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  1. I really want to see the forest and aquanos
  2. survival above 20 is the highest exp, if you can't farm that you can try farming summit campaign
  3. Oh you sweet summer child, how good would it be to be this much of an optimist I wonder. Seriously though, I highly doubt future characters will be free. My guess as to why the EV was free was to get the "old" players to go "hey look, something I like" and bring them back at no cost to them.
  4. I just got the last kickstarter codes today, they are slowly trickling out, I got the first codes over a week ago btw
  5. If you want to prove anything, we are going to need the stats of every piece of gear equipped, in addition to your allocated stats. Right now you've shown screenshots of two different characters. However, the first picture does have very high stats, did you confirm that the tower health/damage/rate/range is actually affected?
  6. the stat screen is not to be trusted, unless you actually had your stats be 300 points above what you normally have, it's likely just a visual bug.
  7. Legacy mode has been removed. Now to answer the "where are all those people" question, this is something I have been wondering myselft. Lets say there are 60 public games that are all completely full, that's 240 people, leaving over 300 people playing with friends only. I think that this number is a bit too high to be realistic. It is possible, but weird considering the "social" aspect of dungeon defenders.
  8. i've never ssen more than 50 games myself, but if you look at your steam charts you can see that there are still an average of 600 players everyday. It is lower than the ~1k around when survival came out, but it's not the worst that the game has seen.
  9. If you're asking how someone could make a DLC for an unfinished game, just look at Ark:Survival Evolved, it got multiple DLCs and a side-game and it's still not finished.
  10. I don't think that the EV counts as the free DLC that was promised, they might push the summoner as that free DLC and avoid these issues.
  11. I think the issue is not the siren, but the fact that it's random and you cannot strategize around it.
  12. I think that getting stuff that makes you go, "oh shit, I can be powerful later" is actually a good thing. This, however doesn't deny the fact that the grind from 83-90 is kinda there to tell you "I know you wanna do massacre right now, but we've decided that you really need to master AFK leveling in prom.
  13. Hey at least they fixed some obscure matchmaking issues after 2 weeks of nothing today /s in case it wasn't obvious
  14. You should still be able to contact philip on discord I think.
  15. Thank god we have a news post with this annoucement... oh... Did they say that on twitch?
  16. In theory, since the game appears to be peer to peer, the host could alter all the values, including those from other people.
  17. I don't like twitch, and other than to talk in voice with friends, I don't care for discord. We have been asking for more communication for a while now, and nothing has been done. I don't expect you guys to change, or care, as the only time we can see you pop up in the forums is to explain weird/undocumented mechanics. I would like to have a weekly post going over what is going on with development, be it a status on the next patch, whether or not some bugs are going to get fixed soon, or anything concrete. Bug fix info would be great, it's been two weeks since the last patch, you're not gonna make me believe that having a dev branch for bugfixing that could get merged and pushed on a semi-regular basis is too hard, or impossible. You already do the weekly streams on twitch, how hard can it be to take 10 minutes to write a short summary and post it on the forums? This is mostly a rambling rant, so feel free to ignore it like you seem to do with a lot of things.
  18. In theory there will, at some point in time, be local coop. Since you can play offline already, you can then extrapolate that, yes, there might be offline couch coop at some point.
  19. chpoit


    I don't even have mine on backerkit or via email, it's probably yet another lie.
  20. Squire can steal deal a whole lot of damage. Combine bloodlust with a dps weapon and a dps pet and you'll be wrecking havoc.
  21. I upgrade armors half-way when I find an upgrade, based on what I "feel" I need. You shouldn't try to hammer your head into the wall until it breaks, you wont have fun.
  22. My main issue is the the waves take too long. It took me over three hours to complete alch labs from 1 to 25. Maybe my gear is just bad, but still. I didn't mind spending 3 hours in a map in DD1, but that was because we had endless and I was trying to get further. I wasn't getting to wave 21 and telling myself, "welp, completed 21, now lets do it 4 more times because they decided to make all the last waves completely identical"
  23. Monster aggro is wonky in this game tbh.
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