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  1. so far ive found the new monster fest to be pretty doable, with the exception of some pathing issues completely breaking the round. http://i.imgur.com/RPwUb.jpg at the upper circled area, i had a DEW stuck back there, just jumping up and down, and running back and forth for 2 mins. completely unattackable, except when he clipped through the walls for half a second. on the lower section, the enemies just pace back and forth, and cant figure out what path they want to take, so they just keep going back and forth... back and forth.... until i finally run down there and kite the stuck ene
  2. .. something is up with the scaling. I only tested the numbers with low tower stats (553 dmg) and it's sad to see such a major drop in precious damage output that I so desperately needed to progress. Oh well... i have 850 tower dmg, and my dst with a 20 attack guardian was doing 143k dmg at 1 star. its now doing something like 93k dmg. so yes, damage scaling is way off some where.
  3. while i agree that the app could have used a bit of a nerf, it was still the one class that allowed you to actually play nm solo. sure,the traps and auras helped out a ton, but the app was still the main source of the damage and defense.
  4. i just checked a few of my towers to get hard numbers. my 1 star fire ball turrents with my guardian in 7.15 did 34.9xx damage and im not sure what the attack rate was, sub .20 im pretty sure. 1 star with guardian is now doing 29.xxx damage, and is attacking at .26. DS towers are down almost 40k dmg per attack too.
  5. yup, all my towers are down on damage considerably. i just tried doing a nm hc endless spire run, and got my *** beat, and hard. before the patch, i could afk that with out a single problem.
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