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  1. oh well, i tried doing endless spire and even having more stats than the guy, he attacks stronger and i cant do it :) My deathrays misses their target.. i think the game itself is trolling me.
  2. //Offtopic DOH! The search button is inside Quick Links... //Offtopic I haven finished some maps in insane still, a matter of time i guess. But what do you mean buying from other people? ( Yes i am playing ranked ). You mean using real money to get items? Is there an auction house in this game and i missed it?
  3. Downloading :) So i still have to pay for the barbarian.. **Shut up adn take my money.
  4. OK, what the H**l.. i just saw in that guide a guy doing the first wave in nightmare with no armor.. 130 hours and i am such a noob? cant be.. am i getting old for these games?.... cant be im only 28. I have way better stats than the guy doing it without armor i definetely can do it.... Thats i got a lot of good replies.. so this is more grinding than world of warcraft and similar to the grinding of ragnarok online i did when i was younger, i dont have the time to spend full 8 hours grinding, but i think i might get soemthing by the weekend :P /Azereus clicks C OHHEEHHHH Trendy tha
  5. Should i leave the game and wait for the patch? :P because since the great help on my post i think i understand a lot more of this game and im planning staying up to 5am today :P Im on vacation and GF is in Japan :D Give me barbarian!
  6. Hello guys, first of all sorry for my bad english, i am from Argentina Spanish is my native. I have played this game for about 130 real hours, according to the steam thingy, i am quite happy with the game i have purchased all DLSs available. So yea i am not here to rant i am here to try to understand. A friend an i are playing this game everyday, at least 3/4 hours a day. We both have the same problem, we cant figure how itemization and stats work. For example we can destroy HArd dificulty, in campain / survival / strat only modes, but we cant pass insane easy, and the game is not gi
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