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  1. Great idea - Count me in for 1 run. Edit: Super smooth - Will definitely buy more runs.
  2. Barb with dual steam saws (good ones) + propeller cat (good one) + boosted by monk = Highest DPS in the game!
  3. What?? You want me to spoon-feed you and change your diapers too? http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/07/23/shock-diablo-iii-is-really-about-adjusting-numbers/ If you don't mind! The diaper doesn't change itself you know and I am getting a little hungry, feed me damm you! ...and that article had what to do with my question!? lol
  4. None taken, I can play DD offline, I think you have no idea what always online single player is if you can compare DD/Steam with D3. Just out of curiosity how the hell can you play ranked mode offline in DD!? :O
  5. *lol what??? You expect Trendy to be the first company in the history of computing to solve hacking?? *lol what?? You expect Trendy to have better infrastructure than a monster company like actiblizz?? In case you have been living under a rock in the last 6 months, things didn't go well for actiblizz and their always online single player DRM for D3, people are just not willing to cope with restrictive DRM and the countless stupid consequences it brought for paying customers. You certainly are blowing things out of proportion, TF2 is a 100% free to play game, unless you want Trendy to make
  6. Interesting to hear your throught's on this, but I'm not sure how moving towers is a fundamental ability. Most tower defense-esqe games I've played don't have this capability. We've survived for well over a year without any means of moving defenses, so I don't really see it as an essential function, personally. That's just my opinion though. I suppose if you're having trouble with Sharken such a function would be useful, but in this specific case I would say learning to deal with sharken would eliminate any need for that. I don't know, maybe I just got spoiled from playing PC games in the
  7. I'm sorry you feel that way; though I don't really see where it was stated in the digest that "moving towers around" is the only thing she will be able to do. Not really the point I was trying to make mate, but whatever I'll play along! Doesn't matter if she will be able to summon undead unicorns in battle armor or have 50 other awesome skills, the point is that charging people for something fundamental like moving towers, in a tower defense game, is just ridiculous in my opnion! It's something that should be available to all classes and frankly should have been in the game from the beginn
  8. Wait what!? We have to pay for a hero class in order to move towers!? Im sorry but that's just downright greedy to be honest! Should have been an update to the game and not DLC! That would be like if Valve made an entire new class for TF2 just so you could move around the engineers stuff! Doesn't make an sense!
  9. Oh and for next time could we get a GMT time to? For some reason my brain meltdown every time I try to convert EST to GMT! Thanks :D
  10. 2 x 6950 in CrossFireX. Bigger maps with alot of player where I'm not the host - think it's more because some people are hosting on 56kb/s modem's! Edit: Oh and 1920x1080 all on high.
  11. First build to share on the forum so be gentle with me lol. Build is done. Tested solo and with 3 pubs. Build: http://ddplanner.com/?l=4551,pwnocchioa-sharken-02 Note: Dont need strength and healing aura when you are doing "Riddle of the Deep". Stats: HP/DMG/AOE/AR Active Countress: 1200/1900/1100/1400. Huntress: 1200/1700/1000/1200. Monk: 1300/700/900/800. Mage: 1100/900/900/700. EV: 1100/1000/700/1000. Northwest Base: 3 x Harpoon's | 1 x 5 DU Buff Beam | 1 x Slow Aura | 1 x Gas Trap. Note: Rarely, when the harpoon's are occupied with ogre's a mob can sneak past the defense and go for
  12. Leave them as they are! Finally having fun in DD again :) Though I do agree that the gap between insane and nightmare is to big at the moment, removing or nerfing the sharken is not gonna fix that problem.
  13. Ah! that's my bad. read it as if you where having trouble with misty survival. Though the build could probably work if you move the east defense more to the...east!
  14. Remove level restriction on... well everything! Oh and get rid of build time - just an annoyances!
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