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  1. It's not my first post on the subject, or even the first recent post on the subject in the forums. However, it's been weeks. Not weeks since we had news, weeks since a dev made a single post or reaction in the forums. Apart from Philips single response on 7th regarding a ruined Kickstarter reward, their last update was on how they were working on a bigger patch to fix the issues of 1.1 and wanted to get all of them out at once. That was back in mid September. I dont really have to convince anyone who frequents these forums on how the situation is currently bad. It's quite obv
  2. So as you move further into the game, the balance between different traps and defenses change. I'm sure there are people here who have an even more in-depth understanding though, and if any are willing to give you a better answer, then that's even better. In short though, for massacre, elemental resistances really matter because of a new type of enemy that's introduced: The siren. This gives enemies from the lane from which it spawns an elemental immunity to random type of element (physical, electric, fire, poison). While a lot of builds can currently rely on apprentice's deadly strike to
  3. Same, noticed this bug a while ago (I think maybe a week or so?) and just decided to move onto other maps.
  4. I'd love to see more map specific drops, possibly in the form of weapons or other things. I think right now what makes the game feel a bit short, is that a lot of the gearing process has been "solved". There are maps you should do (Ancient Mines, Alchemical Labs, Magus Quarters / Endless Spires, Possibly Royal Gardens, Promenade, Summit, Glitterhelm) and I feel even that list is inflated. You could probably progress through the game with just 4 maps (AM, AL, Prom, Summit) or even less. It's a shame since there are other great maps in the game, but you dont have any real reason
  5. Hey, I've been thinking the ensnare aura scaling could use some work. Currently, with decent stats, your ensnare aura will hit the max 85% ensnare at rank 1 even with just a decent buff beam. Now dont get me wrong. I'm not saying ensnare aura needs to be weaker or stronger, necessarily. It's more that it feels kinda dull that the ensnare aura hits it's max power just by having it in range of a buff beam (much less a fully upgraded one) and any extra upgrades or boosts to it's power are completely wasted (like the monk tower boost for example). I'd love to see something done to give i
  6. Sounds plausible with how many bugs have been around as of late, but should be investigated first. (Also always submit a bug-report!) Not able to get into game atm, but if someone is, it would be good to do atleast the followings tests: 1. Check overclock beam damage scaling. Make sure it's not just a tooltip issue aswell. 2. Check shock beam damage and dps scaling. 3. Check proton beam damage and dps scaling. 4. Check reflect beam hp scaling. 5. Check EV-wall hp scaling. If the answer is yes to any or all of these, probably warrants further investigation a
  7. Thanks for the explanation. This was helpful, and I agree that the term "Map Loot Multipliers" can be misleading, as it initially led me to make the wrong assumption aswell. I think the idea about a dedicated thread for the scaling and data sheets might be a good idea. It's possible the devs wont be into it, but on the other hand, there's no real reason for them to object. I understand that they might feel it disincentivizes people from playing maps other than "solved" or "meta", but this is really a dev issue. If certain maps are better for loot and progression (from patch to patch), th
  8. Just wanted to give huge thanks to you guys (The Ich & partners) for making this spreadsheet and the document. Do you have any idea of the other changes to loot quality, difficulty scaling and balance changes? I noticed you guys have the values listed to for massacre survival here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qay_rHrWZgkhyYp0AgivSIIWSTDge-12UFWHt7dGBRE/edit According to this the loot should scale like usual, but people have been reporting that the scaling is pretty dissapointing. Do you guys have any idea what's going on with this? Anyhow, thanks again. Really
  9. Hey Chromatic, I appreciate the patch 1.1 finally arriving. Series EV-A seems cool (I know there's differing opinions in the community) and I'm happy to finally get to Massacre Survival. But where's the list of changes? Players are reporting numerous changes, not only to game balance, but to loot, progression, map difficulty and spawns, etc. First off, let me say I'm not opposed to changes. The game and progression, as well as certain maps needed balance. But you can't really drop a major patch and NOT inform us of what changed, or just post this sad excuse for a list of patch
  10. Tbh I really like this implementation of roadmap, features and sort of board-like design. It can definitely stand to be improved with devs doing a short write up about different features, their possibilities and timelines, but I think this is an excellent first step and definitely something I'd love to see other games use more actively aswell. Great show of transparency Chromatic, keep it up!
  11. A few people have been calling for Massacre Survival and other changes for a couple weeks now. I personally dont mind this so much as I'd rather it be delivered good rather than fast. Personally, however, I'd hope for more communications and discussion with the community. During the month of June, there's been pretty much no new info (apart from bug-fix patches) about the future plans for the game or the expected patch eta's etc. A lot of people's relatively valid complaints about design issues or changes (like the Soul Focuser change) have gone unanswered. I'd like to
  12. I havent really gotten a chance to do it on nm, but i did give it a shot on duo before my friend had to go. Anyways, it seems, you can use about 38 du's per core. That would mean, you could place 3 harpoons, 2 proxys, 3 walls and 2 ensnares per core (with one choke point having to manage without ensanre or proxy.) This seems pretty managable to me. For example, at top cores, i blockked both paths as close as possible to core, and placed 3 harpoons behind cores, so that they shot to both lanes and killed wyverns. On south cores, i'd get 2 harpoons to shoot on 1 choke point, + use 1 proxy and
  13. If you have tried it on mix mode, you'll know that you cant use the same build. Anyways, so far, mix mode seems doable to me, in every other area, but wyverns are just too big problem. Maybe with Series Ev could be more doable / better gear.
  14. So I was just wondering, now that the War of the Djinn is fixed, does any1 know, what are the rewards for completing it on Nm Hc? Old Spice
  15. So if any has come up with working build for moraggo nm survival hc mix mode, i would greatly appreciate it, if it could be shared here. My stats are: Main squire builder 450/ 2100 / 850 / 1150 Aura monk 1300/700/500/1300 Trap hunter 500/1650/800/1050 Dps monk 800/2100/550/240 Any help would be greatly appreciated, so far i havent been able to get past wave 10, due to wyverns destroying the northwest core. Old Spice
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