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  1. Eeeeh, debatable. I think that most of those who post in the forums don't want EV. I personnally like EV buff beams because it makes it so you need less of specific defenses to protect chokepoints and allows for more variety in the towers you decide to build with. The only thing I don't like about buff beams is having to guestimate the proper spot to put your auras and traps before they blow up in size. I think the actual issue with EV is that her two "attack" beams are just bad compared to traps and auras.
  2. DDA is not in early access, it has been OFFICIALLY released. It might still feel like EA due to the missing content, but it is not. Regarding the age of DDA vs DD1, sure DDA is younger, but it was meant to be a remake of DD1, the age should not matter.
  3. The deck is fine, char swapping is not. I want to see all my 12 chars at once, and select 4 that get exp, that would be a much better solution.
  4. Soon™ No one knows, and CG clearly doesn't either.
  5. Patience may be a virtue, but being lied to and accepting it isn't. As they say, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. And when it come to DDA, there sure has been a lot of fooling people, espescially the console folk.
  6. It's silly that people have to use mostly unafiliated means of communication to fix this kind of thing.
  7. I wouldn't go saying that DDE had value, but then again I'd completely forgotten it existed and don't even remember any of the ~100h I have in that abomination.
  8. I have over 1k hours in dd1, at least 900 of which were played in a 4-4.5 month span. I only stopped because other games came out. You yourself have over 2k hours in DD1, you should know that what you said is wrong. And anyway, no one complains that they can't play for a bajillion hours per month. The complaints are very often based on the lack of content that should have been there at release, as was promised.
  9. M8, the game is "released" and has been ressucitated 3 times already, as Zuqual has said, the game is dying, once again. The game is fun, but it's an incomplete product and the lack of communication we've been crying out for for the past 4 months still hasn't been solved. I love DD, I think it's one of the best games I've played, but it's being mismanaged by overly enthusiatic devs who always want to reinvent the wheel.
  10. There's like 8 "frequent" users that you can see pop up at least once a week, but other than that, not really. It is probably correlated with the lack of content however. Kinda sad, I miss the DD1 forums and I dislike discord as a communication system.
  11. Are you running an overclock? I was having crashes in DDA when I was running my overclock with insuficient voltage on my 3950x. Sometimes overclock appear stable and will pass certain benchmarks, but will crash when encoutering other tasks.
  12. Did you get a tracking number or not?
  13. To be honest, I'd wait a couple weeks/months until they add more content. The game is currently losing 50-100 average active players every week and it has been resurected three times already. If you want to take the dive, you can get a good 100 hours of content if you don't leech for gear.
  14. It's fun to see the same threads pop up again and again. This achievement, along with the three generic campaign achievements, are broken. Some people got the generic achievements in early access, but that's it.
  15. My hope is at the worst you'll have to re-buy maps, but characters and skins will carry over. My actual guess if you'll have to re-buy everything.
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