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  1. Still no news for the tshirts up here in snowland
  2. COmpletely off subject, but you should change your display name so it's not your email.
  3. Of course DOTA is fast paced, even before getting in a game you rage against your teammates, can't really get faster than that :P Seriously tho, I don't think the grindiness is the issue. The issue is the complete disregard for the player's time. First you had the split in definitely not open and ranked. After that you had the definite nerf when massacre survival came out where half the gear you got was worse than monsterfest. Now I see complaints that rifted gear forces you to remove great pieces for average pieces. Throw in the "accidental" forgetting of making the survival exp scale, not once, but TWICE, once for the base game, and again when massacre came out, add to that the utter lack of communication causing people to not play, reducing the size of the community, garanteeing that barely any content creator will create hype for the game and you got a recipe for disaster. Maybe you can put some of the blame on facebook/twitter induced global ADHD, but I don't think that's the main issue.
  4. My guess is it's artificially kept locked so they don't have to add 12 new variations of the trophy whenever they add achievements.
  5. To be honest, this new content feels like artificial grind. Sure it might be fun, but it feels too little too late. I'm yet to log in and try, and probably wont try for a while. I personally don't really care for gimmicks. I like maps, and I like endless survival. There was NO hype for the update, there were NO communications to hype people up. All we got were a few "random" livestream most people could not or did not want to watch. I am sad but not surprised at the population not coming back. This is an attempt at yet another resurrection, and unfortunately, it failed because someone forgot to do heart compressions.
  6. Not gonna lie, seeing [CG] Brent giving a "thanks" to this post really feels like the obama medal meme
  7. Are you massacre maxed, or stat screen maxed? I think you need something like two 25% and two 24% armor pieces to max massacre armor, but I'm not sure. Seriously tho, the guy is right to be curious, last I ran summit massacre I had ~250k hp on my monk and didn't have any issues surviving 1-2 fireballs.
  8. Did you at least cap out your armor? Health is useless if you don't reduce the damage anyway.
  9. I think that they are waiting on the rumored "switch pro" and that's why they are silent. They signed an exclusivity period with Nintendo, or so they said. This kind of contract comes with a lot of money and breaking them is expensive. Here are the options I'm seeing: They can't make it work on the switch and broke the contract off themselves, The contract was signed with the understanding that the game would be made for the "switch pro", which gives 2 options: Nintendo broke off the contract without penalty because they couldn't ship due to COVID Nintendo allowed CG to not enforce the exclusivity period because of COVID Now this kinda falls apart if they are only releasing for XBOX and not playstation, because the new consoles are basically the same, but this caveat might fall apart if you take the "last gen" consoles into account. I am leaning towards the switch pro theory because of all the speculation around the upcoming monster hunter rise and capcom's stuff pointing to a switch with more ram and other capcom stuff. We will probably never know what is actually going on due to NDAs, but hey, at least we got something.
  10. Very well then, but since nothing official was advertised, I was left to making guesses as to what was going on with the lack of progress on any version of the game.
  11. What I don't like is they start silly projects like the card game instead of focusing on what was promised. I get people need breaks otherwise they start dreading work, but you need to keep your eyes on the target.
  12. Can we get the RMT auction house too?
  13. I think that cross-save is the way of the future and any game that does not do it will be left and forgotten. I understand your point, and I do think that something has to be done about the broken progression, but not having cross-save is not the solution. One of the points that sold me on the game was cross-save. I want to be able to whip up my switch on the bus (whenever we're allowed to be humans again) and continue my grind. A better solution would be to lock out transfer from playing with fresh starts for a month or two, or if that's too complicated you could block transfers for one or two months.
  14. They definitely do come here often, you just have to say the following magic words: "Hey CG, how far along in the DD3 development are you?"
  15. The game has been officially released. Please stop spreading the lie that this is still early access.
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