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  1. Split-screen is important and is still coming.
  2. I wouldn't know, I am just a potato on an island far away from the studio. :D
  3. With regards to communication, I know we've been very quiet recently, and that's mainly because we are actively working on rebuilding our roadmap which involves a lot of planning and having to figure out where all the pieces fall into place. In addition to addressing outstanding concerns and working on the game. Once we have that finalised we will send that out to the public and that should help give a more clear idea of where we are at and what to expect, but until that happens there isn't much we can say which I fully understand is very very frustrating to you guys.
  4. Yeah something is causing a delay in loading assets and systems when you fire up the tavern. Your computer seems more than beefy, so it seems something is going wrong here. Are you seeing any other unusual loading times in any other areas?
  5. Heyo, is this something that happens each run of the map? Just Nightmare?
  6. Are you able to create any new heroes? Seems the initial tavern loading isn't completing - if you left it alone for 5-10 minutes it could fix itself. Worth a check. Are you running any high demand games or programs in the background or anything resource intensive?
  7. If you are having any issues with your profile losing data, wipes, profile reverts - send a PM to Philip. Send him a a URL link to your steam player profile so he can find your account and some details of your problem. Let me know if you haven't heard back from Philip on the issue!
  8. The weeks we spent rubbing ourselves against every wall and path in the Crystalline Dimension.
  9. The easiest solution is to delete or not use them. If you choose to use them, depending on a potential future resolution, it may cause issues or conflict with your existing save profile. If there's even a small chance of data loss or corruption for a player's profile - I wouldn't risk it. Any future fix for the issue has a very real chance of removing or altering any number of hypershards above the normal max of two. So keep that in mind.
  10. Gilding hypershards is definitely not intentional. We've taken preventative steps to enforce this, but it seems under certain limited circumstances, and due to unintentional behaviour, it may be possible in one or two limited but specific cases. With our attention and resources focused on DDA at the moment, I cannot at the moment provide an accurate timeline for a resolution on this issue, but I wanted to highlight that we consider it a bug, it's not intended and it may cause unforeseen technical issues if you continue to exploit it (of which we wouldn't be able to assist).
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