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  1. Towers are more important on NM- you may want to keep your apprentice out for the builder bonus. If you upgrade your weapon for damage and get a modest amount of hero damage, you can still put out useable DPS without gimping your towers (also known as a hybrid build). I've got a staff with 100^ charge speed but my DPS are quite low (200k). And i've got a good genie to help me build during first waves. What to you suggest if i want to keep my App during waves ? Is there any kind of staff better than another ?
  2. Thanks for your answers. Perhaps my strat is not good. My App is 400/700/400/400 with low DPS. So i have to switch with my DPS Hunt, but i lose 30% of my towers stats. I can't pass last wave of Alch Labs in NM, my towers don't have enough HP. So i guess i can't try survival... I can do NM ES HC, why not... I can try Misty too, but spiders eat my towers too fast... Maybe i have to find a better build.
  3. Hi, I've got 3 lvl 74 caracters : a tower App, an aura Monk and a DPS Hunter. All stuffed with low myth found during the first waves of NM ES. Insane mode is too easy now, and NM is very difficult. The single way i've found to progress is to farm NM ES to make mana and up my gears. But it's soooooo ennoying.... It reminds me WoW, and i hate that :monk: What do you suggest ?
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