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  1. Trendy already had a mobile overlay for Dungeon Defender so why not make it one of the first big winrt tablet games. Also if you just add a touch overlay to the existing pc game then the upcoming pro tablets could have the actual pc version playable.
  2. Demanding isn't going to get you anywhere, please be patient. Windows 8 is not mentioned in the listed operating systems. Again, please be patient. Might be a strong word choice, I just wanted to convey that the excuse of being pre release software used by people to invalided a request for support is no longer valid. + no harm in nudging the developer to work on win8 support :P If enough people upgrade, there is more incentive for trendy to get out a compatibility patch out faster. Dungeon Defenders hasn't been verified to work on Windows 8 right now and we don't have an ETA when it wil
  3. Try disabling the Steam overlay in Steam Settings. If that doesn't help, try updating your drivers. Windows 8 is still in prerelease and thus compatbility is not guaranteed. I've tried all those settings, please note that windows 8 is released to oems, msdn subscribers, and students. The software is already finalized. This is by no means pre release software anymore and I think it is reasonable to demand support for it.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to get DD to work on windows 8. The game crashes like 1/2 a sec into the trendynet logo intro video.
  5. Huntress82 people have been complaining about grind is many rpgs, the majority of the people who play them like to sit around and do repetitive actions and farm for every advantage. Having realistic mana upgrade costs would be great, though I don't think theres any chance of a change. High mana costs actually makes more buy the dlcs as those who are trying to get top tier will buy the dlcs for the chance to get such items.
  6. Yes, monthly fees do the same exact thing DLC does, and expansions. Give it whatever name you want, it's all providing money for additional content. Main difference here is, it's all optional. But no matter how you look at it, you buying dlc's for DD are paying for all the "free" patches you download. Everyone stops buying dlc, the patches stop coming out. Did I miss something? I can download my (nonexistent) WoW subscription? You pay monthly fees for a continuous service being provided, not new content (thought the continuous service may give you new content). I suppose my internet connectio
  7. I'm not sure what games you are playing, but most games have "dlc." Whether its in the form of monthly fees, micro-transactions, expansions, or combinations of those, hardly any games are just buy, install and play with no more money needed and still get updates. I'm pretty sure monthly fees are not defined under DLC...which means downloadable content if you were not aware of what dlc means, its not a blanket term to cover everything that you must pay for to supplement a game. I guess micotransactions can technically be seen as a DLC, but its used mainly for mmos not actual games. Expansions
  8. OP wants everything for free. Yeah I sure do, I got my computer, my xbox, hell even my house for free and I'm just here to complain how I must pay for games now... I have my own problems with trendy too. Nothing is ever clear, but the same amount of content could be considering all the PVP maps that come with the dlc's to add up to the original stuff. It could also be as simple as the file sizes being the same, but Trendy is not creditable to anything they say. On that note, we'll just have to see come march if this is true. No matter how you look at it, Trendy does everything to upset
  9. I can see where you're coming from as I'm not a big fan of DLC, to be honest. However with that said, this company is by far the most deserving of the money. They've shown more attention and care to their community than any other developer I've seen. You may say they need better QA to test their patches, but look at it this way. Even if they had ten people working eight hours a day on QA, it wouldn't even scratch the surface of the man hours put in by the 1500~ people that play for an hour a day. Also there's a rumor going around that they're going to open a test server just for thi
  10. I'm pretty sure steam will put it on the winter sale list
  11. Why do all companies, even the indie ones, treat the pc as consoles. We get console ports, now we get to pay console prices... In the past dlcs on pc were uncommon(horse armor?). You release a game and people expect the patches to include what constitutes as dlcs nowdays. You want to add a huge list of features? Release an expansion. Now I don't mind a splatter of dlcs but I feel that trendy is taking it too far, it seems theres a dlc required for every new feature... I like the concept of dungeon defenders, charge me 50 or 60 bucks and be done with it...
  12. I'm not sure if Unreal Engine 3 supports Dx11, but if it does, will there be support for it?
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