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  1. Tried again tonight it was so laggy for me that I had to build towers and basically stand still letting my friends tank Ogres is this a west coast issue? Again I can jump on Destiny zero lag , Paragon zero lag Try to play DD2 blur city.
  2. Tried again this morning I was able to get into town but the rubberband jerky lag still exists. The game is beautiful but its so disappointing that The core of simply moving and placing towers is crippled by this stuttering lag. I tried a solo match started my build for Life root forest and just turned it off in disappointment. Again this is the only game of mine that has this issue ... why!? I want to enjoy this game but how can I if the simplist of things are plagued?
  3. So I just came back to DD2 after a long break and got a couple of friends interested too but sadly the game is almost too laggy to play. I uninstalled then reinstalled nothing still blurs out just moving in a empty tavern. Playing a solo match near unmovable just about making me sea sick with the jerking rubber band of the characters just trying to move. Turned of damage numbers, flash effects , turn speed etc , no help. Tried other server region , no help. Tested internet its great , tried others games , zero issue. Tried DD2 again couldnt even get to town , says check connection yet it lets
  4. Heres my theory , DD2 promised PS4 exclusively for this year ,in order to keep true to that and probly under contract they chose to release this unfinished version. Mean while the 1st year Xbox one drools about lost sales for having too strict of rules for games that will need constant updates to content a change Im sure they will make next year to stay competitive .
  5. MOBA , from my exp has a horrible community. I have rank lv 30 in LOL and I can honestly say you can't go one match without people being horrible to each other why does Dungeon Defenders want to target this fan base, for money. Why would they launch Moab first over the classic tower defense co-op that we all know and love .... No clue but IMO some one is making a huge mistake. Most of us don't care for Moba that are reading and responding to these forums IMO it should be a complete after thought and not the first thing launched it makes no good sense. Why lead with a game version your fan base
  6. Oh for the love of god just show us the full bloody roster already nobody likes suspense! This is worse than Christmas!
  7. I know that I play this game with my kids a lot so if its not split screen then they are gonna get bored watching me play :) Do it for the kids sake Trendy!
  8. It's a great idea I've played years of MMOs and nothing brings community together better than a guild roster and a common goal .... Treasure!!!
  9. Lol u just wanna do more dps and not have to think about surviving I really doubt that's gonna happen.
  10. Hopefully no sharks they just made wall building obsolete , everything else was fine.
  11. Many of us following these forums have logged hundreds if not thousands of hours into DD1 , I personally have logged over 2000 hrs between PC and Xbox versions , and I wonder will there be any rewards for people in DD2 for their time or accomplishments in DD1? Yes the game was rewarding but c'mon throw us a bone to chew on :)
  12. Walls? We don't need no stinking walls! Even though I have a Eve with over 4k wall hp I hardly ever use a wall because archers with mages always make the best self repairing wall. Also always place reflects in front of your wall /minions , yes the ogres will toss a snot ball into the heart of your defenses but that's what repair is for. Also in Nmhc if you don't place a reflect as your first line of defense expect heavy damage from rockets , webs , fire balls and the first snot ball the ogre tosses before he actually gets to your wall / minions. This is exp from me clearing almost all game con
  13. This must be the white elephant in the corner :squire:
  14. In DD if you wanted to make any decent mana you had to run a afk shop, will there actually be a broker or a auction house in DD2 so we don't have to leave our PCs on all night to make some mana?
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