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  1. "It'S NoT a WiPE". If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.
  2. The way I would like to see it done, if transfering gear is impossible, is I would like to see the gold I invested in upgrades refunded and transfered in addition to the capped gold. I just hope the cap is in the range of 50-100billion and not something like 3-4 billion.
  3. The fact that people can actually defend CG making us waste time is baffling to me. "Just play legacy where you'll have your stuff and your time is not" What if I want to play with my friends who will be in Play ? CG WANTS you to be in play, just look at how "shiny" the Play button is compared to legacy, if you don't realize this was done on purpose to grab attention, then you are being fooled.
  4. From what people in the discord were saying, massacre survival is not out yet.
  5. The reason given was "There was a lot of problems", so nothing really. Oh sweet summer child, have you ever played DD1 ? barely anyone played in "legacy" back then, and barely anyone will right now. Legacy exists only to enable sheep like you to say that it's not a wipe. While it's technically not a wipe because "YoU cAN pLaY wITh YoUr OlD STufF", it forces you to start over if you want to play with the main population, which is basically a wipe. And you know what they say, If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck, just like this, but for a wipe.
  6. Yes, please, it would only be fair. /s Just so you know, it's not a wipe, it's a "complication" and "tons of problems" when trying to copy EA saves to live.
  7. They probably forgot about it
  8. Here's my actual response to the cop-out post we got. Just so you don't lie about, or misinterpret, what I'm syaing the "you" in here is CG, not Lawlta. After reading the statement, all I can think is, why is it so hard to write a script that will read the EA profiles from your database and then, just, like, rewrite it in the "new" database? In fact, why is there even a need to port the profiles? there is NO difference between open/ranked (because, lets get real, that's what they are) saves right now. It really feels like a cop out after you realized that the game population had dropped a lot, averaging at 300-400 players compared to the peaks of >1000 and you desperately wanted to force people to spend more time in-game again. For the curious: https://steamcharts.com/app/1101190 If this was an issue with people who had "broken" gear, or OP propellers cats, you could have simply not ported those items over. As we saw with the gold glitch, you had no qualms about wiping the gold off of people's profiles, and the community agreed with that decision. I'm pretty sure people would have been fine with some of their items not being ported, heck, you could even have just nerfed those items, like you did with the pet rocks before. All I see in this post is excuses, and no actual reason as to why there had to be a wipe split in the playerbase. From the DD1 numbers, you knew that people played ranked and not open, that is why you went with this solution, nothing else. You claim you had "tons" of problems, without naming one. That is what a lot people do when they don't have any actual reason for their actions. One of the funiest statements is this: You wot m8? You mean, you had to let people create characters in a gamemode that required people to be able to create characters in to play with mods? That's revolutionary. Regarding the price, I don'T have a dog in that fight, as I paid 75$ on kickscammer, so it doesn't directly affect me. I do, however, have a strong opinion against the price drop. People have been saying that 40$ is too expensive, and you have been saying that there wont be price drops. Oddly enough however, you decide to have a price drop when the population is at the lowest it has been and clearly showing signs that it's not growing. It's just... odd, don't you think? If you truly believe that after months of saying 40$ is fair that 30$ is fair, you should work with steam to give a partial refund to those who paid 40$, or figure out a way to give those people 2 free DLCs, instead of 1. Overall the way I read the post, it seemed like an appeal to emotion and all I could think while reading this is "Look at us (CG), we're the real victims here", and the meme with the guy who shoots the guy in the chair and says, "who did this?". Will I play DDA again? Maybe, maybe not. I've kinda given up on you CG, from what I understand, massacre survival isn't even out yet, you don't have splitscreen coop, and overall a lot of features are missing. At least blame this on Corona-Chan, like all your white knights have been doing, people would be more understanding.
  9. You've been lied to and you don't care? Really? Holier than thou replies are useless and only serve to put oil on the trashfire that this release is, and pushes us further away from an actual resolution to the issues that arose.
  10. I'd like to highjack to thread to say that guilt by association is never a good idea. This has clearly shown to be a failed system punishing people for "associating" with "hackers".
  11. pigboy is a troll, plain and simple, all of his posts are related to this not being a wipe and defending CG. Do not interact with him.
  12. I don'T like the match selection screen, it looks clean, but I need to click on more things to get to the same place, which is bad UX design. The checkboxes for MM/Pure strat/Hardcode in DD1 were the best way to do it IMO.
  13. 1) Builders are extremely useful to have out, they boost the stats of the towers it built. Having a builder out that hasn't built anything is useless. The game wants you to level every character once or twice depending on the situation/build you are going for. 2) Low level points may seem low, but at lvl 100 I think you have around 1k points from level up stats, not useless at all. I believe it was the same in DD1 3) Damage falloff in a radius has never felt good in any videogame i've played. I understand why it's there, and it corresponds to how the force of an explosion spreads out, but yeah, it feels bad. 4) I'd say that's the game, but it's better since there are no negative stats. It can be annoying at times if RNG hates you.
  14. Fair, it's not wiped, it's only split into play non-archived and legacy archived. My main issue is that it splits the knowledge-base even more. You now have the old forums, the current forums, the discord, the steam forums, bug report forums and the subreddit. It makes it harder to find statements to hold CG accountable, or find a solution to a bug you might have encountered in-game.
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