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  1. Adept/app sits in a corner spamming fire, they win.
  2. Can't wait for EV the most, and hope it's actual towers/defences and soloable. Looks awesome
  3. This was in the upcoming patch notes pretty much since the patch came,so unfortunately it wasn't cause they heard your complaints :P Oh well was a needed change. You can check http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?14848-Upcoming-Patch-Notes for the upcoming changes.
  4. This suggestion must have been done before as it's one of the most irratating things in game. I believe adding a system where you can choose a level on an item you want to invest to would be great. For example, you have 212 upgrade slots on your weapon, you have 1/212. You choose you want to invest to level 50 and it does it. Could also add a price there too so it shows how much it will cost before upgrading to the level you want. Would save A LOT of time and generally be better for everyone. Edit - Yep just seen another two threads with similar suggestions. This really needs sorting o
  5. Once you have 200 million mana you can't recieve money from games/selling stuff to a vendor. The only way to get mana from then on is to trade with other players, and you can do that till you get 2 billion mana.
  6. Thanks for the help, going to keep farming 9 waves for now and replace my crappy gear. And yeah i use ensnare auras but haven't used enrage ones before :O
  7. I am currently farming with my Adept on Nightmare Hardcore Spires, and i can get to wave 9 on nightmare mistymire, hardcore or no hardcore i can't get past that wave. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/862/ddstats.jpg/ That image has all my stats, i use the genie for usually the first two rounds, then use the guardian and run to the towers where an ogre is etc. My gear doesn't have many upgrade slots on some pieces, yet i don't really find any upgrades worth picking up. How am i supposed to progress? I'm currently not sure what to do. Thanks :apprentice:
  8. Just tried MM with my adept on NM and only got to wave 9/12 :(
  9. Mainly gearing her up for amp 1 runs as well as other nightmare maps. What should i aim for? Should i start farming MM for the gear or just farm money and buy it? And what stats would be best to go for? HP and Attack? Thanks
  10. Apprentice was best for towers but they got nerfed, not sure which is currently better. Tbh i love my countess especially for dps with the aura up, isn't the best but is fun.
  11. Hi there all, i've been playing DD the past two weeks now. I have all chars at 74 and i find adept to be the most fun, i can manage ogre defence and spires on nightmare which i'm using to make money at the moment. One thing i was wondering was how is my current gear? http://imageshack.us/f/845/dundefgame2012020203383.jpg/ The image shows my overall stats and my staff. I bought the staff last week and i can't seem to find an upgrade for it, should i go all out upgrading it or should i try and find a better one? And are there any stats you see that i should go and upgrade? I'm hearing al
  12. How do i replace the weapons individually? I keep trying but it will only replace the one weapon, only solution i've found is dropping one weapon, then equiping one, then picking the one up on the floor. Which seems quite annoying.
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