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  1. hmm ive tried that but it seems to keep restoring the files. I can just start from the 1st map. Just wanted a fresh slate thank you for the information though!
  2. Just wondering if there is an easy way to delete local data and restart from scratch. I've tried a few times and failed. Trying to clear my map progression
  3. aha yah it got me right when i when i was about to pick up a new chest armor :(
  4. I started at 23 earlier and got a giraffe. Then i just made the mistake of starting at 24 next time and no giraffe. wasted a bit of time...
  5. Ive found 2 gloves over 200^ so far but sadly the stats have sucked on both :/
  6. This happened to me as well. there is a thread above that tells you who to contact if this happens, hopefully we can get our stuff back soon :p
  7. Gamepad support for folders is on the Todo list! It'll be going into 7.17 -Jer Good to know it will happen. Thank you!
  8. From what I have seen you can't open or create folders with the Xbox 360 controller. I may just be missing something, but if not this would be a nice feature to have added. I don't want to have to switch to a mouse every time I want to organize my shop/item box
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