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  1. The weeks we spent rubbing ourselves against every wall and path in the Crystalline Dimension.
  2. The easiest solution is to delete or not use them. If you choose to use them, depending on a potential future resolution, it may cause issues or conflict with your existing save profile. If there's even a small chance of data loss or corruption for a player's profile - I wouldn't risk it. Any future fix for the issue has a very real chance of removing or altering any number of hypershards above the normal max of two. So keep that in mind.
  3. Gilding hypershards is definitely not intentional. We've taken preventative steps to enforce this, but it seems under certain limited circumstances, and due to unintentional behaviour, it may be possible in one or two limited but specific cases. With our attention and resources focused on DDA at the moment, I cannot at the moment provide an accurate timeline for a resolution on this issue, but I wanted to highlight that we consider it a bug, it's not intended and it may cause unforeseen technical issues if you continue to exploit it (of which we wouldn't be able to assist).
  4. The combination of our development infrastructure and the console platform guidelines means we couldn't do the kind of testing we want to do within the time frames we need to do it in. Consoles players have always been eager to help out and we'd love to have them on board. The best we can do for now is allowing testers to redeem rewards on the console/platform of their choice, but the testing will have to be on PC/Steam.
  5. Apologies if you didn't hear back. It's possible that I lost track. Would be more than happy to fast track you into testing if you send me a reminder email.
  6. You do realize there have been multiple opportunities to join either the RQA or RPG testing groups for DD2? Yes larger games have test branches open to the public. DD2 has a much smaller playerbase and development team to coordinate all of that. Contact Dani if you'd like to join, but it's always been there with multiple people providing feedback. Yeah after you sign a nondisclosure agreement which is not public. Not to mention a long time ago I was part of the RPG we gave feed back that was completely ignored which resulted in a patch releasing that had issues. When you tell a group of people they can't talk about anything they are doing it makes it easy to ignore them. Feedback from the testing groups is taken very seriously and always action in some form or fashion. It is factually incorrect to claim any of it is ignored. Please also refrain, even incorrectly, from your referencing your RPG activities.
  7. This thread makes me happy. Appreciate the time folks here have given to give us feedback. :)
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