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  1. what it mean backwards compatible i have a ulti polearm which i havnt upgraded so does that mean i still get the proper damager per upgrade?? It likely means any weapon you currently have is NOT going to be affected by the next patch. Only new weapons you find AFTER the patch is released. So, if you've got Ultimate weapons now, they won't have their stats fixed. Even if you haven't upgraded them most likely.
  2. I was organizing the stuff in my shop and had my afk shop open all of a sudden one guy comes in and unlocks it and starts looting. This was 5 mintues ago and I was in my shop. Thankfully I don't keep anything too valuable on lying out (just the stuff that I can't use myself but don't want to let the map eat). But still, is anyway for trendy to look into this somehow? i.e., does trendy net keep a list of the games players created and the people that joined? Do players who join a room show up on the "recently played with" players list on Steam?
  3. More mobs doesn't increase or reduce AFK. It just increases time. You can either AFK, or you can't. If the builld can hold, 3000 extra trash mobs and a handful of ogres won't change its reliability. Exactly, and my point is something needs to be done to balance it, otherwise we go from huge amounts of monsters AFK rounds, to less amounts of monsters AFK rounds.
  4. As the poster above me stated, most levels are already a joke with 3+ players. All you are doing is increasing how long the waves take, which is not fun or challenging. It just wastes extra time. I am all for the mobs being stronger when you have more players in the game, especially if it also yields a greater reward. That being said, solo players shouldn't be forced into grouping if they don't want to either. The way it is now, there are some people who feel like they are being punished if they run levels with friends instead of solo because of how much longer the levels would take.
  5. I don't think having 3 or 4 players, or 5 or 6, should make a level easier. Co-op isn't meant to make games easier, at least, most of the games with co-op in the past didn't. The difficulty needs to scale *WELL*, and so I worry this reduction in numbers is just going to make 3-4 player games a joke, like, it's bad enough if 1 person can AFK a game, even worse if you have 4 players AFKing.
  6. I've seen over the months many complaints that for new players it is unlikely, and even for some seasoned players, to realize some stats can't go beyond certain levels, like on Guardians, so you might choose one that has higher stats in one part, not realizing they did nothing because they passed the cap. It would be nice to see, with Sky City update, a fix to stats so we never see weapons, armor, guardians, etc, with stats that go beyond their actual usability. Or a side-note on each one saying, "If the item has an amount past this amount, it does nothing extra."
  7. Who could that new character be??? maybe its a new playable character!!!:) ps in the picture with the ogre did you see the City in the background??? It's almost absolutely the father of the knight in this game. As in, you're going to meet the moms and/or dads of the main characters.
  8. The other questions will be much harder. lol, it shall take TWO reverse image searches!!!! hahaha I'm only here to see what kind of questions you ask :P, maybe I get lucky. I wasn't accusing him I just wanted to bring awareness.
  9. Legacy of the Wizard. There's nothing a reverse google image search can't solve, right?
  10. Right here. This thread. Arguing in favor of them patching the game 'cause you don't like how the Summoner plays would qualify as forcing the game to cater to you wanting to play the Summoner differently. The Summoner isn't a good DPS character right now... this thread is trying to MAKE him a DPS character 'cause people feel like it. There are... lemme count... 11 characters in the game? Someone is going to have to worst DPS. Someone is going to have the best. Maybe Trendy wants the Summoner to be the bottom DPS character. Arguing that he "just be average" is like arguing that the Bar
  11. Those skills alone is enough to not need the best dps, but not giving them average is a little harsh. Summoners are like healers in terms or skills. Low damage, fragile (depending on game), and durable if they can outlast you. Seems more like most of the people against it are those high-end nightmare people who say they can afk now. Wonder if that will change once the new difficulty is out. 1. You use the word, "average," but fail to realize, then, that ONE of these classes is then destined to have the lowest DPS for pets, right? Unless you advocate ALL CLASSES having equal pet DPS, but th
  12. We're talking about the EV and you're attacking people instead of the argument. I'm looking for substance behind the argument. If somebody says the EV is required to win the game then why is it so difficult to show that? I've never asked anybody for a build. Apparently not a single person who has viewed this thread has ever tried to win without the EV which sort of proves my point. I've been on these forums since December or so, and I can tell you people have definitely beaten the game through each additional expansion without using the EV. Maybe they aren't showing you how because
  13. I stopped playing that game when they refused to give the spy the option of dual uzis and a rocket launcher. That's how I WANT to play, and I didn't care for my spy-playing being cut to only a few pre-determined options. You mean I can't deadringer rocket jump with my spy with the gunboats on anymore?
  14. See, your argument falls on it's face because no one said the burden of proof was on you to prove that you're failing. The burden of proof is on you to prove your claim 'Series EV is necessary to progress beyond a certain point.' A claim, to be given consideration, require sufficient warrant to back the degree of the claim. The claim here is that no-one can progress. The warrant provided is that -you- cannot progress. Your claim, as constructed, requires significant further proof. Recommended reading (for everyone, really): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Toulmin[[1475,hashtags]] As a
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