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  1. good luck getting a reply mate
  2. Just checked in today after not playing since start of march (bored of waiting for march 15 patch) Thought I'd recheck out the game today, seems I can join games just fine, but failed to create private/custom games every time. Any ideas?
  3. Finally some informed posts, thank you very much, you know who you are. To clarify, I'm not doing this because they might be the best and are easy, I see it as a challenge that the majority seem unable to pull off, hence they just say nah it can't be done go ranged. Yes I can clear out whole spawns of enraged mobs on misty mire surv with my barbs ice blades, but it's not a challenge. It's not always about what's easiest for some people.
  4. Hmm yes, but once the monks pop their aura I've seen them clean house just like barbs do. So perhaps I want to talk to one of those monks who has tried and succeeded. They may still my ranged, but I'd like to hear from em
  5. Hmmm from what i heard was the despite recent patches ( sure it was a good month ago) melee is still slightly better than ranged, which was why i was uncertain
  6. So I finally got around to making one, just wondering about the nosferatu. Do you max ranged, melee or keep both of equal damage value?
  7. no, because you still have to control those characters, the game supports it. Just because you don't physically have the controller, does not meant you cannot use the feature. If it some how gave you an advantage over people who did use controllers, then yes. However in my experience using it, if anything its more difficult to use than a controller
  8. I completely agree with this...I go to 60, but still the theory holds. More is just wasteful. I disagree, I love trolling around on my barb outside my base knowing my towers are still receiving a boost. But that being said it's entirely situational and dependent on your play style.
  9. Contrary to popular belief, there isn't actually a law governing patch note progression. Which means there is no necessary order to follow when releasing patches, crazy I know. In theory (note this is just a theory and would require many years of research to find out if it's even possible) they could start with a high number and go backwards chronologically in an unstructured "regression" and even possibly run into negatives! Imagine the chaos now that I have informed the world of this....
  10. Yeah the server went down again for a few minutes. It's back online but slow and may go down again. Just more issues from Microsoft's end. Sorry for the inconvenience! We'll keep you updated as much as possible. Perhaps make an official post to this extent, you won't have the forum flooded with identical threads
  11. do keep in mind that the weaker drops during a wave disappear in favor of better ones. Complete and utter BS, I've watched greens poof with me running desperately to get to them in time, only to look down and the the item sitting beside it still there, further only to see said item is of amazing, powerful or other such quality.
  12. Working as normal for me, I never have problems connecting to Trendy Fail, i meant Fail Net, ugh I mean Fail Fail.... Sigh you know what I mean!
  13. I can't seem to find Ice Blades on this spread sheet. Have they been forgotten or deliberately left off for some reason?
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