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  1. I'm afraod it's real, but I'm not sure.
  2. Praise kandar! Will test/edit/give feedback after my unlock :P
  3. * Enemies within Strength Drain Auras lose their own Elemental Damage and their Elemental Invulnerability when within the Aura, Strength Drain Aura in-game description updated accordingly Awesome, that's going to save us some darkness traps :)
  4. >Implying people place Spike Blockades to face mobs >Implying they don't
  5. Where do you recommend us standing, on duo? We got the ogre problem aswell. BTW, thanks for all your setups and work to dungeon defenders. You're awesome :D
  6. Hey, I've completed the mythical hardcore defender, I've got the jetpack outfit, I've got the valve stuff, but I just don't have the MK2 portal gun? Is it possible I autosold it, maybe? I've never seen it in my item box. Thanks, Java.
  7. So basically there's loot laying down on the edges of the map, if you kill wyverns early. It's unreachable and quite annoying, as you see here I missed an egg through it: http://steamcommunity.com/id/JavaMusic/screenshot/595841835343622059?tab=public
  8. Hey, The forge ingame can't be opened anymore, if there's a proximity trap nearby it. Is that a bug? Thanks, Java.
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