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  1. So in the main menu there is play, legacy, and transfer button, options, redeem codes, etc if you only have PLAY you are good to go, otherwise follow the process above
  2. Thank you for your answer we just wanted to confirm that we were getting the right profile copied. I did the migration all went ok, no issues for now.
  3. no, I mean my play profile had lvl 30 heroes, legacy lvl 90 thats why im scared to use the tool :S
  4. I just went into my LEGACY profile to check if everything is okay before i use the transfer tool and i realize that the game is actually using the PLAY profile, i checked 10 times any thoughts?
  5. jerald021 http://steamcommunity.com/id/jerald021/ Friday A
  6. more info here http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Nightmare_%28Difficulty%29
  7. all to damage, extra projectile when you can max range damage per up is 159 i think 8000 - 10000 of projectile speed will be enough btw you can export your data to open and make some tests.
  8. well, i have a decent tower gear for NM, but my DPS is pretty bad I really need this for kill the final bosses (included the old one) if you choose me you would help me a lot.
  9. ALL 4 resistance and hero/tower damage you will need that resistance for survive on Nightmare
  10. Damage and HP, and upgrade your weapon that's the most important thing
  11. i finished Mistymire on NM, i tried survival till wave 21, got a few trans gear but no really good gear im currently doing the other shards maps, so my question is where i have to go for get gear with 200-300 stats? Tower stats 800/1500/800/1100
  12. same here, i need that achievement too we can do it on normal or hard so this will be fast btw i have 2 controllers add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/jerald021/
  13. can i start aquanos on wave 18 and get the pet? or i have to start in w13 like the other maps? thx for your help
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