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  1. So I took a few months off from DD2 but as most of you know before these changes if you wanted good towers and still wanted to DPS you needed to have multiples of your hero's. Is that still the case if not can i sell my extra hero slots i forked out gems for back?
  2. I feel like i got screwed on bags I had max slots prior and upgrades and the pack now i have 9 bags,
  3. What happened to the "meaningful loot system" that was put in place. The new heroes loot has been horrible its just like the old system prior to the changes except you get less loot. I understand you want the Heros to be playable as a hybrid which is great, but it also makes gearing them a nightmare. Nothing says awesome tower gear like rolling perfect IPWR 700 to but to have hero passives or vice versa. I would much rather go back to the loot 2.0 days if this continues for any additional heros. [[11255,hashtags]] OF LIGHT EVERYWHERE
  4. As the title says when a Defense Range II is equipped it will not adjust the range of the flamethrower tower, even though the tool tip states all defenses
  5. To my knowledge the blocking % on squire / countess / barbarian weapons doesn't really do anything for the barbarian. It's just a stat there in case the weapon winds up on a class that actually blocks. How about changing it so that it affects the bonus damage on the combo? Afterall, the combo is sort of what the right click is for barbarian, much like the block for the squire. It could be a speed increase on the combo itself of a damage boost on the finishing move. Anything really, just... something that actually applies to the barbarian. Why should the barbarian be able to use every single stat on a weapon; when they can equip 2 thus pushing their max stats beyond that of other class which is a huge positive for them. The fact that they don't use the blocking stat is not a huge deal plus there has to be some draw back to using two weapons and for the barbarian its the fact that they don't use the block values.
  6. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?14848-Upcoming-Patch-Notes-7.20 *note the bottom of the post about harpoons so it sounds like they are aware of the issue.
  7. Personal DU's are a horrible idea for two reason the first is your expecting everyone who joins your game or plays is capable of build which is not the case. The second reason is not every classes towers cost the same DU so if people cannot build out their full 20 DU what happens to those extra DU points they are now lost or just wasted.
  8. In general the post asking for suggestions is usually geared at hey we know there is a problem with this class we have ideas on how to fix it but what would you as a community like to see changed. They are giving use the players a chance to voice our opinions on the class and who knows a suggestion that is sent to them may have an solution to the problem they may have not taught about before. If they told us a community the direction they wanted the class to go it would like closing the door on some potential solutions and ideas they have may not have taught about before. From the thread i assume they have a play but are keeping an open mind on how to address the current issues with the class.
  9. As far as the auto-script its nothing more then a glorified macro which pretty much every gaming mouse/ keyboard already has. As far as bots go the only real way that someone would get caught would be by VAC since your allowed to host private games and prevent people from joining them, so i wouldn't be surprised if a few excised already.
  10. One thing i did not like is that if u have a fast weapon and spam click with tornado stance your animations seem to cancel through part of the attacks thus some of the swings do not make contact. I also not a fan that in order to do a combo you cannot attack at full speed since between left and right click has to be timed just perfectly in order to get the double attack to happen, which seems to be slower then the actual weapon speed. In closing thank god my mouse can use macros which turns this clickfest of a class into a lot less clicking.
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