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  1. yeah he was looking an opinion ref the game not his typing
  2. is game constanly crashing for anyone else wen they try playn levels
  3. dunno if its just me but I only see to get bout 2000 xp per wave doing levels on end game insa
  4. not free to play yet and yes starter pack is full game
  5. dev post are only informative for pc players ps4 players getting next to no info hence why they all keep ask
  6. yeah like the barbarian i was under the impression from a few sourses that the would be more than four characters to use in dd2 but i understand we are only in pre alpha was just curious when we'd see them
  7. any idea when we will start seeing any of the new characters?
  8. So we're not getting new characters ever? Or costumes... Or half the pets or weapons? Ever? Or nightmare mode? If this is all true I'm prolly not gunna play DD anymore until I get a good computer.. I love the game don't get me wrong but why am I spending crazy hours playing a game thats getting me nothing compared to what I could be on a pc by putting in the same if not less time When I'd be playing the entire time I've been thinkin oh I can't wait till they can fix everything and we finaly get all the good stuff... And reading through the notes i dont understand Cuz other games that requi
  9. think pc gets 10% per upgrade
  10. is it just me r does upgrading the towers make next to no diff
  11. and maybe with bit of luck it mite add stuff too but main fix things
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