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  1. A huge issue in some P2P games is that if the host's computer is bad, no matter how good the internet is, it can't process the data fast enough. If your PC is "bad", that might be why
  2. hit up philip on discord Your backerkit/email account might be compromised, you might wanna change your passwords and use a password manager to generate and store secure passwords. That or CG messed up and gave you the same codes they gave other people.
  3. I think that the hero deck is much better solution to usual virtual xbox controllers to be able to level 4 characters at once. I think the actual issue is they blew their load on levels with no appropriate way to reward leveling. Right now 45-70 to play nightmare is a pain and 83-90 just feels horrible. It is nowhere as bad as in DD1 where you had to suffer through countless glitterhelm NMHC campaign runs just to get decent exp. It's much better than it was, but the levels don't mean anything. I do agree that they made stats useless however.
  4. chpoit

    Update 1.2 Preview

    > Theiyr'rre In all seriousness, thanks for the update. Is there any way that you could push the bug fixes sooner than the actual content?
  5. You are definitely not the first person who wrongfully got tagged as a hacker, there are a couple of reviews on steam mentioning that, and there have been a couple of threads with people who claim similar things. When 1.0 came out, I recall there being a bunch of people claiming they got tagged for changing the game language. Anti-cheats are ultimately flawed, and useless, in non-competitive games. It does not affect me if timmy has 1 billion damage on his DSTs. If he wants to join my game I'll just kick him out. I can understand why there is a desire for an anti-cheat. It falls under the dev's mentality of "you better play my way or else". We can see that in the addition of RNG and the push towards active play the devs have been shoving onto the players. This is yet another flaw in the way the devs are going. If you want an example of why this is not the best way to go about making the game, just look at Risk of Rain 2. They just say, here's a game, do 1 trillion damage and try not to die and it's become one of the most popular games recently. Don't believe me? Just look at the steam charts.
  6. You guys really need to fix this nonsense with the lack of communication. There are two great ways to keep people playing a game. Having content that can keep people engaged. You are both succeeding and failing hard at that. All the "vets" are mostly done with the content in the game, this makes them not play/not want to play. This lack of people makes others see that no one is playing and they despair because they can't beat the content and were looking for carries, or since there is no one playing, they'll think, "Why play?". Build some goddamn hype. You've been mute for something like 2-3 months now. What the hell have you guys been doing. We want to know. Back in the DD1 days the forums were thriving, in the early stages of every DDA patch, people post multiple times per day, now, no one is posting anything because no one is playing. There are almost more people playing DD1 than DDA. You are doing something wrong. I gave you 75$ because I believed you could recapture the hype and the fun of DD1, and while you have managed to recapture some of the fun, you're missing some of it and most of the hype. Look at the steamcharts and tell us with a straight face that there is nothing wrong with how you're doing things, at least it would be something. Blame it on COVID. Just do something rather than go dark for way too long. I know some news are supposed to come out on 1.2 this week. This was apparently mentioned somewhere, but I can't find it. Every week you do stream where barely 100 viewers show up. This should be a great indicator that you should work more on communication. Tell us something concrete not "Hurr durr we're not working on DD3, the patch is coming some year, come to the stream for a chance at a golden corgi". I love DD, but you guys really don't look like you do. Rant over, I guess, see you in game someday.
  7. Medium is a trap in this game. You should move on to hard as soon as possible. With your current level you should be able to start insane without any issues. Are you farming campaign or survival? Because the real loot drop from survival. Try doing ancient mines insane hardcore survival, this should boost your gear and level. In case you did not know, playing on hardcore is a 30% boost to drop quality if I recall.
  8. I like DDA, but the lack of communication makes me believe they gave up on the game. Did you know they were working on a TCG? Yeah, me neither, but last week I heard that they had been doing weekly polls for a month to know what to add in that game because I decided to be a smartass on the community discord. The development cycle definitely not trendy has is dumb and all I can think of is that at some point they thought making a MOBA out of DD2 was a good idea. On a stream/video you had who I think is an owner proclaiming that they wanted to make a franchise that would blablablablabla. I just want them to make a darn good game. They have a great recipe, but they keep thinking that the salt is the sugar.
  9. Did you clear those specific wave on those specific maps? oddly enough they made it so that if you clear on a higher difficulty, you don't unlock the lower difficulties.
  10. There is no beta on console, you will get your key when it comes out. As to when it comes out, nobody knows.
  11. If you want a guaranteed response, go in general chat and ask them how far in DD3 development they are. No clue if they'll answer your actual questions after that though.
  12. Usually what I see is one Spitfire from summit or elemental damage and either the blaster from throne room or the demon horns for physical.
  13. I really want to see the forest and aquanos
  14. survival above 20 is the highest exp, if you can't farm that you can try farming summit campaign
  15. Oh you sweet summer child, how good would it be to be this much of an optimist I wonder. Seriously though, I highly doubt future characters will be free. My guess as to why the EV was free was to get the "old" players to go "hey look, something I like" and bring them back at no cost to them.
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