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  1. Apparently I am not able to recreate that krazy bug with defense not working like stated above.. I'll keep an eye out for any causes of this bug.
  2. Hi Trendy, whatever patch you put out broke several things on MistyMire Forest Map. Inferno Trap fire effect is gone. Inferno Trap Damage is gone. (There is a strange ever 20 seconds 162 to 176 damage ticks in red) Normal Damage is 1,332 per tick without upgrades. (Hence there was no damage ticking at all) Inferno Trap did show proper ticking going off but Number representing health never went down. Inferno Trap bug on Nightmare on Health sitting at number 4 and could not repair back to number 10. Feel free to add on to things that broke.
  3. I'm sure Jeremy will come right in my game and upgrade the weapon into something amazing to give you guys something to talk about lol. jk.
  4. I found your weapon! It needs buffing lol.
  5. Yeah LostSoul is correct, repair should be a scaling value not flat. Of course this isn't my game so I am merely just asking if the Instant Repair should be a flat value of 1.200 mana for one solid repair. It should be expensive, I'd never suggest otherwise...but should it be so expensive all the time for every use or should it be a bit more robust in how it can be used? I think the scaling idea would be more balanced.
  6. Hey all. I thought I would come on here to report that after upgrading with Instant Upgrade ability to 3 stars (max upgrade for towers) I would then get Instant Repair. Now I love this feature of Instant Repair. I noticed that my tower was barely hurt and I used the instant repair that used up 1,200 of my mana to repair a tower that was roughly 3 to 5% damaged. I may be wrong and this instant repair is supposed to be costly. If this is working as intended then great, I just need to instant repair when needed and not waste so much mana. To further back up my reasoning. When I repair a tow
  7. I can agree at some point of Blood Rage would increasing the damage we took. I think this may be a bug.. I read the Hero description about the Blood Rage saying that it increases resistance, speed, damage. Nothing about taking more damage. hmmm.
  8. The only bug I noticed is the monk hero aura and call to arms conflicting. If there is anything else please do tell.
  9. Just bumping this post because it does need fixing. I absolutely love the Countess and her game play.
  10. Yes this boost your damage as well. The damage does go up. Try it out on the dummy in the tavern. Remember this is not as good as the Squire's Berserk. Edit: I would like to add the bugs I am experiencing with another Monk player. The monk's Hero Aura is cut in half. (even though we all know his boost is better than Call to Arms) I hope Trendy sees this bug. I do know that the Female Monk's ability to drain enemies stacks with Call to Arms which is pretty powerful.
  11. Interesting never thought about jumping and using Joust. Thanks! I'll try it out.
  12. Hmm. Repair Pets really? I honestly never have used them. Is it viable?
  13. I support your post and as an avid Countess player I have the same problem.
  14. I am still having bugs with Joust even with 7.11b. I make sure nothing is next to me or in my way and hit Joust just to see "Deactivated Joust" immediately after just hitting it. I also noticed a bug where the Joust will deactivate itself if there is more than 1 dark elf warrior in my way. I hope they fix this because during Insane Survival I wish to keep going and not have to restart the game because the bug hit my countess.
  15. Yeah I have no problems with re-creating my characters. I just wanted to post this thread to help Trendy be aware of deletion issues. Thanks for responding so quickly and trying to help me out Hitmonchan! :)
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