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  1. I did a solo run on survival magus. I had 3 harpoons aimed down each wing, with 1 aimed at each wyvern door, a squire wall blocking the front with 2 mage walls to the right blocking ogre balls along with a large snare. Another smaller snare was placed on the west side, the east side one kept disintegrating before I could 5 star it. Even with harpoons shooting down each ramp the djinns were often able to remove snares due to the fact that towers will not priority target djinns. Typically with this setup it means there are 4 harpoons shooting in their direction, and always at least one of them b
  2. Instead of further adjusting the flee mechanic with each patch, why don't you just remove that mechanic entirely? What is the point of having fleeing mechanics on mobs who's HP is second only to ogres?
  3. Question... Will you get a new one every round of HC NM Challenges like the unicorn seems to be, or just one.
  4. Thank you for the time you took to post. This put several questions to rest.
  5. I am aware that it is a beta environment, which is why I added suggestions not complaints. But you are making it sound like it should be ok to release untested-though-said-to-be-tested content which we have already paid real money for. The only thing I'm asking for in this thread is standards. Not to set the bar too high, but to set a bar if you are going to have a beta team. Please refrain from trying to justify the released content with the excuse of it being beta. It was said to be tested in a closed environment before it came to us.
  6. Telling us we are beta testers really doesn't bring any substance to this thread. It actually works against what is being discussed, as we are talking about the testers who tested the update, not everyone playing nightmare.
  7. Has anyone tried using Enrage aura's on the Djinn yet? I am just curious on there reaction to it. Any aura I had was de-summoned before the djinns walked through it, same with traps. And due to the fact that nothing prioritizes them, mass goblins will prevent towers from killing djinns in time, which seems to defeat solo play. edit: I won't be able to further comment on them as I wont be playing until 7.21 comes.
  8. You can play survival games from previous campaign completions to make the boss fights easier. I am aware of this, but making them easier is one thing, making them doable is something else entirely. The best I was getting was up to wave 20 magus quarter NMHC. The problem with getting further was the wyverns being too many for harpoons to deal with. I was hoping leading would fix this, but now I've got a new problem, djinns with too much health de-summoning walls. Due to the fact that djinn beams do not scale with any player stat, I will assume the further people progress the more impossible
  9. I removed this post from another thread after catching a glimpse of one of the mods insisting we stay on topic. [quote]Before I say anything, I will let it be known that I only read the first page and part of the second page (up to Finally's post) and am not seeking to insult or bash anyone. Firstly, I'd like to say that the beta team should not be so high and mighty that they can not be criticized without without repercussions. On that note, criticizing does not include being called fanboys, yes men, or indicating they should be trashed. Criticism should be constructive. Secondly, with
  10. I've killed Djinns while they've been destroying towers. Half the time they run into the line of fire. I don't see what the problem is. 4 player misty NM campaign, they would not die from 2x 1448 tatk harpoons buffed and triple starred, before dismantling them.
  11. All of you in this thread who say Djinns are easy have not tried to do Misty NM campaign. With 4 people in game the djinn have way too much HP to bring down... 4 djinn spawning on the same wing is a game ender... With huntress and App buffs we could not kill them before the sapped all our triple star harpoons (1448 Tatk) (2 each wing). The best part was our main DPS (my barb) couldn't even fight them because none of them would come back to the ground. Those a freaking ridiculous and should not have been implemented in any map other than Shard 2.
  12. First of all the idea behind the jins is great. But its not possible anymore to solo or switch to dps char or whatever. The Harpoons don't priorise the Jins, so that they have sometimes enough time to destroy a tower. And then it's game over. The big problem at this game is, if you make one mistake, the game's over. That was a real pain anyway in survival (one bunnyhop ogre, one slipping kobold, one defense down = loss etcpp.) Now you have added ANOTHER lucky based component. That wasn't a good idea. In facts: - they won't get priorised - bowlers are even more useless cuz u need as much
  13. Bit off topic, but how long does it take to run a Misty NMHC to wave 25+?
  14. For soloing, you will want to level one of each character to 74, huntress last. Ensnares will greatly help you and for Insane, your stats will not need to be very high to have decent auras. Also if your auras get too big in insane from mythic gear, use - and + to change their radius (also works on huntress traps for trigger pad only).
  15. I'm not sure why you would get misty without getting the entire pack to unlock nightmare, but before I had the DLC pack the best I could get was maybe a million or so per run on Insane Glitter. Also, it is easier to gauge your ability off the actual tower stats in your inventory page rather than specific per tower details. For mana farming, if you plan to play DunDef for a length of time, I'd highly recommend the DLC pack for the NM unlock. In survival on NM HC magus quarter, I get around 20 mil mana per wave starting around wave 13.
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