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  1. Lots of times several of the goblins in AMP1 will glitch too. They'll just remain frozen in place not moving and not dying, which makes it really hard to get around tight areas because they act like walls. They also remain after all the crystals have been destroyed.
  2. Ive done Insane AMP once and got a 99^ unicorn. I've done NM AMP around 20 times, and have only got unicorns 20^-95^ I think its bugged. Also I got a 5^ and 10^ myth retribution from NM AMP1. Not sure if its a bug, but it is kind of weird.
  3. with the current state of the barb i agree with you. this is why i said the barb needs a buff to its burst dps to make it a clearly superior option for burst dps over the squire. the downside being that its sustained dps is significantly less. okay I misunderstood you. I just want to see a role evolve for the Barb, because at the moment there's nothing he can do that another class cant do better. I don't care what the role is, be it tanking, ogre sniping, or straight DPS, he just needs a niche. I would personally like to see him fill the ogre/boss killing role, his auras are pretty well
  4. [QUOTE]in reference to the role of the barb he is a utility class. there are a variety of potential jobs for the barb as a utility class from burst tanking, extended mobility, and of course burst dps. these are just the obvious possibilities, i am sure map/scenario specific uses will arise. this is a very different role for a hero compared to existing heroes and it is easy to relegate the barb to a pure dps role given his lack of towers and use of two weapons. as i said though, doing this will drastically reduce the effectiveness of the barb since you are not using him to his full potential. t
  5. the squire can replicate his 4 swing + slice combo every second while they barb would have essentially zero dps for the second following hawk strike. I have already taken this into account. If you look on the chart you see the barbs DPS does not increase for a second after the Hawk Strike. And both Circular Slash and Hawk Stike have a 4 second cooldown, which as also been taken into effect in the chart. [QUOTE]attempting to balance him versus a sustainability based hero like the squire in terms of effectiveness or usefulness in actual game play is pointless. if you try to play a barb like a
  6. Just temporarily edited-it-out while I rewrote that description. It's on the way in the next update nsih197! -Jer This is a good step in the right direction, thank you. I made a few charts comparing Barb DPS to Squire DPS: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?44341-CHART-Barbarian-DPS-vs.-Squire-DPS I don't know if anyone in Trendy will bother reading it, but to some it up: Squire can almost double the Barb's DPS with Blood Rage. The Barb has no options to output more damage than the standard combo+Hawk strike. I would like to see Hawk Strike buffed considerably. Compared to
  7. barb has the advantage of another item slot = more stats slightly higher dps. also in 7.16b the auto double attack will increase how fast you can combo, combined with tornado stance (which got ninja buffed in 7.16a less damage reduction, dunno if it'll be higher dps than without it) you'll attack fast. We have fully utilized the additional item slot and stat bonuses in those charts. The barb has on average 250-300+ more stat points in all the skills that matter and still is almost doubled by Squire DPS. Also the chart is assuming a perfect combo anyways, the auto attack will just allow for i
  8. I agree that mages were a bit OP. But I think the 40%-50% nerf is unheard of. I could see a 15% STATIC nerf but such a big change is ridiculous for an online game. It sucks to work so hard to get to a certain point and then have your stats cut in half without warning. They should have just buffed the traps and squire towers some, and perhaps made later NM levels more difficult. But I guess I expect too much, they'll do whatever. By biggest problem is that they go completely overboard with the nerfs trying to "balance" the game, then put in weapon rewards on the assault packs that are com
  9. [QUOTE]Big thanks to knox for helping me out with this. He's probably has the best Barb Char I know of and I'm using HIS data to make these comparisons now so hopefully no one will complain this time.[/QUOTE] I've now compiled the data into a chart and edited it into the first post. The results show that a Squire can almost double a perfect Barbarian players damage output and only spend about 25% more mana.
  10. Add me to friends and I can do it ingame for you right now Invintation sent. Update: I met with knox and he helped me out with his character. The DPS values we agreed upon are: Squire without Rage DPS: Standard: 900k Circular Slash: 3.1m Squire WITH Rage DPS: Standard: 3.8m Circular Slash: 13.5m Squire with Rage AND Monk DPS: Standard: 5m Circular Slash: 17.6m Barbarian DPS: Combo: 2.6m Hawk Strike: 9.9m Barbarian WITH Monk DPS: Combo: 5.9m Hawk Strike: 22.8m At first glance it would appear that a Barbarian with a Monk combo does more damage than a Squire with Ra
  11. Okay I'm having a hard time making out which number goes to what. I want to crunch some equations with your results, could you pull the numbers out of your caps and fill this out for me: I would prefer if you don't use the Monk at all for the results, but if you do use the Monk make sure to use it with every result. Squire Blood Rage DPS: Squire Rage + Circular slash DPS: Barb combo DPS: Barb Hawk Strike DPS: Thank you. EDIT: From what I can tell your screenshots are showing: Squire Circ+rage w/o monk: 13m DPS Squire Circ+rage with monk: 17m DPS Barb Hawk w/o monk: 10m DPS
  12. Barb is better at burst DPS, squire has much better sustained damage given the frequency of Circular Slice and no 1 second lockdown. Okay, glad to see someone else has done this comparison, but its in a slightly uncommon setting. I now admit that with the right setup the Barb can produce a bigger Burst hit, but I really find that altogether useless in any situation that matters. I'll address some new problems: 1) If you continuously spammed Hawk Strike you would still do less DPS than a Squire spamming Circular Slash taking into account the 1 second of immobility, not to mention it's 3 tim
  13. I posted it in another thread so I'll post it here [images omitted] There are several problems with using those pictures an an argument. 1) The Barb is clearly being buffed by a nearby monk aura. 2) The weapons and gear are much better than mine, and much better then possible for most legit players. 3) As discussed earlier, the Hawk Strike is mostly useless in a real game. It has a long cool down and leaves you vulnerable. 4) I'm positive that if the same scenario was recreated with the same gear, the Squire would on average do more DPS and do it more consistently. They are impre
  14. [QUOTE]@Supersalad: About hawk stance DPS: That is more like spike damage, rather than sustained 3.9M DPS due to the down time. You can't reproduce it every time the DPS number pops up on the dummy.[/QUOTE] I agree and I addressed this in my above post. But I gave the Barbarian every benefit I could to hush the people that would complain (they still complained). To be fair circular slash also has a cooldown albeit a lot shorter and you are still able to attack directly afterwards. I'm not trying to start a "Hate on Trendy" or "The barb sucks" thread. I'm merely trying to provide the most
  15. Use the barb correctly. There are pics up of the barb doing 10million and 20million dps...on the dps # with the special hit Im sure they were using better gear than me. If they used that same gear on a squire they would be able to do higher DPS. I'm using the same gear on both characters and have considerably higher DPS on my squire. If you believe I'm doing something wrong, let me know instead of just saying there are pics. EDIT: It's likely they were using 2 high damage slow attack speed weapons with the hawk strike. This is great for producing 1 nice spike of damage or a good screens
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