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  1. I had a similar issue after getting a pet rock recently. Playing with 2 friends and we quit after equiping the pet rock. When we got back to the tavern only the host had his pet rock. I am not sure about other items or xp becsuse i was only worried about the rock. From then on we made sure to start the next wave before quitting and that fixed our issue
  2. Just another dumb thing to check. Do you have all armor/weapons/pets set to pick up as well?
  3. You can stay in your inventory and press "H" to change hero. This way you don't have to sort loot again at least. Hopefully they will fix it to allow us to use f1-f4 soon
  4. Does this weapon pierce in this game? Didn't seem to pierce dummy in tavern
  5. hmm ive tried that but it seems to keep restoring the files. I can just start from the 1st map. Just wanted a fresh slate thank you for the information though!
  6. Just wondering if there is an easy way to delete local data and restart from scratch. I've tried a few times and failed. Trying to clear my map progression
  7. aha yah it got me right when i when i was about to pick up a new chest armor :(
  8. I started at 23 earlier and got a giraffe. Then i just made the mistake of starting at 24 next time and no giraffe. wasted a bit of time...
  9. Ive found 2 gloves over 200^ so far but sadly the stats have sucked on both :/
  10. This happened to me as well. there is a thread above that tells you who to contact if this happens, hopefully we can get our stuff back soon :p
  11. Gamepad support for folders is on the Todo list! It'll be going into 7.17 -Jer Good to know it will happen. Thank you!
  12. From what I have seen you can't open or create folders with the Xbox 360 controller. I may just be missing something, but if not this would be a nice feature to have added. I don't want to have to switch to a mouse every time I want to organize my shop/item box
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