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  1. here is how i currently see this, my huntress has currently got around 1300 hero attack with a 254^ ret. The said thing is that my mage also level 74 with about 300 hero attack atm and a 140^ staff has more dps then my ranger. This is how i see this, The mage who is imo supposed to be the tower builder, quick healer and upgrader, and should be able to still kill a mob if needed, has way more dps then my speced out huntress. The huntress is the ranged dps class, not the mage. Yes the original ret was op, what i suggest is getting at least rid of the second nerf to balance things out.
  2. what i would like to know is how can i apply to become a beta tester or be considered as one.
  3. Recently a friend and i where able to begin farming the first assault pack level. Eventually i managed to obtain a 254 upgrade one, i was totally excited when i got it. But when i started to level it, and it hit the 2.1b worth mark it changed to 7000 mana and from that point didn't change anymore. Obviously this is because it surpasses the mana cap and causes it to glitch out. What i want to know is, is this gonna get fixed at all cause i hate having a weapon that looks hacked. Thanks for any responses
  4. Well here's how i see it, Trendy said they gave the patch to valve and that "due" to valve they could only release on the 30th. Now with there new post they have said that they can't release until the 31st. This means that they must not have submitted it at all because valve should have released it about 13 minutes ago. Seems that used it just as a stalling tactic. I wont have minded if they just said, hey guys we need more time on this, instead saying its submitted to valve, and will patch on the 30th. By this logic when they submit the patch tomorrow we should see it on around
  5. Awesome, i thought they were based in London, which means the wait inst as long as i thought, this shouldn't be to bad. Ty for the response. XD
  6. Well trendy net has stated the patch will occur on the 30th, Don't mean to complain but in my timezone its been the 30th for the last 10 hours XD. Can anyone give us an exact time that this will be released. Been looking forward to this patch for quite some time now.
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