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  1. Isn't it "proved"? Just me being a spelling Nazi. You missed "CONGLATURATION"
  2. is there a certain way to make them stronger?? like the more tower damage you have the stronger it make your stuff? or the more health it has? what is the way to go about this to make them really good? Each tower stat affects the corresponding buff beam attribute.
  3. I don't recall ever seeing this from HMC; additionally the steam store still states "early access." If you can provide the link to the post where HMC stated that NM is only for shards owners even if the pack isn't purchased, I'll erase this. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2598622 Once you have purchased all four DLCs (either through the pack or individually), you will gain access to Nightmare mode.
  4. AFAIK buying the pack got you early access to NM. Not exactly the best source (achivements...) but that is quite direct Early access as in you don't need to wait for the 4th Shards part to be released to host Nightmare, not that everyone will be given access.
  5. Until the release of the final Shards DLC, Nightmare difficulty is in Closed Beta (Beta, but only accessible to those who meet a certain criteria - in this case, purchasing the Complete Shards DLC pack.) After the release of Shards 4, the beta will end, and Nightmare will become a part of the core game - buying Shards Complete essentially gives early access to Nightmare, rather than exclusive access. There's no need for Trendy to use the whole "beta" thing if they intend to keep Nightmare as a premium-only addon. The assumption has been, since the start, that Nightmare will be free once full
  6. You also can't play nightmare mode until the final Shard chapter is released (on July 10) Has there been a new official statement on this? Last I saw was Hitmonchan stating that Nightmare will only ever be hostable if you own all 4 Shards parts.
  7. Someone mentioned the colour of the companion cube depended on the colours of your hero at the time you earn it. I don't think that's true though. Wished I could change mine, it's yellow. I don't like yellow cubes. I also have a yellow cube. Earned it while using a Monk in a black ninja costume with blue fringe. The cube's colors have nothing to do with your colors.
  8. as soon as nm becomes available to the general public this problem should die down, but yes i know your pain :( The ability to host Nightmare isn't going to become available to the general public unless they buy all 4 Eternia Shards DLCs. Trendy stated this ages ago.
  9. Is there any way to turn off and on the visibility of masks? I find them annoying because I can't really see what my characters look like anymore. If there is not such an option, it would be nice for one to be added. I don't care about the feathers and armbands and such, they don't really get in the way of the character. Yup. It's called unequip.
  10. Mega chicken has the highest dmg scaling (with hero dmg) of any pet in the game. Also the melee attack is a full 360 degree swipe. It is one of the best DPS pets you can get, the stats are mediocre but the pet is amazing. I suggest convert and load that little bugger on a DPS monk. What ^this wise man said. I keep mine on a DPS monk, and it absolutely shreds everything while noticeably reducing my number of deaths. The area-effect knockback keeps all threats at bay and hits like a sledgehammer (mine does over 1mil damage per target per hit, unboosted) and the triple eggs with physical splash
  11. Why not the Skeleton on a Treadmill like down below the ledge behind the tree behind the gift sack, as well? (Woo, there's a mouthful.) I've been hoping for the Skellie on a Treadmill pet for awhile. Would be nice if they added the kobold and skeleton as possible random pets from survival completions along side the giraffe.
  12. how can u have gotten it before shard 3 it clearly states u need all 3 shard maps for the RTS achievement Perhaps you should read before posting. He stated he completed City in the Cliffs using only summons before completing Aquanos using only summons, and therefore cannot be sure if City in the Cliffs is required for the achievement.
  13. Are you sure? I was tried with my friend start city and he cannot go with me. I joined a City in the Cliffs game the day it was released and unlocked the Bounty Hunter costume without owning the pack.
  14. Highlight Dungeon Defenders in your Steam games list. Scroll the info screen (friends, achievement, recent news part) to the bottom.
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