
  13. thanks Laura :) the price honestly feels kinda like retribution to me. i got the PS3 like, a year and a half after launch (thanks stimulus checks!!), and that 600 dollars was a tough one to swallow, but i havent been disappointed with it. that said, there is a lot of, i dont know, maybe ... i dont know, i cant think of how to put it into words. basically though, the 400/500 dollar debate over the two kinda feels like misinformation to me. with the xbone, the 500 dollars includes the system, the controller, the kinect camera, and 1 month of xbox live. for the ps4, 400 dollars gets you the system and a controller (that is confirmed, anyway). the camera is an additional 60 bucks, so while it is still a value to just buy the ps4 and the camera over the xbone, to me it is a moot point. you know, like marketing that says something is 399.99. come on, just say its 400 dollars. sadly, it makes a huge difference. owning both i think would be hilarious, because i would totally plug my ps4's hdmi out into the hdmi in on the xbone, cause why not. except for right now, there has never been a time where i have not owned 2 or 3 era appropriate consoles. i had a nintendo and a master system at the same time; a super nintendo, a game gear, and a genesis at the same time; a saturn and a playstation; a ps2, gamecube, and a dreamcast; a ps3, wii, and a 360; and now i have a ps3 and a vita (the 360 i gave to my brother and the wii i beat with a sledgehammer and rage-molded into a vita). i have always been a multi-console gamer, and i see no reason to change that. i just cant deny the fact that at my core, i am a sony supporter, and i will always consider what they have over the competition. you cant sway me from thinking that sega made the best consoles, though. but personally, i felt while sega catered more to the "gamer" rather than the "person who plays game" in the last century, i feel like sony really picked up the mantel and drove the gamer market over the people-who-play-games market. im still perpetually pissed that the PS3, with its sony-developed and dominating blu-ray technology, has like 4 games that play in 1080p.
  14. My name is Elijah. Im 30 years old and I work as a projectionist at a movie theatre. I started playing Dungeon defenders when it was originally released for android (which i think was back in spring of 2011). I became an active member of the forums early january 2012 when I lost my old job. I have opinions of people in all areas of this forum because I am not a robot, but I also have the wisdom to not let them supersede my rationality.
  15. yeah, im not inherently against the xbox, im just a sony lover. the bulk of my entertainment center is sony, but that is because i have had nothing but express delight with their products, from tvs, to speakers, to consoles. my allegiance lies with them, and has for the past 15 years. regarding microsoft, i currently to not have a single reason to make me say i dont want an xbone. i dont even have a reason to make me say i dont want an xbone before i get a PS4. its just a matter of i want a PS4 because i am a sony supporter. more than likely there will be a time withing 2 years that i will own both systems. i like console exclusives because they generally have a little bit of extra shine to them over something that is cross developed. to me, the kinect camera, the required daily authentication, and the content locking are moot issues. i dont currently buy used games anyway, as i want to know my money is going to fund developers and publishers, because they are what makes my initial console investment retain its value. i like the perks of connected consoles, and if someone at microsoft wants to watch me do what i do when i do what i do, hey, thats their problem. im comfortable in my actions. also, duck tape. as i said in my original post, microsoft has a lot going against them in the console market with their current strategy. do not make the same mistakes as others.
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