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  1. In the past Month or so i have watched a ton of movies (a lot i have watched before). The Departed, The Thing (1982), In Bruges (great movie), Donnie Darko, City of God, Fight Club, Monsters University, This is the End, The internship, The Usual Suspects, The Number 23, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Slap Shot, World War Z, Blood Diamond, The Matrix, OldBoy, Moon, L.A. Confidential, Lord of War, The Man from Earth, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Star Trek Into Darkness, Inglorious *******s, and Green Street Hooligans. Four of those movies are in my top 5 (had to rewatch them) and a couple others i would throw into my top 10, for example Donnie Darko. At the moment im really only looking forward to the new wolverine movie that is coming out soon, and i still need to watch The Godfather, it bothers me that i have not seen them yet. Those are some excellent movies there. I've seen every movie listed except The Internship; was it worth it? The Godfather series is a must! I'm looking forward to The Wolverine too. I've been following the production as much as I can and I'm hoping for something awesome.
  2. I watched Requiem for a Dream, 28 Days Later, Mud, Man of Steel, This is the End, The East and In Bruges in the past week or so. I'm going to see The Bling Ring soon and probably Monster's University.
  3. Awesome! I'm probably getting it in the next week or so. My buddies are playing it like crazy. I saw a Ron Swanson flag the other day, that's a must have
  4. Legend of Zelda, really looking forward to Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds. Kingdom Hearts Mega Man Battle Network (the first four) Jedi Outcast Metroid (love the Prime series)
  5. What movies are you getting excited about? Or what movie in the last year was awesome? AND what are your thoughts on this year's Oscars nominees?
  6. Thank you for all of this information! We're looking into it all right now. Do you happen to have any screenshots for these players? Thanks again
  7. Thank you for reporting this and sorry for the late reply! If possible, can you send the Steam name of the player and a Steam profile link?
  8. Thank you for reporting this! And sorry for the late response. If possible, could you give me the Steam name and Steam profile link of the host?
  9. Thank you for reporting this! Do you think you could get the offender's Steam name and a link to his/her Steam profile link?
  10. Introduction: MrOrangeV4, new intern at TrendyEntHello Dungeon Defenders! My name is Alex Polefko and I'm a new intern at Trendy Entertainment. I'll be moderating the forums and assisting with customer service. Along with video games, I love movies, books, playing and watching sports (mainly football, ultimate Frisbee and soccer) and playing music. Please follow me on Twitter: apolefko! I'd love to talk to you guys about movies and all that jazz. See you in the dungeons!
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