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  1. Tbh I really like this implementation of roadmap, features and sort of board-like design. It can definitely stand to be improved with devs doing a short write up about different features, their possibilities and timelines, but I think this is an excellent first step and definitely something I'd love to see other games use more actively aswell. Great show of transparency Chromatic, keep it up!
  2. A few people have been calling for Massacre Survival and other changes for a couple weeks now. I personally dont mind this so much as I'd rather it be delivered good rather than fast. Personally, however, I'd hope for more communications and discussion with the community. During the month of June, there's been pretty much no new info (apart from bug-fix patches) about the future plans for the game or the expected patch eta's etc. A lot of people's relatively valid complaints about design issues or changes (like the Soul Focuser change) have gone unanswered. I'd like to stress that I personally think it's perfectly fine for you to make these changes, but it would be incredibly important for you to respond to some of the key concerns players present in regards to this, and explain your decisions to them. This would go a long way towards changing community perception and creating a more positive atmosphere. It would also help players understand and feel more part of this game and franchise that many have come to care about and feel very strongly off. So really, all I'm asking for is a bit more responsiveness, slightly more frequent communications, and more updates on future plans and roadmaps (like the one you had leading up to this point for example.) But also have a good summer y'all!
  3. I havent really gotten a chance to do it on nm, but i did give it a shot on duo before my friend had to go. Anyways, it seems, you can use about 38 du's per core. That would mean, you could place 3 harpoons, 2 proxys, 3 walls and 2 ensnares per core (with one choke point having to manage without ensanre or proxy.) This seems pretty managable to me. For example, at top cores, i blockked both paths as close as possible to core, and placed 3 harpoons behind cores, so that they shot to both lanes and killed wyverns. On south cores, i'd get 2 harpoons to shoot on 1 choke point, + use 1 proxy and 1 ensnare. On other choke point i'd just go with 1 harpoon, 1 proxy and 1 ensnare. This is, however, very raw version of strategy, but just some waypoints on how to possibly do it. (this was on Nm, using block builder with 2.4k hp, squire builder with 2100 dmg 1200 rate, aura monk, and trap hunt with 1700 dmg and 1200 rate.)
  4. If you have tried it on mix mode, you'll know that you cant use the same build. Anyways, so far, mix mode seems doable to me, in every other area, but wyverns are just too big problem. Maybe with Series Ev could be more doable / better gear.
  5. So I was just wondering, now that the War of the Djinn is fixed, does any1 know, what are the rewards for completing it on Nm Hc? Old Spice
  6. So if any has come up with working build for moraggo nm survival hc mix mode, i would greatly appreciate it, if it could be shared here. My stats are: Main squire builder 450/ 2100 / 850 / 1150 Aura monk 1300/700/500/1300 Trap hunter 500/1650/800/1050 Dps monk 800/2100/550/240 Any help would be greatly appreciated, so far i havent been able to get past wave 10, due to wyverns destroying the northwest core. Old Spice
  7. Well, what it all seems to come down in this thread is, that hacking dd is far too easy. I know it is almost impossible to keep an eye on every player and create a game that cannot be hacked, but i still do think that Trendy should've put more effort into this.
  8. So i was wondering, that since they recently added Djinns to all survival hc modes, did the loot that drops scale up aswell? And did the rewards for getting to wave 15 /25 get any better? Also, if anyone has any knowledge about this, how much does the loot go up in when you toggle on hc survival / just completing maps, and how much does mix mode affect the loot quality. Thanks, Old spice.
  9. I've tried war of the djinn, the new challenge, on nightmare difficulty twice, and so far, both times, the last genie on wave 10 does exist. First time we did it with 4 players, and we searched all around the map, checked every lamp, but we couldnt even hear the sound that tells the right lamp is somewhere near. Today, i tried it again solo, and the same thing happened, i have looked everywhere on the map and the last genie just doesnt exist. This is quite frustrating, considering that this certainly is not the fastest challenge and takes some time. Please hotfix this issue. Thanks, Old Spice.
  10. So exactly seven days ago, i send an email to trendy about having lost a very valuable item during a trade, cause of a bug in the game. I followed the instructions found at - http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?44343-Lost-Characters-or-Items - here, and send an email with all the required knowledge and information about what happened, but i still havent had any sort of response. As a human being, i would be happy to receive even some sort of response, and to atleast know that trendy has actually received my email. Also, i would be eager to get my hero's gear prepped up for the new patch, wich should be out in 5 days, so i can be all set and upgraded for the patch.
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