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  1. a) they are set-bonus compatible with mythical, and they have their own extra set bonus as well if combined together. b) not necessarily restricted to the high waves, they're just _rare_. -Jer Good and great, thanks for your reply! :)
  2. So, spiders disable towers, Djinn destroy defenses... I was kinda hoping the new creeps would provide something new and exciting, however the Djinn seem to function the same as Spiders, sans the enemy-buffing. They seem potentially quite rage-inducing, though :P
  3. Two questions: a) will they be set-bonus compatible with Mythical armour? b) will we need to play wave 25+ of survival to even get a chance at acquiring the new class of armour? Having to invest several hours just to get a chance at one piece of the new class would be slightly saddening :(
  4. If I haven't managed to sway your resolve, I have one final request. At the very least, make the set bonuses of this new quality work with Mythical. Oh God yes... I don't want to have to farm 5 new item sets for my characters. I don't particularly want to have to do over 9000 more glitter runs to level them up, either, but whatever I guess. I just hope the new loot is compatible and isn't a huge step from high-level Myth armour, which is already hugely powerful in some instances.
  5. I'm liking this patch. It makes NM more "fun" as it's more manageable, and makes the nerf to App towers seem more reasonable, too (although Squire towers are still a little OP as entire strategies can be made consisting of only them). Step in the right direction, definitely. Although I have noticed an overall reduction in NM loot quality - might just be a string of bad luck, though - thoughts?
  6. I just talked to some friends of mine who play dd. every one of them said after they check out the barbarian, they're taking a break from dd. it's all because of this patch. this was a very bad move guys, please do something before this fantastic game dwindles on the vine. you can buff the squire without destroying the other classes. QFT - the nerfs in this patch do not make the game more challenging, just more annoying, which is bad. Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  7. Bumping for a proper list of patch notes. Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  8. You can link your bank account to PayPal and use that. Or perhaps buy a pre-paid card with cash and use that? :)
  9. Any chance of an approximate time for release tomorrow?
  10. It looks very much on the border of legitimacy.
  11. Really can't give an answer without a full list of specifications - what model/make was the laptop?
  12. I doubt it'll be made possible to transfer to ranked because your console saves could have modded items etc. Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  13. This isn't an official reply (of course) but DD and the DLC for it have all been pretty fairly priced between USD and GBP, so us Brits are probably looking at 1.40~1.50, and 2 when the discount period ends. Cool, I'd be more than happy to pay 1.50 :D
  14. I've seen proximity mines from the same player with different damage. We were playing mistymire, and somehow, same upgrade levels, with or without the hero active, the difference ranged from in the 20k to 55k range across multiple traps. Sure there wasn't an app guardian around buffing some of them?
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